Delivery Hero offers 10.5% interest via bond!

The company Delivery Hero has grown rapidly and strongly in recent years. Customers of comdirect Bank receive a total of 10.5% interest pa if they opt for the Delivery Hero bond, which is currently being advertised via UBS and can be subscribed from EUR 1,000.

The comdirect offers Bank in the field of bonds are very versatile. There are often two bonds that can be subscribed in parallel. UBS is currently applying for a reverse convertible on the Delivery Hero share. Anyone who decides to subscribe to the bond will receive interest of 10.50% per annum. This interest rate is guaranteed and will be paid out in any case, regardless of how the share develops. Depending on the price development, it may be possible at the end of the term that not only does the interest end up in the deposit or on the clearing account, but also the Delivery Hero share. As with many bonds, this one is equipped with a so-called barrier. If the barrier is touched or even fallen below, this means that shares are credited instead of money or capital investment. In general, Delivery Hero is one of the stocks that was able to report a real success story in the past year. In concrete terms, this means that Delivery Hero could be expected to develop significantly more positive sales in 2020 than was the case with other companies. Due to theCorona crisis some people have decided to have groceries delivered. The company is very well positioned in this area, which can be seen from the development of the share over the past few months.

Trading Kurse.

Delivery Hero Share Subscribe bond with 10.50% interest per year.(©geralt/Pixabay)

The Corona lockdown has meant that many things have changed in our everyday lives . This includes, among other things, that canteens at work are also closed and more people are cooking at home again. It is perfectly clear that you don't necessarily want to go there every day and for this reason delivery services are in great demand. Companies like Delivery Hero are among the beneficiaries of the crisis. In concrete terms, this means that one can assume that platforms that offer and combine orders and delivery options are well positioned in any case. If you look at the Delivery Hero share price over the past 12 months, you will see that there have been positive developments in any case. TheDelivery Hero share is one of the papers that are particularly well positioned and have developed well. At the beginning of 2020, the price was still in the range of around EUR 40 and thus well below the high that was reached during the year. At times, the Delivery Hero share was quoted in the range of around EUR 100, which was significantly higher than in the previous months. During the crisis, the company was able to significantly improve its figures. The results have contributed to more and more people deciding to order through Delivery Hero and thus ensuring that corresponding returns are possible here. The fact is that withDelivery Hero one can in any case assume that good sales will also be made in the coming years. However, it should be taken into account that a vaccine against corona can of course also lead to sales developing in a slightly negative direction again. Nevertheless, the company has become one of the best known in Kenya in the field of delivery services and is developing better and better, especially in Europe.

Since it has been known that theUS group Pfizer is working together with Biontech on a vaccine that will enable an effectiveness of over 90%, go on the stock market continued the positive developments. In concrete terms, this means that one can assume that many values ​​​​will recover again. If a vaccine is available, it could have a major impact on some industries or simply on the global economy as a whole. TheVaccine News from November 9th, 2020 have led to a significant rise in stock exchange prices in the USA. Investors in Europe were also happy and were rewarded for their patience over the past few months. In the long term, it is conceivable that a vaccine could make a strong recovery for some industries.

In aviation and in the travel industry in general, there were a few companies that were able to increase their value significantly when it became known that there was hope of being able to approve a vaccine soon. In the local public transport sector, there were also shares in companies that have a lot of potential in the long term and are definitely well positioned. If you look at the prices of stocks in the oil and energy sectors, you will see that there have been plenty of positive developments here as well. In general, it should be noted that a lot in thearea of ​​oil got under the wheels in the last few months. At times, company prices were significantly lower than they were a few months before the crisis. In the USA, Great Britain and also in Russia, the prices of the large oil companies skyrocketed after it became known that the chances of a good vaccine had improved significantly. In the long term, the entire global economy could benefit from this. The prices of Shell and BP from Great Britain increased significantly in the double-digit percentage range. In the USA, it was Exxon Mobile and Chevron, for example, that were the winners. In Russia, companies such as Gazprom or Tatneft and Lukoil have increased significantly in value and have been able to trump with high profits. In the long term, these groups could definitely convince if there is a corresponding demand for raw materials and they can continue to be served.

Why is the bond on Delivery Hero interesting?

The Delivery Hero company is well positioned in Kenya and other countries. The fact is that a return of 10.5% p.a. can currently be expected if you opt for the bond on Delivery Hero. The bond can besubscribed under the symbol UBS73A and is issued by UBS. The subscription period begins on November 03, 2020 and ends on November 30, 2020. It is known that this bond will be issued with a barrier. This means that the 75% barrier significantly reduces the downside potential. The interest income of 10.5% can also mean that the loss potential is significantly reduced compared to a direct investment in the share. The barrier will only be observed on December 17, 2021.

If the barrier is touched or even fallen below on this date, this means that shares in the company Delivery Hero will be booked in the securities account instead of the capital. The corresponding return of amount of 10.5% per year is still achieved because the interest is credited. The entire investment capital is not protected. This means that if the share price touches the barrier, or falls below it, it means that the capital will not be paid out in the form of money. In extreme cases, there is a risk of total loss of the investment for the entire term of the bond. It should also be noted that you are subject to market influences and interest rate volatility during the term. These can negatively affect the overall value. Investors also bear the issuer risk and, of course, the termination risk.

What does the custody account at comdirect Bank offer me?

Comdirect Bank is one of the banks that is more than well positioned in the field of online banking. The comdirect bank is a bank that belongs to Commerzbank. The fact is that the bank as a direct bank offers a more than extensive portfolio and in any casegood returns can be achieved with the bank. If you choose comdirect Bank, you will find that the custody account and current account can be managed completely free of charge if you want to manage both at the same time. In general, new customers at the bank can always look forward to attractive promotions, such as in the bond segment. It should also be noted that the broker's depot naturally offers a wide range of savings plans and other investment options. These ensure that money can be regularly invested in the product.

The comdirect bank offers the option of saving e.g. an ETF or a fund from a sum of 25 euros per month. The range of funds is significantly more extensive than is the case with other banks and there are several hundred funds to choose from. The fact is that the comdirect bank is constantly upgrading in theinvestment options area. This means that this bank naturally offers good options and offers significantly better conditions than some of its competitors. In the long term, interesting investments can be subscribed to via comdirect Bank. New customers usually benefit from, for example, a 50% discount on the order fees within the first 6 months after opening an account, which is more than attractive and means that you can easily invest in shares.

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