DEGIRO has 450,000 customers

The online broker DEGIRO is one of the most popular brokers in Kenya . DEGIRO has grown significantly in recent years, so that the broker now has more than 450,000 active customers.

The online broker is one of the most popular brokers in Kenya. This is also due to the fact that trading with DEGIRO is very cheap compared to other brokers. In addition, the commercial offer is very extensive. In addition to classic shares, e.g. CFDs or ETFs can also be traded. DEGIRO started a few years ago and the company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Within a short time, the broker was also represented in Kenya and since then has offered a particularly inexpensivetrade in securities. In the long term, DEGIRO is very well positioned and offers good options in any case. Especially since trading in securities has increased significantly in value in recent years. This means that more and more people are interested in stocks and securities. Since trading requires a securities account, more and more people are making sure that they open a securities account with a broker like DEGIRO, for example, and can thus start trading.

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DEGIRO has over 450,000 securities account customers!(©PIX1861/Pixabay)

The company DEGIRO offers trading in futures as well as classic securities. Especially these are more than popular with many traders. Anyone who chooses a company thathas been running robustly for years and pays out an attractive dividend, for example, will be happy to buy shares in the company. In the long term, global crises can lead to very attractive returns. A lot has happened in the area of ​​equities, especially during the Corona crisis. The prices of many companies have plummeted. A lot has happened, especially in the oil and utilities sector. The companies' shares are now trading at significantly lower prices than they were a few years ago. On the one hand, this is because the price of oil is significantly lower and, on the other hand, because consumption is of course significantly lower due to Corona.

Basically, there are many sectors that are currently under massive pressure, but which generally have good returns. The fact is that car manufacturers, for example, are under massive pressure, but it is important to know that the companies are generally solidly positioned. In Kenya, the companies Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen are under the typical Corona pressure, but also under pressure that they must in any caseswitch to electric drives or to other drives have to create in order not to have to give up too much capacity to other manufacturers worldwide.

In the areas of insurance, finance and banking,many companies have also come under a lot of pressure. This is because the ECB, for example, recommended companies in the banking sector not to pay out any dividends for the time being. Above all, the companies should finance medium-sized companies and ensure that the current crisis does not cause too many bankruptcies in Kenya and other countries. For this reason, the shares of the companies are more than interesting and could be traded in the long term if you opt for a deposit with DEGIRO.

What standards and options does the broker DEGIRO offer?

Basically, DEGIRO is one of the big and well-known brokers. This means that this broker places great value on regulation. The authorityAFM from the Netherlands is responsible for this broker. In addition, there is also aseat in Kenya for which BaFin is responsible and where the relevant regulation is in place in Kenya.

These standards ensure that many traders have opted for the broker DEGIRO in the past and start trading here with a clear conscience. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam in the Rembrandt Tower on the 9th floor. Customer service can be provided via e-mail or by telephone. In general, it should be noted that DEGIROoffers good support which can be reached in Kenya via a landline number with the area code from Frankfurt am Main. This is because the broker also has a suitable representative in this country and can be reached without any problems.

DEGIRO can definitely be recommended to some offshore brokers. These usually have the problem that they cannot show any regulation. In addition, there are of course negative reports on the Internet about brokers who have no regulation and who have had problems with paying balances.

What does broker DEGIRO offer? – the trade offer overview!

The trade offer at DEGIRO isvery extensive. In concrete terms, this means that you can trade stocks with the broker, but also futures, bonds, options and CFDs. Broker DEGIRO offers significantly more trading options than most of its competitors. This means that share CFDs can be traded, for example, from 2 euros plus a fee of 0.008%. At maximum, it is possible to pay up to 30 euros in fees for trading. So-called futures can be traded from EUR 0.75. All trading can be carried out at DEGIRO via the Webtrader platform or via the Webtrader software.

Especially theTrading with classic securities is very interesting at DEGIRO. In addition, traders who are familiar with CFDs can also become active in this high-risk field. In the long term, DEGIRO is more than well positioned.

The trading offer and also the large selection ofunderlying assets for CFD trading have contributed to the fact that more and more traders have decided in favor of DEGIRO in the past . It can also be assumed that more traders will be enthusiastic about DEGIRO in the future and become active accordingly. In the long term, the trading offer in the CFD area should be further expanded. The number of shares that can be traded via the custody account at favorable conditions should also continue to grow in the long term.

DEGIRO account opened – how can I deposit money?

At DEGIRO, an account can be opened from the age of 18. The fact is that you can deposit money without any problems - for example viaSofortüberweisung, or via a classic bank transfer. With the first deposit, there is an immediate transfer that a sum of 250 euros must be transferred. For all other deposits and for the classic bank transfer there is no limit or restriction as far as the transfer is concerned. The DEGIRO account can be managed entirely in euros. It is possible that one can use the account completely without deposit fees.

Demo account in forex trading – why actually?

In so-called forex trading there is the possibility that afree demo account can be opened . This is offered by most brokers. If necessary, the demo account is managed under the name sample account or sample depot. This account can be managed completely free of charge. This means that with a sample depot you have the great advantage that you can definitely try out a lot with it in the long term.

It is a virtual account in which a virtual credit is available. This credit can be used, for example, to buy and sell stocks. It is possible that you can try individualtrading strategies in the long term if you start with the demo account. Valuable experience can thus be gained over the long term. The traders benefit from the fact that they do not start trading directly with full risk, but can gain initial experience before continuing with high risk. As a result, you don't lose a lot of money right at the beginning of your trader career and run into problems. In most cases, traders rarely work with a free demo account, which is offered by most brokers. Because of this, many people lose a lot of money in brokerage.

Anyone who has previously gained valuable experience in the field of brokerage and forex can benefit from the fact that henot risking everything equally and knows how the broker's individual trading instruments work, for example. In addition, one is also familiar with the trading platform and knows which functions are offered. Stop and loss courses can also be tried out, for example, if you want to start trading with a demo account.

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