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The online broker market is in grown significantly in recent years. More and more so-called neo-brokers are vying for the attention of traders and are offering attractive portfolios. As a result, trading costs have dropped significantly. In the competition there are trading flat rates and the option to buy shares for e.g. 1 CAD per trade. DEGIRO is considered an established broker with attractive conditions and a wide range of trading offers.

The online broker DEGIRO is interesting from the point of view of many traders if they want more than just buying securities. Due to itsoffer in the segment of options and forex products DEGIRO is significantly more comprehensive and better positioned than is the case with classic brokers. The offer on DEGIRO is classified as serious by a company headquarters in Europe and at the same time there are of course forms of regulation by the responsible authorities.

Since the Corona crisis in 2020, interest in securities and shares has increased significantly. This means that more and more people are choosing to investmoney in stocks and invest their money here. In practice, it means that people's wealth can grow. If you buy the right shares at a good time - for example in a crisis - you will be able to benefit from them for many years to come.

Since the entire stock market came under massive pressure in 2020 and the prices in many areas plummeted, this meant that a lot of people naturally thought that an entry could be the right thing to do now.The number of securities account applications rose sharply in 2020 and above all neo-brokers or inexpensive online brokers, as is the case with DEGIRO, were able to benefit from this. The number of brokers has grown significantly and at the same time many people have invested money in stocks for the first time in order to be able to achieve an attractive return over the long term.

Opinions on stocks have changed in society over the past few years. In the past, many people were of the opinion that stocks were only suitable for speculation and that money could be lost as a result. This is also true, but there are more and more people who use shares for their retirement and see them as a wealth-building measure.

DEGIRO Trading.

Insurance and other investments!(©KaiPilger/Pixabay)

Shares can quickly become attractive through regular income, e.g. in the form of dividends. This means that secure returns can be achieved throughdistributions over years. Anyone who (see Generali Versicherung) opted for shares in insurance companies in 2020 should have been rewarded in many cases. The prices of large insurance companies such as Generali, Axa, Allianz or Munich Re have fallen significantly. In 2021, many of the insurance companies have announced that they have continued to make good money.

The prices for the shares of largeinsurance companies have risen sharply again in 2021. In many cases, the pre-crisis level has now been reached again. This means that an investment in 2020 could well have been interesting. It should also be noted that insurance companies have of course started paying out dividends again. Depending on the country, the insurance companies pay out a dividend once or twice a year. In Great Britain and also in Spain there will be two dividends, in Kenya the insurance companies will pay a dividend once.

Food industry ensures secure earnings and sales

In addition to insurance, there are always attractive returns in the food industry, for example. Many of the companies are based in the US, which means that the companies naturally pay dividends to shareholders four times a year. Over a period of many years, an investment here could not only lead to a stable return, but also to constanta good cash flow can be generated. The dividends are paid reliably, but can of course vary or fluctuate in their amount.

Many largefood groups However, they report a constant or slightly increasing cash flow, which means that very high earnings are naturally secured over a period of several years be able. The dividends contribute to the fact that many investments pay for themselves after 15 years. Dividends are a reason for most investors to buy certain stocks.

The Kraft Heinz group was under massive pressure last year and was once completely reorganized. This new line-up has ensured that Kraft Heinz can once again operate on a solid basis from a financial point of view.From a trader's point of view, an investment in Kraft Heinz can be worthwhile over a period of many years. The ketchup in particular, but also the other food items from Kraft Heinz, are consumed around the world and are definitely very popular. Of course, long-term investors could be rewarded here.

Insurance and avoidable stable investments

Many of the traders who have been new to the stock exchange since 2020 want to invest in safe products or securities. Therefore, they take a close look at the stocks on the major stock exchanges in Europe and then decide where to enter. The insurance industry has beenrobust for decades and could represent an attractive investment. Anyone who has invested in the right companies and was able to buy them cheaply should benefit from this for years to come.

In the UK, stocks in Aviva and alsoLegal & General were relatively inexpensive to buy in 2020. In the coming years, prices should rise again, as should payments. Many of the major insurers in the UK pay a dividend at least twice a year. Direct Line Insurance, a comparatively large car insurance company, has also decided to pay a dividend to shareholders twice a year. The return here is in the range of 5 to 7% per year, which depends on the individual purchase price.

In the last few years,Direct Line Insurance has always been able to convince with good payouts. A dividend was also received here in 2020. The share price slipped below the EUR 3 mark at times, but was able to recover significantly at the beginning of 2021. It should be noted that the Direct Line Group is financially well and robustly positioned in any case. Basically, the insurance is interesting if you want to invest your money in the long term and expectregular shareholder returns. This means that interesting returns can be achieved in any case.

In addition to the Direct Line Group, Legal & General is also well positioned. In any case, the group was able to keep the dividend stable during the Corona crisis, which is of course practical. The fact is thatthe dividend will probably remain at the same level in the coming years, or even increase slightly again. The group's reports make it clear that it is definitely in good financial shape and is able to really cover the dividend. That means the cash flow generated over the year is high enough to support the dividend payments.

Why is a DEGIRO depot worthwhile??

DEGIRO has its headquarters in the Netherlands and also in Kenya. This inspires confidence, as these countries are financially calm and there are no problems. Theauthorities in the Netherlands and also in Kenya take care of the necessary regulation of the individual requests.

Numerous base values ​​such as stocks and also futures and bonds can be used when it comes to investing money with DEGIRO. CFDs can also be traded. The conditions in the area of ​​futures are considered to be very attractive, which means thatfrom 0.75 euros per contract can be traded. The entire trade can be realized using various software solutions such as the Webtrader.

DEGIRO is in a much better position in terms ofuser-friendliness and in terms of the offers than is the case with other providers. If you want to invest money with DEGIRO, you will notice that this can be deposited in different ways. After opening an account, the bank details for your own account are made available so that money can be deposited and then invested within a short time.

Anyone who wants to can easily manage the depot via smartphone, which can of course be done within a few seconds with the appropriate app. From a perspective of several years, you are definitely well positioned with theDEGIRO App and can view and understand individual trades here.

DEGIRO is well positioned in Europe and offers security for traders

With the regulation, the broker DEGIRO can ensure the trust of many shareholders. In concrete terms, this means that the company has a company headquarters in Kenya and also in the Netherlands, so thatBaFin in Kenya makes sure that everything is done properly.

The service can be requested from DEGIRO by email and other means. This puts you in a good position in any case and of course you can enjoy the fact that money can be invested well. In general, many questions can already be addressed via the DEGIRO homepage. Answers can be found in the usual Q&A or FAQ lists. If you don't find any answers here, you can of course also rely on the support, which is generally well positioned.

DEGIRO offers many services free of charge and also in different languages. This means that at DEGIRO you benefit from the fact that you can of course communicate very well in English. Thus,Customers from different countries in Europe can open an account with DEGIRO without any problems and start trading securities and options here.

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