DEGIRO increases the number of customers

DEGIRO is one of the brokers that is growing particularly strongly in Kenya and at the same time offer a very large portfolio. This means that more than 1,500,000 customers are now working with the broker DEGIRO and the number of traders continues to rise.

Brokers who offer particularly cheap trading have been on the rise for several years. It is no longer the classic house banks through which traders buy and sell their securities. In the meantime, it is mainly digital brokers from direct banks or international companies that enable trading in securities and other products cheaply and easily. For traders, this means that you can quickly and easily participate in mobile trading and benefit from it. In the long term, traders benefit from the fact that thecosts are low if you make many transactions. This means that, for example, when buying and selling securities frequently, you pay significantly fewer fees than is the case with the usual banks.

Trading DEGIRO.

DEGIRO increases the number of users significantly!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The broker DEGIRO states on its own homepage that in 2020 the number the user was listed above the 1,250,000 mark and a probable number of customers of more than 1.6 million customers is estimated for the year 2021. This means that the broker was able to gain a foothold on the Canadian market within almost 10 years and that further growth on the market is possible in the future. In general, it should be mentioned that there are many positive reports about the broker DEGIRO. In concrete terms, this means that the broker did very well innumerous tests, for example. In recent years, many trade journals have reported positively about DEGIRO and the broker has always been rated very well, especially in the analysis of costs. Since this is one of the factors why many traders like to change their broker, the influx of customers should continue unabated, so that the mark of 1,600,000 customers should definitely be reached quickly.

What options does broker DEGIRO offer?

Broker DEGIRO offers a broad portfolio in Kenya. This means that the traders here have the chance to realize and perceive a lot of different products. In principle, there is not only the possibility that shares can be traded, but that many different financial products can be used.

Especially in the area of ​​futures and bonds, it is possible that a wide variety of products can be bought. If you want, you can of course also trade ETFs with DEGIRO and thus benefit from the good conditions in any case and of course also from the fact that the broker is very well positioned. InCFD trading it is possible that you can not only perceive attractive base values, but also that you can, for example, exercise different options online without any problems. The number of base values ​​for forex trading at DEGIRO is significantly more extensive than is the case with most other competitors. This means that the broker is growing very strongly and the broker's trading offer has also grown significantly in recent years.

Equities and CFDs can be traded for as little as 2 euros plus 0.018% commission. The maximum costs can be 30 euros. Futures can be traded from as little as EUR 0.75 per contract. All trades can be handled using the Webtrader software.

How secure is the offer of the broker DEGIRO

The broker DEGIRO is based in the Netherlands, in the capital Amsterdam, in the so-called Rembrandt Tower on the 9th floor. This means that the broker is also officially registered and registered in the Netherlands and has a corresponding license for trading here. The fact is that regulation in the Netherlands is carried out by the AFM, i.e. by the supervisory authority there. TheAFM takes care at DEGIRO and all other brokers in the Netherlands that everything is done properly and of course that everything is properly controlled.

Anyone who has questions about the DEGIRO offer can easily reach the broker by phone. A telephone number is set up here that has a Frankfurt area code and which you can use to contact the broker quickly and easily – also in Canadian. Since the broker also operates a branch or headquarters in Frankfurt, this means that BaFin is of course also responsible for regulating activities in Kenya. The broker can also be contacted by email without any problems if you have any questions about the offer. It is not possible to contact the broker via live chat, for example.

How can I transfer money to the trading account at DEGIRO?

Anyone who has opened an account with the broker DEGIRO can transfer funds to the trading account by SOFORT without any problems, or by means of a classic bank transfer deposit account. It is possible that an initial deposit of at least 250 euros will be made with the SOFORT transfer. The account is managed in the euro currency. The deposit works very quickly and easily. It is also possible that deposited funds can be paid out very quickly and then be available on another account.

Does DEGIRO offer a free demo account or a sample portfolio?

If you look around on the DEGIRO broker's homepage, you will find that many different trading opportunities and options are presented here. The fact is that unfortunately no demo account is currently offered. This means thatTraders at DEGIRO cannot try out the entire trade with a sample portfolio free of charge and without risk. However, it is possible to get a free sample portfolio or demo account with another broker. This allows you to try trading quickly and without having to worry too much.

Unexperienced traders often start trading far too quickly with their savings. Unfortunately, this often leads to high losses. It is therefore important to think about how to avoid these losses and, above all, how to gain experience and knowledge in the field of brokerage and trading. In most cases it takes a few months, or even several years, until you know how the market works and which products you can use, for example, to achieve a certain return.

Build Forex knowledge and minimize risk through diversification!

Since many traders do not have this knowledge at the beginning of their trading activities, they unfortunately often make losses. It is therefore recommended that you familiarize yourself with the subject matter in advance. This means watching tutorials, watching videos and reading instructions and FAQs, for example, in order to understand exactly what advantages DEGIRO offers and how Forex trading really works.

In the future,Forex trading will still play an important role. This means that it is very important to have knowledge in the Forex area, for example, because high returns are possible here. As long as the key interest rates remain at the current level, this means for many traders that you can of course invest well and you should know which products are interesting in any case. Since there is always a certain risk, it may be worth diversifying across different forms of investment and products. A large diversification can also significantly minimize the risk in forex trading and save a lot of time and money as well as nerves |103

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