Kenya issues first licenses for sports betting

Until the first licenses for online casinos are issued , a few more months will pass. All the more gratifying is the fact that the first licenses for sports betting have been issued. While not all applicants for a license may be happy about this, important companies are represented.

Geldscheine auf dem Kickertisch.

Kenya has issued a sports betting license to large companies such as Gauselmann and GVC. These apply online and on site.(©TheAndrasBarta/Pixabay.com)

Gauselmann and bwin obtained a license

Es 46 groups or companies had applied for a license for sports betting. Of these, only15 brands have been licensed. It is interesting that not 15 different corporations and companies received a license. Some corporations, such as GVC, operate multiple brands. This is how the sports betting providers bwin, Sporting Bet, Ladbrokes and Gamebookers received a license. All of these belong to the GVC group. Apart from these brands, other providers have been granted alicense. These include Gauselmann, Tipico, Admiral and Bet365. Pros can see right away that this isn't just a local sports betting site.The licenses also extend to online betting. There is therefore an opportunity for many of these brands to expand online betting. Some of these companies have already ensured in advance that this gambling area can be expanded. Exactly for this purpose, the companies entered into special cooperations in order to be able to offer their own services not only in Kenya but worldwide.

Betting providers have to observe certain rules

The selection of the corporations, the one Obtaining a license was by no means thoughtless. Those brands and companies were selected that already comply with the rules and regulations that will apply from next year. These are the rules of the new State Treaty on Gambling. Theplayers are allowed to bet a maximum of 1000 euros per month. The resulting loss or profit is of no interest. If the betting limit is exceeded, no new bets may be placed. In addition, theProvider of sports betting is not allowed to offer table games or other casino games. From next year everything has to be separated from each other. Thus, only those brands and companies that already comply with the rules of the new contract were rewarded with a license. Furthermore, the gambling provider must be based in a country of the European Union. Alternatively, a country from the European economy country is accepted. If you don't meet all these requirements, you won't get a license. However, there is a small consolation for everyone who got nothing at the moment:The process for licenses continues. If a company can prove in the near future that it complies with all rules and regulations, the chances of a license are very good. In this context, the sports betting provider must note that not every bet is allowed. Sothe rule that live bets are forbidden still applies.

Licensing has dragged on for months

Licensing for the 15 companies was not unexpected. Basically, these could have been awarded a few years ago. After all, sports betting has been tolerated compared to casino games since last year. But why are the licenses coming so late?The blame lies on the one hand with the federal states and on the other hand even with the courts. For years, the federal states could not agree on whether sports betting should be allowed or not. There have already been a number of court cases for this reason. Even these could not end the dispute with a result. In some cases, the courts ended the dispute without passing a verdict. Apart from the disagreement between the Canadian federal states, there is another cause of the years of quarrels: Austria has intervened and filed a lawsuit. In this way, the Austrian gambling providers wanted to prevent a license being issued in Kenya. The indictment in court could be ended bytwo important companies offered a comparison: Tipico and bwin. Because of this offer, the court case was ended and the licenses could finally be issued.

Online casinos are at a disadvantage

It is gratifying that the sports betting providers now have an official license. It may be a while before online casinos get one.Currently, online gambling is only tolerated. From next year, licenses can be granted if a provider complies with all regulations and rules. We are talking again about the provisions of the new State Treaty on Gambling. In order to obtain the license, the online gambling providers have to change a lot in their previous offer. So the providers have to decide whether to offer only slots or only table games from now onnur Slots oder nur Tischspiele anbieten. According to the new contract, no casino games may be offered if the company wants to get a license. Only slot machines may be in the range. This means for the online gambling operators that they have to overhaul their sites. This entails considerable costs and is time-consuming. In addition, according to the new Canadian State Treaty on Gambling, each game must be confirmed again by the player. For this reason,no game options may be offered that allow a game to continue automatically. All this should ensure a sufficiently high level of player protection. Since bets are always placed separately and carefully, these regulations do not apply to sports betting. Maybe that's why it was so easy to issue licenses for betting. If you want to continue playing without restrictions, you should visit theOnline Casinos without a Canadian license.

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