DEGIRO is active in over 18 countries!

The broker DEGIRO is active in over 18 countries active. More than 450,000 users worldwide are already registered on the platform and trade via DEGIRO. The broker originally comes from the Netherlands, but also has a large customer base in neighboring Kenya.

The broker DEGIRO has the great advantage that it is always internationally active and in any case has more than 450,000 users counts worldwide. This number of users is very attractive compared to other brokers and shows that the price and performance ratio at DEGIRO is impressive. The platform can now be seen in over 18 different countries. Registration is very easy on DEGIRO and the trading offer is more than extensive. In concrete terms, this means that at DEGIRO you always have the opportunity not only to trade shares, but also to buy and sell funds, for example. Trading in ETFs is also offered at DEGIRO. For many customers it is important that they can act with alarge broker who not only has a large range of products, but also access to different markets due to its size can offer. This is always the case with DEGIRO, as access to important markets can be easily prepared with over 450,000 traders. The trading offer has increased significantly in recent years and more and more customers are opting for the broker DEGIRO.

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DEGIRO offers trading in shares worldwide.(©Peggy_Marco/Pixabay)

Trading in securities is currently very popular. This is due to the fact that the stock market is definitely rising very strongly due to the Corona problem, but also quickly loses value again. In the long term, many titles can currently be bought particularly cheaply, so that one could benefit later from growth. Many stocks currently only cost a fraction of what they would normally cost. Anyone who is interested in shares in the long term and believes that the companies will survive the crisis can currently buy some titles at particularly low prices. In the area of ​​Oil Stocks there is already a double discount. On the one hand, prices are low because significantly less oil is being used due to the Corona crisis. In addition, however, it should be mentioned that the price of oil is of course very low, because significantly more oil is produced than is consumed worldwide. This means that there is little demand and at the same time there is a significant oversupply of oil, which of course causes prices to drop significantly. The price of WTI or Brent oil is currently lower than it has been for a long time.

The same applies to shares in the energy sector as well as to banks and insurance companies. Many of the stocks are currently trading significantly lower than was the case a few days ago. This means that prices are subject to strong fluctuations due to the Corona Panic. It is also possible thatprices will recover in the long term. Should the Corona crisis be over and should trade and everyday life start again, it is quite possible that prices and sales can be expected to rise accordingly. In the tourism and aviation sectors, it will take a little longer before the promised recovery in prices can be seen. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the prices will recover here at some point when the time is right and when business flourishes again.

Why can I start trading attractively with DEGIRO?

In general, when choosing a broker, traders like to look at how it works and where the broker is based. The authorityAFM in the Netherlands is responsible for regulating online brokers and banks as well as other institutions. If the brokers are based in Europe, it is usually the authority of the country in which the registered office is registered in which they are regulated.In the long term it can therefore be important to pay attention to where the broker is based and whether this is inside or outside of Europe.

The trading offer at DEGIRO is very attractive. If you look at the details, you will see that thetrading conditions are very interesting. The broker was launched in 2013 and offers traders real-time price information and, of course, an app with which trading can be carried out. In any case, you can invest your money very well at DEGIRO in the long term and check the current rates very quickly.

The costs per trade are more than cheap at DEGIRO. This means that trading sharesCFDs is possible from as little as 2 euros plus 0.008% per trade. A trade can cost a maximum of 30 euros, which depends on the size or the sum. So-called futures can be traded from EUR 0.75 per contact and this trade is therefore also quite cheap compared to other brokers.

At DEGIRO not only the trading of stocks and futures is possible. The offer also includes bonds as well as options and CFDs. This means that at DEGIRO you can trade pretty much everything that is basically possible and can be traded.

DEGIRO demo account for beginners and amateurs!

Anyone who is not yet very familiar with trading securities and would like to gain initial experience with the DEGIRO platform can do so with | ||90Hilfe eines Demokontos. It is possible that you can participate in trading completely without risk via the demo account. In concrete terms, this means that you can try out different options with a virtual balance on the demo account. In any case, the demo account can be used very easily and is characterized by the fact that it definitely serves a large number of trading options and scenarios. In the long term, the demo account can be used to train CFD trading, stock trading or trading in other securities.

Unfortunately, most traders make the mistake of entering live trading with real money at DEGIRO too early. Especially then,if you have no experience with trading, it is possible that severe losses can be realized when you start at DEGIRO. Unfortunately, the demo account is often used far too briefly if you want to try out everything that is possible with this account. In concrete terms, this means that you should invest much more time in the demo account in order to get to know all eventualities and risks.

How can I deposit money into my DEGIRO account?

Basically, you first have to open an account on the DEGIRO platform so that you can trade securities. It is required that you are at least 18 years old. The fact is that you can of course also deposit funds shortly afterwards and that after the funds have been credited to the account you can start trading. Compared to many other brokers, DEGIRO has very few options on how to deposit money. It is possible to choose aSOFORT transfer or use a classic bank transfer. With the so-called SOFORT transfer, it is necessary to deposit at least 250 euros. If you choose the classic bank transfer, there is no minimum amount that has to be paid in. This means that you can only deposit 10 CADs into the account.

There are no fees for depositing at DEGIRO. No fees are charged even when credit is paid out to the reference account or to a checking account. The complete account at DEGIRO is managed in thecurrency Euro. If you want to request a payout, you have to use a classic bank transfer, which also takes a correspondingly long time.

If you have any questions about the deposit process or other processes at DEGIRO, you are of course welcome to contact the support. Support works from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. It is possible to contact support by phone or by email. Basically, it should be noted that the support always reacts quickly and tries to answer the questions competently and in detail. Of course, it should also be noted that the support hereunfortunately no live chat available but that's less dramatic.

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