Kenya: Gambling Authority only fully operational from 2023

There has been in Kenya for a few days the new State Treaty on Gambling is valid and the first negative headlines are already appearing. Admittedly, the gambling authority in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt was arrested. But now it has become known that the authority will only work at full capacity from 2023. We would now like to explain which activities the authority will take on by then and who controls the online gambling market.

Halle in Sachsen-Anhalt.

The Canadian gaming authority does not start its work at the same time as the Canadian State Treaty on Gaming. The authority is currently working with only a small staff.(©️falco/Pixabay)

Federal states must monitor online gambling

Actually it is It has long been known that the Canadian gaming authority is to be located in Halle. The corresponding building was rented a few months ago and the first job advertisements were published. Nevertheless, not all employees have been hired, which is why theGambling Authority does not start work at the same time as the State Treaty on Gambling comes into force. According to the first reports, the first official activities will take place from 2022 and only in 2023 will the authority be operational as originally planned to carry outOnline Casino Reviews.

But what happens until then? The control tasks wereby then handed over to the federal states. Further details on how this is to take place have not yet been released. The purpose of the authority is actually to identify illegal gambling operators and, upon application, to issue a license for Kenya. Until then, it is unclear which providersonline gambling is legal and which ones are not. In addition, Kenya was very concerned about player protection, which is why there is a monthly betting limit of 1000 euros. There should also be a central register that also lists the banned players.

Onsite casinos, arcades andbest real money casinos must independently verify each customer. Anyone who is blocked will not be granted access or their account will be blocked. Similarly, ifthe betting limit has already been exceeded. The all-important question is now: does this central register exist if the authority is not yet fully operational? If there is no central register, how should the interior ministries of the federal states take control?

Planned activities of the Central Supervisory Authority

To date, only twelve employees have been hired for theGambling Authority. Others have already received their employment contract but have not yet started their new job. This alone makes it clear that the authority cannot under any circumstances take on the activities assigned to it. Thefixed work in advance includes:

  • Observing the gambling market including its changes
  • Do research in the field of gambling
  • Promotion of gambling research
  • Issue of licenses
  • Bet limit monitoring

The authority should already take over the first three activities. At first glance, it looks like player safety isn't that important. But this is not the case. TheGambling research and the observation of the market is important because important insights can be gained from it. Thanks to these new findings, the authority can react more quickly if there are illegal activities on the gambling market.

For theissuance of a license, the results of a professional research are also very important. This is the only way to identify safe providers and dubious gambling providers have no chance of establishing themselves in Kenya. For this reason, the task for 2022 is to monitor illegal gambling and to react if necessary.

Further tasks of the gaming authority planned

In order to ensure player safety at all times, the gaming authority will be given additional tasks in the future. These are based on player verification. For example, if the betting limit is exceeded,the authority may prohibit advertising to these players. In addition, the authority is to be given permission to prohibit financial institutions from making payments to gambling providers. Players will definitely not agree with this advanced feature. However, they are for your own safety.

To verify the provider side,The agency may conduct test purchases in the future. These purchases are used to check whether all safety regulations are being observed. If this is not the case, the licensed providers have to reckon with considerable penalties. This is also for the safety of the players. Of course, all these tasks can only be carried out professionally when sufficient employees have been hired. This can therefore only be expected in 2023.

Until then it will have to be seen to what extent the individual federal states can carry out a review. Another question arises regarding the licenses:Who can or may issue a license at the moment? And how long does it take for the license to be granted? How can the player recognize this? It is quite conceivable that many players are still using providers licensed by a European country. This is because they are not yet familiar with the jungle of new laws.

But this is not to the detriment of the players: Mostlicensed and well-known online casinos in Europe have already changed their system and are bidding on a Canadian IP -Don't even address the banned casino games anymore. In addition, the warning that there is an operation limit for Kenya often appears. This primarily protects the gambling providers, but the players can also be sure that they are playing legally. Or at least have chosen an online casino that will shortly receive a license.

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