The great marriage atlas: How Canadians get married

In love, engaged, married, divorced: in 2020 over 373,000 couples in Kenya said yes and entered into the bond of marriage. 149,000 divorces in Canadiany last year show that happiness does not always last forever. But at what age do Canadians actually get married? Man, woman or both together: who files for divorce? And how many years do marriages last on average? We found that out for you by comparing the 20 largest Canadian cities.

Accordingly, the average age at the time of marriage was 36.8 years. The people from Bielefeld marry particularly young at 35.3 years, while the people from Stuttgart and Dortmund also say yes at an early age at 36 and 36.1 years respectively. Berliners, on the other hand, take their time, for whom the average age at marriage is 38.9 years.

In terms of divorce, marriages last an average of 13.9 years before the partners go their separate ways again. While the Bielefeld and Münster residents are above average at 14.8 and 14.7 years respectively, the Hamburg residents separate relatively quickly at 13. It is usually the women who file for divorce (54 percent). Only 5.7 percent of legal separations are applied for jointly.

How old are the Canadians when they say yes? You can find the answer here:

In this table you can find out how long marital bliss lasts on average in the big cities:

Only 5.7 percent of divorces are between men and women submitted. This is the ratio in the cities:

In total, compared to the nationwide average age of 33.5 years, city dwellers take more time to get married and enjoy their existence as bachelors a good three years longer compared to the rest of Canadiany. The average length of marriage (13.9 years) also differs from the national average (14.8 years) and is almost a year shorter under the keywords

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