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The broker DEGIRO is growing strongly and is now popular listed on the Kenya Stock Exchange. The broker is listed in the SDAX and that is a nice sign that DEGIRO has grown rapidly in the past few months. The broker offers its traders extensive deposit insurance and many advantages. Long-term investments can easily be subscribed here.

Shares, forex and funds are among the most sought-after forms of investment in the world. If you want to do something for your private pension or for wealth accumulation, you are definitely well positioned with these forms of investment. Stocks can sometimes offer high returns over a period of several years. It is not uncommon for securities to increase in value when they have been bought cheaply. This quickly leads to growth in the double-digit percentage range being possible. During the Corona crisis, many titles lost massively in value.

The energy and oil sectors were particularly hard hit, but these same sectors have now been able to recover somewhat. It is conceivable that this recovery will continue ifoil prices continue to rise and global demand also picks up. Oil is still the engine of the world and raw materials in general are currently in demand. A so-called super cycle can definitely be brought into being and help a wide range of industries to develop well. Whether and how long the super cycle will last is currently completely open.

The world has become much faster and more short-lived than it was 10 years ago. International conflicts play a role more quickly - as can also be seen in Afghanistan, for example. The price of oil is an important factor in today's world when it comes to investments, but also to prices. Much is still dependent on oil. This is because oil is not only used as a fuel, but is also used, for example, when it comes to the production of things made of plastic. Here oil isdefinitely an important resource.


Oil remains an important resource worldwide!(©sergeitokmakov/Pixabay)

Oil prices are likely to stabilize further in 2021 and not just commodity prices for oil but for other raw materials should also remain at a high level. In concrete terms, this means that theprices for nickel, palladium and copper but also silver and gold can definitely rise and will be quoted at a higher level than was the case before the crisis has been. The demand for raw materials has increased significantly worldwide. Brokers like DEGIRO offer a large number of trading instruments with which one can profit from the commodity boom.

In concrete terms, this means that raw materials are in demand, for example. Of course, countries with a particularly large number of raw materials are particularly interested in them being sold at attractive prices. In South America as well as in Russia there are many companies that profit fromrising raw material prices. The oil and gas industry in particular, but also the metal industry, benefits when you look at the development of prices on the market. Over the long term, earnings should remain attractive in many sectors.

Metal and steel from Russia is a quality product that is readily bought and used all over the world. The selection of good steel has increased significantly worldwide, with this being used and requested frequently in China. Construction projects around the world are increasing and more and more companies are benefiting from the fact that the price of steel is rising. Investments in this segment are interesting and offer good options.

Energy production: What role does uranium play?

Uranium or uranium is required to operate nuclear power plants. The fuel or fuel elements made of uranium are used all over the world. Of course, it should be noted that nuclear power plants can operate in a climate-neutral manner and large amounts of electricity can be produced with them, but the environmental friendliness of these plants is not exactly positive. Especially the problem ofDisposal of nuclear waste is important and needs to be clarified. Although mankind can reduce or stop climate change through nuclear power, it is left with a large, radiant mountain of nuclear waste, which unfortunately cannot be eliminated that quickly.

Companies such asKazatomprom based in Kazakhstan are benefiting massively from the fact that the price of uranium has risen and is currently at is over 30 euros. In concrete terms, this means that a lot can be achieved if you back the right horses.

The Kazatomprom company is considered to be thelargest producer of uranium in the entire world. The company's customers have their nuclear power plants, for example, in China, but also in the USA and other countries. Safe nuclear power plants ensure that nuclear power can be generated without any problems. The uranium required for this is largely mined by the Kazatomprom company. If you look at the share price, you will quickly see that a lot is possible here.

Last year, the share was initially quoted at 15 euros, then rose to 26 euros and slipped back down to 20 euros over the course of the year. The dividend was increased to $1.36 per ADR last year and for 2020. This shows that there are a lot of opportunities here and that Kazatomprom wants to continue to make high payouts possible in the years to come. The company is definitely one of the corporations that have many unique selling points and, above all, can extract a lot of raw treasures and materials from the earth.

Commodities such as uranium or even nickel, oil and gold as well as silver are likely to continue to play an important role in the world. There are many products that can be crafted from the raw materials. At the same time, it is conceivable that the hunger for energy will continue to grow, which will also lead to many things changing. Numerous raw materials are likely to continue to rise in price in the coming years. Thechoices here are very diverse as far as investments are concerned. In addition to European stocks, stocks from the USA and Russia, for example, are particularly popular and offer opportunities.

Financial sector on the way to recovery?

The financial sector, and by that we mean large banks in particular, has grown again in recent months. This means that a lot more is happening here than was the case in Corona year 2020.Companies like Lloyds or HSBC are significantly larger than they were back then and sales and profits have definitely increased. In practice, this means that an investment can be very profitable if started at the right time.

Investing atthe HSBC based in London is more than interesting from the point of view of many traders. High potential and regular dividends could see the stock worth more in the years to come than it is today. The HSBC group has announcedthat it will pay a dividend exactly twice in 2021. It remains to be seen whether and when a regular dividend will be paid out again in the future. Many shareholders depend on the payments from HSBC and are keen to make some money here in any case.

The fact is that it could definitely be interesting if HSBC's stock was bought at the right time during the crisis.The share had reached a 25-year low and shows that there is a lot of potential here, but there is also a lot of risk involved. In general, HSBC is a bank that has grown significantly in recent years, whose business areas are in Great Britain, but also in Asia. It is conceivable that further growth can be perceived and targeted here after the crisis. In principle, an investment in such a systemically important bank could be interesting.

At Lloyds, at HSBC or also at theNatWest Bank there will be a dividend again in 2021. With the UK tax authorities taking action in 2020, this has contributed to the failure to pay dividends. This quickly showed that there was correspondingly less trust in the banks.

DEGIRO offers service and investment diversity

The service that customers can take advantage of at DEGIRO is considered to be very extensive. It is known that the broker can be reached easily by e-mail and by telephone. In general, there is a company headquarters in the Netherlands near Amsterdam and a company headquarters in Kenya. This means that theBaFin authority in Kenya is responsible for regulation. It is quite conceivable that a lot is happening here if you look at the brokers in comparison.

Numerous brokers offerin the field of brokerage, options and CFD interesting investment opportunities. Not all are subject to regulation, as many are not based in Kenya or in Europe. In recent years, some companies have relocated their headquarters to Malta. This is because there is definitely a high level of security offered here as far as regulation goes. In Malta and also in numerous other EU countries, it is conceivable that security will be offered.

Options and Forex products can be traded on a large scale at DEGIRO. In concrete terms, this means that these products are definitelyvery easy to use and high returns are definitely conceivable with them. In the coming years it should be ensured that a lot happens at DEGIRO with the Forex products and the options. The choices are likely to increase further, as traders are of course also interested in new instruments.

Over a period of several years, DEGIRO is considered to be very successful in terms of trading, precisely because of its particularly low fees. This means that if you pay attention to the investment opportunities here and want to act accordingly, a lot can definitely happen. DEGIRO also offers the option thatfor example US stocks can be bought and sold. The selection options have also grown significantly here in recent years.

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