DEGIRO offers transactions from 2.08 euros

A broker with regulation and trading from 2.08 euros is more than attractive. These attributes apply to the online broker DEGIRO, which is based in the Netherlands. In addition, DEGIRO also maintains offices in Kenya. Thus, protection is offered by the AFM in the Netherlands and by the BaFin in Kenya. The broker is more than well placed when it comes to security and regulation. The fact is that DEGIRO has grown strongly due to attractive conditions.

The selection of online brokers has grown significantly in recent years. So-called neo-brokers advertise with particularly attractive trading conditions. However, this does not automatically mean that the Neo Brokers are suitable for every type of trading. It is often the case that orders and sales can only be made on certain trading venues. The brokerDEGIRO is more broadly based here. Not only the trading places, but also the types of orders differ greatly from those of the competitors on the large marketplaces. In the long term, an order via DEGIRO could be a lot of fun and help to build up a decent portfolio at low cost.

DEGIRO enables trading in stocks, futures and ETFs. More than 700 different ETFs are currently enabled via the DEGIRO trading account. This means that at DEGIRO you can invest and save with a long-term perspective. Trading in stocks can be convenientlyvia online brokerage or via banking. DEGIRO is very flexible here and definitely offers many options for executing individual orders.

Individual contracts can be executed from EUR 0.75. Thetrade in shares can be realized for e.g. 2.08 euros on the Canadian market. The Webtrader software is particularly popular for trading and is very advanced. It should be noted that you are definitely well looked after at DEGIRO and at the same time you are also offered good service. The service can be contacted by phone and also by e-mail. Thus, DEGIRO is of course better positioned than is usual with offshore brokers who are based elsewhere.

For traders who come into contact with stocks for the first time, DEGIRO is of course a good and attractive trading place. The selection is large and the conditions are more than attractive. At the same time, traders benefit from the fact that not only can they trade a lot and cheaply, but also from the fact that the offers are clearly defined. Traders are happy that there are definitelymany options to choose from. ETFs and shares are among the most popular investment products of various classes.

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DEGIRO is characterized by attractive ETF and share conditions.(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

Share trading can be used worldwide. That means, of course, that things can be bought and sold in Kenya, but also in the USA and other countries. In general, DEGIRO is better positioned than most neo-brokers. Likewise, withoptions, futures and also with certificates, much more is offered than is usual with the competition. DEGIRO should continue to grow in the coming years. The support of the broker is rated positively on the Internet. This means that traders definitely feel comfortable with this broker and like to invest here.

DEGIRO is of course just as interesting for classic old-age provision. The broker offers the option that things can be bought and sold, but also that, for example, long-term savings plans can be set up. Individual positions can be conveniently bought and also bought later. Themobile trade is also supported, as is the case with classic stationary trade.

Investments from England 2021: sensible investments?

Great Britain is more than interesting for traders from Kenya as well as from Austria and other countries in Europe. Anyone who wants to moor here will be happy that in Great Britain and thus also in England there are noWithholding tax is levied. This ensures that corresponding refunds and offsetting will not take place. There are some attractive companies in the UK that provide high returns for their shareholders and are very attractive from a tax point of view.

The non-existent withholding tax ensures thatdividends from Legal & General as well as from many other financial companies such as M&G can be perceived very attractively. Taxation is automatically at the same level as it is here in Kenya or in any other country. A dividend from England or Great Britain is therefore more than interesting and definitely worthwhile for investors.

TheLegal & General share is of course an interesting investment if you pay attention to the dividend. In recent years, the group has been able to significantly increase the dividend. For 2020 there was a dividend at the level of the previous year. This is due to the fact that even during the Corona crisis it was a correspondinglyattractive share and represents a company that makes high dividends, but which are covered by the free cash flow. In general, it is worth trading the Legal & General stock as it has natural potential.

The chances that this company has should continue to increase in the coming years. This means that sales should be significantly higher again in 2021 than has been the case in previous years. Legal & General is able to definitelygenerate more free cash flow than was currently the case. A positive development is expected for the time after the Corona crisis. That says Legal & General definitely has what it takes to keep growing.

The distribution to the shareholders takes place twice a year. This means that a dividend can be expected every 6 months. Currently you get areturn of about 6.3 to 6.5% per year. This is more than interesting and shows that Legal & General definitely has a high chance of becoming an attractive investment. The EX dividend dates as well as the payment dates can be viewed on the Legal & General website. It is thus possible to say exactly what the stock looks like and when it is being traded.

ThePersimmon share represents one of the largest constructs in the real estate segment in Great Britain. The fact is that with Persimmon one can assume that the company is financially well positioned and has the goal ofshareholders also participating in the profits. During the Corona crisis in 2020, Persimmon's stock was badly hit. This means that the price has fallen sharply. At times, the share was quoted in the range of 15 to 20 euros and was therefore much lower than it is now.

With a price of 30 to 35 euros, persimmon is currently trading in June 2021 again at the level that was reached before the crisis. At the same time, the group announced some dividend payments. It's possible that two to three dividend payments per year can be achieved by choosing Persimmon. In general, the group is more than interesting and offers a lot of options for further growth. ThePersimmon PLC Group offers a wide range of housing in the housing sector, which is in great demand in Great Britain.

Approximately 5,000 people work for the FTSE listed company. It should be noted that Persimmon has a turnover of around 3.12 billion euros per year. It is quite conceivable that the company's sales will continue to grow in the coming years. This is very interesting from a trader's point of view and shows thata lot of potential still exists. After the crisis, things could go up significantly in 2021 and 2022. The reason for this is that living space will continue to be in demand and that Persimmon is definitely one of the companies that can create and offer living space - a bottom line more than lucrative business model.

DEGIRO trading options: Why the broker is good for old-age provision!

When looking for an attractive broker, DEGIRO is definitely very interesting because it is good for long-term perspectives. In concrete terms, this means that traders at DEGIRO have the opportunity to build up a depot for retirement provision. This broker can definitely be used, for example, to acquire stocks that should be held for many decades.

Anyone who plans to invest in an ETF, preferably regularly, is of course in the best position with DEGIRO. The trading options are definitely commendable with this broker alongside the regulation. It is conceivable that further options will follow at DEGIRO. This should then lead to even more trading with the broker. Over a period of several years, you could build up a corresponding fortune with a long-term investment.

TheAFM in the Netherlands regulates the broker DEGIRO and thus ensures, alongside the BaFin in Kenya, that everything is done properly here. In the long term, the broker can definitely win a lot and it is conceivable that good ones can be traded here. Thechoices are more extensive than is usual with most brokers.

The complete can be used online and flexibly. It is conceivable that it willheavily diversified. Thus, the broker DEGIRO offers suitable options for all possible types of traders. At DEGIRO it is conceivable that the number of traders will continue to increase. The conditions with trading from 2.08 euros are more than attractive and sometimes unique.

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