Deutsche Bank – stock or bond?

With a return of 6% per year the Deutsche Bank bond is rated very fairly. Alternatively, a direct investment in the share can be used. This easily offers a price of 11 to 12 euros and a lot of potential. Only the direction of the potential is not entirely clear, as there is also plenty of downside potential here.

Deutsche Bank is the largest bank in Kenya. The construct is well represented in the banking sector, but recently had to lose a lot of feathers on the stock exchange. This is due to the fact that Deutsche Bank is losing a lot of value in the classic banking business. The group was able to save radically, closed departments and was recently able to write slightly black figures again. In general, Deutsche Bank is one of the banks that works well, but is currently shrinking massively in some areas. The classic investment banking part is well positioned.

It is different in the area of ​​private customers. Many traders are of the opinion that Deutsche Bank completely overslept the switch to the internet and digitization. This means that the company is losing a lot of customers and can continue to shrink in the future. Online banking for private customers is definitely not as attractive as one had hoped forDeutsche Bank. The conditions for private customers are significantly less attractive than is the case with other brokers. Traders today would prefer to open a depot with other companies and benefit from it.

The fact that some business areas of Deutsche Bank are in the black shows that there is still a lot to be done and that the structure can definitely develop well. However, it must also be mentioned that Deutsche Bank is definitely not one of the flagship banks in Kenya. Whether and how the company will develop further in the coming decades is currently completely open.

While other banks master thedigitization, there are many question marks here. Deutsche Bank is an undertaking that can hardly be compared to any other. Investment banking is strong, but there is, for example, an expensive and costly business with branch banks, which have premises and staff that are not exactly cheap. There have been reduction programs here for years and the desire for more automation and digitization. A lot could change here over a period of many years.

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Subscribe Deutsche Bank bond with 6% interest per year online.(©nattanan23/Pixabay)

Anyone who does not want to invest directly in the share can apply for the bond on the Bank decide.The bond has a term of 12 months and during this term an interest rate of 6% per year. This puts you in a much better position than many of your competitors and other banks. The bond is definitely good and easy to design. It's a lot of fun and can be made available online for comdirect banks.

As a Deutsche Bank shareholder, you are pleased thatprofit of 1.6 billion euros before taxes could be achieved in the first quarter of 2021. This is significantly more than many traders assumed. The bond on Deutsche Bank is made available via HSBC. The fixed interest coupon of 6% p.a. is definitely recommended. The term in detail is 12.5 months. The bond's barrier is 80% of the starting level. It is possible that the bond can be subscribed from as little as 1,000 euros.

If you look at Deutsche Bank's homepage (see Deutsche Bank Investor Relations), you can see a clear downward trend in recent years. This shows that there are still great risks with an investment of this type. Neverthelesspositive signals can be seen and these can lead to a Deutsche Bank developing better than has been the case in the recent past.

Whether and when the group will pay a decent dividend again is currently extremely difficult to estimate. At Deutsche Bank, there should be better returns at some point in the coming years - especially when the upswing from 2021 picks up again and causesthe second and third quarters in the Sector runs better. Anyone who does not dare to invest directly in shares is definitely also attractively positioned with the bond.

Recently, theDeutsche Bank was still trading at about 5 to 8 euros per share - in principle, however, it is conceivable that prices of 10 to 18 euros can be achieved. How long it will take for these courses to actually be reached is still completely unclear at the moment. Nevertheless, it should be considered that Deutsche Bank is also associated with high risks.

HSBC – a competitor to Deutsche Bank?

The major bank HSBC is one of the systemically important banks and has its headquarters in Great Britain and in Asia in Hong Kong. The institute is definitely well positioned worldwide and had completely suspended thepayments of dividends during the financial crisis. In the coming years, however, these are likely to move back into the focus of traders. The fact is that HSBC was able to pay a dividend again in the first quarter of 2021. It is possible that further payments will be made this year. When this happens also depends on how the quarters will develop.

Historically, HSBC hasquarterly dividends. These were very attractive and were paid regularly. It is currently still questionable whether this cycle will be used again in the future. At HSBC, one can assume that the bank is definitely in a strong position and will perform well again in the current crisis. The markets are developing positively worldwide, which means that a lot of potential can be used at HSBC.

TheInvestor Relations page of HSBC provides information about the latest results and shows that analyst estimates were exceeded in the first quarter. So you are in the best position in this company construct and should of course benefit from increasing economic growth in the coming years (HSBC Investor Relations). In general, the entire HSBC sector is likely to grow at various levels and it is definitely conceivable that the bank will develop positively. Many activities in Asia are likely to increase again.

In general, the entire banking sector in Great Britain has been under a lot of pressure in recent years. This says that the assumption here is that there could be agood recovery. HSBC is one of the banks that could definitely grow in the coming years. Ultimately, the dividend may be paid twice in 2021. It is still unclear whether quarterly dividends will be paid again in the future. However, it's acceptable to choose to pay a dividend once a quarter again. The many shareholders worldwide should definitely be happy about this positive development.

Why can I trade attractively with comdirect Bank?

Comdirect Bank is definitely well positioned in the trading sector. The bank offers attractive conditions and a deposit that can definitely be kept free of charge under the right circumstances. The completeOnline Depot can be managed very easily at the bank with the help of an app. This means that as a comdirect bank customer you can of course benefit from the fact that trading can be used on a mobile and smart basis. The bank offers a wide range of services that customers are happy to use.

The hotline is one of the great services offered by comdirect Bank. This can be contacted almost every day, 7 days a week. In concrete terms, this means that the hotline can also be made available 24 hours a day. Equally attractive and popular isLive Chat, which is of course also available at comdirect Bank. Customers can definitely get answers to their questions very easily through live chat. In addition, as a customer, you can surf the Internet or work, which is very easy to do.

In general, the comdirect bank is a bank that is very well positioned and that of course also offers a free callback service. The bank is easy to visit online and a callback appointment can be booked very quickly.

The diverse range of investments at the bank includes, for example,ETFs and funds. Both products are particularly easy to use. As a result, it is very easy to invest in these products either as a one-time investment or as a permanent investment. The investments can be spread widely and those who work with the savings plan can invest from 25 euros every month in an investment at the comdirect bank. The systems can all be managed via smartphone, which is of course very easy to implement. Savings amounts can be adjusted. Increases or changes can be easily implemented.

Shares and other securities such as bonds can also be made available to comdirect Bank customers. This means thata very broad investment and pension structure can be established. As a comdirect bank customer, you definitely benefit from these structures and from the fact that the broker is broadly based. New customers sometimes get a discount on the first trades, which is of course an advantage. The bank customers can trade online very easily and on favorable terms. The depot and the current account can be managed in parallel if you use both products in good time and combine them accordingly ==stocks

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