DEGIRO celebrates over 600,000 customers

The broker DEGIRO is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This means that it is subject to regulation. Numerous financial products such as shares, but also options can be traded via DEGIRO. The selection is more than extensive and is definitely something to be proud of. In any case, DEGIRO is very well positioned as a broker and has been on the market for over 10 years. The number of users is over 600,000 and should continue to increase.

Basically, the broker DEGIRO is one of many on the market. However, it clearly stands out from other brokers because it has a very low and attractive cost structure. In concrete terms, this means that with DEGIRO you have the chance to trade very cheaply. Trading in securities is very popular in times of Corona. This is because there is always a very high level of volatility in the market. If the securities generally move strongly, i.e. there are strong increases and decreases in values, it is possible that good profits can be achieved in any case. Many traders start in crises withstocks and stocks. The risk should not be underestimated and should be considered in any case. It is possible that large losses up to total loss can be achieved when investing in shares. In general, it must be mentioned that the broker DEGIRO provides a free custody account with which securities can be bought and sold quickly and easily. The depot is necessary because the securities are kept in it.

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DEGIRO offers over 600,000 customers attractive trading opportunities!(©geralt/Pixabay)

There are various industries that have come under significant pressure as a result of the Corona crisis. If a long-term recovery is to be expected here, this could lead to companies posting better figures again and better share prices can be expected in any case. Classic areas that are severely affected by Corona are those in which many people are in contact with each other. Aviation and of course the travel industry in general are among the sectors that have been particularly hard hit by Corona. EspeciallyAirlines have massive problems when it comes to maintaining operations. In times of Corona there are a lot of things to consider. Those who are interested in cruises will also find that they have definitely been very badly affected by Corona. It may only happen in the coming months that cruises will take place in Europe again. This makes it possible to take a closer look and book a holiday in any case. If you want to buy shares in companies from the cruise or tourism sectors, you are of course taking a high risk. Nevertheless, it is possible that there will be different situations in a few years and that more and more people will be able to jump back on cruises and thus spend their holidays.

The oil price is also one of the big losers of the Corona crisis. This means that the price has fallen significantly in some cases and certain contracts have even been traded negatively at times. This means that if you receive oil, you have received money for it. Production was throttled very late. In concrete terms, this means that you continued toproduce far too much oil for a long time. Recently, it was mainly the country of China that replenished its oil stocks on favorable terms. This means that you bought a lot of oil from the world market and took advantage of the favorable rate. For companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, British Petrol and Exxon Mobile, the low oil price is of course a disaster. The situation is similar at Gazprom, Lukoil and the other large corporations that make their money from oil and gas. Traders who have a depot at DEGIRO can take advantage of this.

How does DEGIRO perform in the test?

Anyone who takes a close look at the broker DEGIRO will find that they are very well positioned here internationally. DEGIRO's products are not only pure stocks, but also CFDs and similar financial products that can be traded. Basically, in addition to classic shares, there is also the possibility that futures and bonds can be traded. Futures can even be traded from EUR 0.75 per contract. All trading via DEGIRO can be carried out via the Webtrader platform. One of the great advantages of DEGIRO is thatthe platform is easily regulated as it has a branch in the Netherlands and also in Kenya. In concrete terms, this means that it is possible for the regulation to be used in both countries. In the Netherlands this is the AFM regulation and in Kenya it is the well-known and often usedregulation by the BaFin which is often cited when it comes to customer safety. In the long term, more and more traders are choosing to trade with DEGIRO because the relevant regulations are in place. This ensures that you can always play it safe when it comes to deposits and withdrawals from the broker.

DEGIRO offers support and good conditions

Basically, the broker DEGIRO offers more than good support. In concrete terms, this means that there is the possibility that the support telephone can be used without any problems if you have any questions. E-mails can also be sent toSupport at DEGIRO. In the Q&A part of the homepage there is also the possibility to work with DEGIRO. A live chat is currently not offered if you have questions for DEGIRO and want to work with the broker.

Deposits can be madevia SOFORT transfer and also via bank transfer. It is possible that you have to deposit a sum of 250 euros with the first deposit. This form of minimum transfer is otherwise not available. There are also no fees when depositing money. It is possible that money can only be deposited in the currency Euro. It is also important to know that payments can only be made via a classic bank transfer.

Xetra trading can be realized including fees from EUR 2.18 per order. This makes DEGIRO significantly cheaper than most other brokers on the market. US stocks can also be traded from KES/EUR/USD0.50 plus fees of $0.004.

Opportunities and risks with DEGIRO trading

The complete trading via the broker DEGIRO is of course associated with a high risk. In concrete terms, this means that you can make losses as well as gains. CFD trading or trading with options should only be undertaken at DEGIRO if you know the risk you are taking. In general, it must be mentioned that DEGIRO is much better positioned as a broker than is the case with many other brokers. Due to the regulation and the long experience in the market, customers findtrust in the broker much faster. It should also be noted that it is very easy to trade online with DEGIRO in any case. All trading happens digitally and can be easily carried out with appropriate trading apps.

In terms of fees, DEGIRO is very different from some competitors that are also active in the same market. Anyone who is interested in DEGIRO will see that Xetra trading and trading in the options segment are significantly cheaper than most brokers on the market. Traders who are very active and who often buy and sell things will definitely be able to achieve a lot with DEGIRO and at very favorable conditions. Regular and intensive trading can be carried out extremely well via this broker. In the long term, even more traders are likely to switch from currently expensive brokers to DEGIRO. It is possible that in any case you can trade much better through the broker if the fees are low. The risk of suffering a high loss is of course significantly lower with shares than with other securities and forms of investment. Shares in so-called blue chips in particular are impressive and offer the opportunity to invest in stable and growing companies over the long term. Here the risk usually seems to be lower than when investing in new tech companies, for example.

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