Entain introduces its own betting limits

Although most countries started doing so last year have to set betting limits for online gambling, the gambling provider Entain has created its own betting limits. The company has been working on this program for 18 months. Thus, Entain even anticipates the change in the law. We would now like to explain what the betting limit at Entain looks like.

Auf einer Computertastatur liegt ein gelber Tennisball. Unter dem Ball liegen viele 1- und 2-Euro-Münzen.

Entain has been working on a program for months to increase player security. This program detects problem gambling - as a result, there is a lower betting limit.(©️top10-casinosites/Pixabay)

Entain carries out credit checks on customers

Entain carries out so-called credit checks on customers. The purpose of this review is to identify those customers who are either already having financial problems or are about to have them. But what happens to a customer when a financial problem is identified? If the people involved cannot prove that Entain is wrong,players will be faced with strict deposit limits. Only when the financial problems are settled would the betting limits be lifted.

To identify customers who may have financial problems, Entain developed a special program. This program was worked on for 18 months. Meanwhile,14 brands from Entain use the developed credit check. Entain sees in his developed program a decisive advantage over the betting limits decided by the government:

The betting limits decided by the government affect all players, regardless of whether they have developed problematic behavior or not.High rollers who can easily afford their passion feel disadvantaged by the blanket betting limits. Entain prevents such a feeling by imposing betting limits that adapt to the personal situation of the player.

Credit check to increase player protection

As Entain announced in apress release, the new program aims toPlayer security to be increased. In order to achieve this, gambling addiction experts and psychologists, among others, worked on the program. Their ideas flowed in to recognize unsafe gaming behavior right from the start.

If this is the case, betting limits will be presented to the customer. These are intended to protect the customer from exhausting his financial resources or even causing debts. Whether the new program from Entain will work and how customers will react to it cannot be estimated. Another question arisesregarding the rich customers. According to Entain, if they are allowed to deposit more money, this permission may not comply with UK law. After all, the government wants to change the existing gambling law as soon as possible. Among other things, it should set a usage limit.

Entain is still aiming to roll out the new program across the UK by summer this year. Then it shall beextended to the foreign markets. Even then, it could happen that the law of a country prescribes a lower betting limit. How Entain would like to behave in such a situation has not been published.

Planned Changes to UK Gambling Laws

Late last year the UK announced that it would change the current Gambling Laws. One measure is a lower betting limit. Previously, players were allowed to bet £100 per spin. Now they are considering lowering thelimit to two pounds. If this is done, there could be problems with Entains personal betting limits. On the other hand, according to the government, there is no limit to how many rounds a player can enjoy.

Furthermore,Britain wants to vet players more. This is where Entain's new program might come in handy. If it turns out to be a success, the program could also be used in other online casinos. However, the online casinos and betting shops would then have to be obliged to use the program. Whether that is legal is another question.

Another change proposed by the UK government that players will not like. The bonuses, free spins and the VIP program should also be restricted. The government has not yet explained to what extent the plannedchanges will benefit player protection. A restriction in the area of ​​sponsorship and advertising seems to make more sense. If advertising is restricted, there are fewer points of contact for new customers and some players may never gamble.

Entain owns well-known brands worldwide

Entain includes well-knownbrands such as Bwin, Ladbrokes, Sportingbet and PartyPoker. Bwin, for example, has already received a license for Kenya and is allowed to legally offer sports betting. For Kenya, however, each player may only use 1000 euros per month. This betting limit applies to all online gambling providers and bookmakers with which a player is registered and takes part in the games. Here you will find moreOnline casinos without a betting limit.

So it quickly happens that for Bwin, for example, there is a much smaller amount left to deposit. How does Enttain want to solve this problem when every player coulddeposit a higher amount based on their personal financial circumstances? If Bwin allowed its players a higher stake, the company would oppose the license terms.

In this case, the idea of ​​a personal bet limit no longer works because the legal bet limit also applies to rich players. So it remains to be seen which ideas Entain will come up with.

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