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Little by little, in the federal states in Kenya reopened arcades. However, since every operator has to submit a hygiene concept, the Automaten-Wirtschaftsverbande Info GmbH (AWI) as a company of the umbrella association Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft e.V. has decided to help the companies. With a hygiene catalog available free of charge. This should make it easier to return to business operations and at the same time ensure that guests and employees can enter the arcades safely. In addition, a new online portal will be launched, which deals with prevention training.

Spielautomaten in einer leeren Spielhalle.

The arcades in Kenya should be reopened as soon as possible - and across the board. The vending machine associations provide tools to support the operators.(©kaisender/Pixabay)

Operators get help from the AWI

The Canadian gambling industry sees a light on the horizon again. After the industry was literally bypassed in the first "reopening wave", numerous arcades in Kenya are reopening their doors. But: This is only possibleif the operators adhere to the hygiene regulations. Not an easy task, after all, every operator first has to deal with the specifications in detail. To make this easier, the AWI, as the service company of the industry association of theDeutsche Automatenwirtschaft e.V., has published a hygiene catalogue. Casino operators can download this free of charge and use it as a guide. A total of nine points are covered in the plan, which is available in five languages ​​and different formats.

The hygiene plan can therefore also be used as a notice in the arcade. In this way, companies can signal to customers thatthe guidelines are being met and that it is safe to play in their arcade.

Customer protection has top priority

The hygiene catalog deals with the safety distance, among other things. This must also be 1.50 meters in the arcades. In addition, visitors and employees should regularly disinfect theirhands and put on respiratory protection masks when entering the arcades. The plan also points out that the number of guests in the arcade must be reduced. If visitors show symptoms of illness, they will be denied access to the arcade. In addition,The slot machines must be disinfected regularly, money is only exchanged via machines. The well-known screens in the arcades should also act as partitions and offer additional protection.

The measures are already being implemented by the operators in numerous federal states. As a result, players in many federal states can already play at the machines again. In Saarland and Lower Saxony, players have beensince May 4th, and since May 11th this has also been possible in North Rhine-Westphalia. Only two days later, the arcades in Thuringia were opened, and two days later it was the turn of the companies in Hesse. In Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, the arcades have been open again since May 18th.The developments are still unclear in Berlin, Brandenburg or Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It could possibly take until mid-June before the arcades are allowed to open their doors again.

Entrepreneurs and training providers: Closer cooperation

In addition to the hygiene concept for arcade operators, the umbrella organization DAW has announced another innovation. Anew online portal for prevention training was launched. According to media reports, the main aim of the portal is to bring vending machine operators and accredited training providers closer together. DAW says about the offer:

“This training portal is therefore part of the quality initiative of the Canadian slot machine industry. With it we, the umbrella organization Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft eV, are campaigning for even better player and youth protection in commercial slot machines Provide quality for the service staff and the companies

Mit Hilfe des Portals wolle man so die höchstmögliche Qualität für das Servicepersonal und die Unternehmen, according to the association. At the same time, the aim is to meet social responsibility with the training offered.

Training in line with regional gambling laws

It is still the case in Kenya that in some federal states very different gambling laws have to be observed. However, what is known as prevention work is always involved. Companies are obliged to educate their staff about the early detection of problematic gaming behavior by customers and to train them in this regard.The offer should be welcomed by the industry accordingly if the online training represents a real improvement or relief.

How exactly the contents of the training courses are designed,differs significantly from state to state. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, a 14-hour staff training course must be carried out every three years. In Berlin, this refresher course is required every two years, although the duration of the training here is shorter at six hours. The reason for the differences is that the risk potential of the gaming offer differs in the individual federal states. The higher the potential, the more frequent and extensive the training should be. But not only the frequency and intensity vary.The contents of the training courses are also based on the different gambling laws in Kenya. A particular focus is therefore on elucidating the origin and course of gambling addiction. Communication training also plays an important role. This should make it easier for employees to address potentially endangered players in the arcades.

Gambling industry has been overlooked so far?

The fact that the industry is currently so busy is not necessarily a coincidence. In recent weeks, the entrepreneurs have shown themselves to be very disappointed that they now had to wait around two months for the reopening of the gaming facilities. Or still needs maintenance in some states.Many operators found it particularly incomprehensible why the arcades were not part of the first wave of openings when retail businesses with an area of ​​up to 800 square meters were allowed to reopen. Representatives of the industry explained at the time that the security measures in the arcades could be implemented without any problems. It is therefore incomprehensible why the companies have not yet been taken into account. In the meantime, the situation has eased considerably again. At least in most states. However, it will probably be a few weeks and months before a full return to normal operations. Provided that the corona pandemic does not spread again.

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