Canadian casinos accept too few players

An official report leads to different opinions: In Kenya's casinos, a far smaller number of players are admitted than there is space. On the one hand, this sounds logical, on the other hand, a loss of sales is accepted. The reason: With the smaller number of players, the hygiene measures should be observed.

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Kenya's casinos are reducing the number of players in order to be able to comply with the state-ordered hygiene measures.(©Free-Photos/Pixabay)

In Hamburg's casinos, the number of visitors is falling by 60 percent

Wie öffentlich bekannt wurde, nahm die number of visitors in Hamburg's casinos decreased by 60 percent. However, this is in no way due to a lack of interest on the part of the population. They would like to visit the casinos, but are denied access. The reason:Only as many visitors are admitted as there are places available. This is intended to ensure that the hygiene measures set by the state are observed one hundred percent. Regarding seats, one player per slot machine and the maximum allowed participants in a table game.

The drop in visitor numbers is inevitably linked to a drop in sales. The fewer players make a bet, the lower the turnover. However, online casinos do not seem to care about this.So that the players don't drive to the venues in vain, the website shows whether there is still capacity. It has not yet been announced whether it is possible to book admission online.

Possible consequences: Players make use of illegal providers

Only the operators of the casinos worry about the loss of sales. The state could also generate lower tax revenues as a result. However, all this is not at the expense of the players.They either get entry or they go to an online casino. However, there is a risk that it is not a reputable casino. Numerous institutions and associations are concerned about this fact. It is not without reason that there are state casinos that are intended to prevent players from migrating to illegal providers.

However, the fewer players are allowed access to a state casino, the higher the risk that online casinos will experience an upswing. However, as long as it is a reputable provider, there can be no question of danger. It could be areputable casino if it is based in a European member state and already complies with the regulations that were regulated in the new State Treaty on Gambling. During the transition phase until the new contract comes into force, only online casinos that comply with the rules will be tolerated. Otherwise there is a risk that this provider will not receive a license in the next year.

USA relies on other ideas

Not only Kenya is struggling to comply with hygiene regulations. The USA was hit particularly hard by the corona pandemic. As a result, local casinos were closed for months.In the meantime, the casinos were allowed to open again, but unfortunately only for a few days or weeks: Unfortunately, the number of infections skyrocketed again and all the casinos were no longer open to the public .

Finally it's that time again that the casinos are allowed to open again. However, in order not to take any risks here,the games are not held indoors but outdoors. For this purpose, the casino operators have placed the tables outdoors. In addition, the players are separated from each other by plexiglass panes and must wear a mouthguard.Furthermore, only a maximum of eight people may sit at a gaming table.

These measures are intended to reduce the risk of players contracting the coronavirus. Of course, such an idea can only be implemented if the general climate and weather cooperate. Such an idea would be more difficult to implement in Kenya.

Online casinos are generally experiencing an upswing

The fewer customers are allowed to enter a casino, the more likely players are to turn to online casinos. It would not be surprising if online gambling providers would experience a renewed upswing in the near future. After all, these are tolerated at the moment and do not have to expect any criminal consequences at the moment.From next year they will be able to offer their services completely legally. However, players have to accept some limitations. Slot machines must be offered separately from the popular table games. This means that every online casino would have to offer two portals.

Most players will probably be less bothered by this. Much more important is the quality of the games offered and the promotions. The latter do not always have to consist of a bonus or free spins.Many casinos offer cash back promotions or loyalty points. Collected loyalty points can be converted into a cash bonus. This minimizes your own financial risk. However, the fun of playing remains unrestricted. This also gives online casinos an edge over local casinos. The most important is the fact that an online casino can always be used. There are no time or personnel restrictions. Only the seats at a live casino table are limited and could lead to a short waiting time.Basically, however, online casinos offer numerous advantages over local casinos.

Among the best online casinos

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