Close cooperation between Gauselmann and Fortuna Düsseldorf

Basically, the gaming group Gauselmann and the football club Fortuna Düsseldorf have been together for years. The Merkur Arena football stadium, sponsored by Gauselmann, was rented by Fortuna Düsseldorf a long time ago. Now the time has come for the two to enter into even closer cooperation.

Merkur-Spielarena in Düsseldorf.

The Gauselmann Group is now working even more closely with Fortuna Düsseldorf and has become an exclusive partner.(©shouplade/Pixabay)

Gauselmann becomes exclusive partner of Fortuna Düsseldorf

Gauselmann will nowofficial partner of Fortuna Düsseldorf. This means that in future sports betting for Fortuna Düsseldorf may only be offered by Gauselmann. This fact is an opportunity for Gauselmann in particular to increase its own sales. The prerequisite, however, is that the new State Treaty on Gambling is still amended. Live betting is currently prohibited under this contract. However, if these were officially allowed,Gauselmann could expand its sports betting area.

In general, it would be conceivable that Gauselmann would apply for a license for his Promotes online casinos. Currently, theMerkur online casinos offered by Gauselmann may only be played for fun. Bettingreal money is currently not possible. The Gauselmann Group does not take any risks in this area and under no circumstances offers services if these are controversial.

The fact that Gauselmann always complies with all laws and regulations is of great benefit to the Fortuna Düsseldorf football club. It is conceivable that more bets will be placed in the future if such a reputable company is behind this offer. In addition, there is the situation thataccording to a survey, the Merkur arcades are the most popular arcades in Kenya. For this reason, Gauselmann received an award three years in a row, as published by Focus Money, among others. Fortuna Düsseldorf can therefore be all the happier that a close cooperation has now been decided. If the sports bets for Fortuna are handled by Gauselmann, the players feel more secure. As a result, the betting stakes could increase significantly.

A little story about Gauselmann

Of course, the Gauselmann Group does not only deal with sports betting.Originally the company was founded to develop and manufacture slot machines. The areas of sports betting, online casinos and money management systems were only added over time. Currently, Gauselmann covers all sections related to gambling. The new partner Fortuna Düsseldorf enriches Gauselmann's previous offerings and complements them perfectly.

In 2019, the entire Gauselmann Group - including all subsidiaries - generated sales of more than three billion euros. With Fortuna Düsseldorf at your side, this turnover could even increase. At least this assumption could apply to the share that is generated in Kenya. At the moment, only a third of all sales are made in Kenya. The far greater part comes from abroad.

Another message suggests that Gauselmann could increase sales in the future:Electric table games have experienced an upswing in recent months. This was increasingly due to the corona pandemic: table games work like roulette or other casino games that are offered at a table. The difference, however, is that there is no croupier present in an electric variant. In addition, there are no problems with the minimum distances between guests. A risk of infection with regard to the corona virus is therefore reduced. It is therefore generally conceivable that online casinos will become more popular in the future and experience an upswing. Since many online casinos are already offering Merkur games, sales could increase again. However, there are other conceivable reasons for an increase in the popularity of online casinos.

License extensions in Macau are questionable

Gauselmann operates internationally, including in China. Already in 2013, this group was represented at the fair in Macau. Macau is currently the largest casino city in the world, surpassing even Las Vegas in terms of revenue. After the fair in Macau was successful, gaming devices from Merkur are sure to be found in the casinos in Macau. After all,Gauselmann made every effort and presented Chinese games that were specially developed for Asia.

Now there were in the last few days some negative headlines regarding the licensing of the casinos located in Macau. These usually expire in 2022 and there is speculation about an extension. According to some reports, there should be no extensions at all, while others speculate that the extension will only run for 10 years instead of 20 years. In addition, all casino operators are to be checked after five years. According to further reports, the existing licenses could be extended for five years before a final decision is made on further licensing. If casinos were to disappear due to a lack of a license, many could turn to online casinos.

Last news is becauseMacau is concentrating on an economic upswing at the moment. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic also had a negative impact on Macau. This was not least due to the month-long closures of the casinos. So the focus right now is on getting the economy going again. Oddly enough, the largest share of revenue comes from the casinos. Not giving them a new license would not be particularly forward-looking. For this reason, American casino operators fear that a license will not be granted due to tensions between the USA and China. The extent to which this situation will affect Gauselmann cannot yet be estimated. It therefore seems all the more understandable that this group is expanding its business area in its own country.

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