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The year 2019 was a complete one for the Swiss gaming industry particularly exciting. The gambling law was revised and access to online gambling was given solely to the state casinos. The business figures for 2019, which were recently presented by the Federal Gaming Board (ESBK), were also awaited with corresponding excitement. This shows: an increase of more than five percent compared to the previous year, a good development in the Alpine republic. This is revealed in the annual report of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board.

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Auf dem Schweizer Glücksspielmarkt konnte man sich 2019 über positive Zahlen freuen. Das offenbart der Geschäftsbericht der Eidgenössischen Spielbankenkommission. (©stokpic/Pixabay)

Sector with a good year 2019

The quite turbulent year 2019 brought a positive development for the Swiss gaming industry. At least that is what thebusiness figures, which were presented by the Federal Gaming Board for the year 2019, make clear. This shows above all that theturnover in the gaming industry increased by an impressive 5.5 percent compared to the previous year. The industry also owes this to the new gambling law, which makes the online market exclusively accessible to state casinos. In the online sector alone, companies earned around 22.1 million euros in 2019. This is still a very small proportion of the total income, although the trend here should clearly be in the direction of upward mobility.

In total, the 21 casinos in Switzerlandwere able to achieve revenues of 698.4 million euros. More than half, exactly 422.4 million euros, are accounted for by category A licensees. These are the companies that have large casinos in urban areas. Specifically, for example, the Grand Casino Baden, the Grand Casino Lucerne, the Casino Pfäffikon or the Casino Interlaken. Here, too, the industry is pleased about an increase of 5.3 percent compared to the previous year. This is also just below the overall increase in the industry.Licensees of category B, these are casinos in smaller communities and holiday resorts, have been able to generate 276.1 million euros. Here the increase compared to the previous year is 5.9 percent.

More slots, fewer table games

Within the industry there were clear differences in the popularity of the individual game options again last year.The slot machines are the most popular among both group A and group B licensees. Here alone, 576.8 million euros were generated. The slot machines were thus able to increase their income by around 8.0 percent compared to 2018. Again, the slight decrease in table games is somewhat surprising. Here the income has fallen to around 121.6 million euros. A drop of a good 5.4 percent.

Since casinos are now also playing online, these figures can also be found in the ESBK's annual report.Accordingly, the online offer from the Grand Casino Luzern (MyCasino) was the most successful start. The company contributed around 8.3 million euros in sales - the largest part of all online casinos in the past financial year. The online offering from Casino Pfäffikon Zürichsee (SwissCasinos) followed in second place, generating sales of EUR 6.4 million. With a turnover of 5.9 million euros, the Grand Casino Baden (Jackpots.ch) is in third place. Casino Davos generated significantly less revenue at just under 1.2 million euros.

Good income also pleases the state coffers

The state coffers of the Alpine republic are also pleased that the online casinos and casinos are developing so well. The four casinos in Davos, Lucerne, Lake Zurich and Baden alone paid around 7.1 million euros in taxes last year. This is another reason why the treasury filled up more in 2019 than in 2018.Tax revenue increased by around 7.3 percent and was thus 335.5 million euros. So far, the change in Swiss gambling law has been a clear success. The Alpine republic has massively revised its own legal situation and established a monopoly position for the state casinos on the Internet by referendum. Foreign companies are no longer allowed to be active here. Together with the telecommunications providers, the Swiss authorities are taking strict action against foreign companies. These are subject to network blocks so that Swiss citizens can no longer access the websites.

The authorities have been running a corresponding "blacklist" for some time now. This lists all companies that are not allowed to make their offer available in Switzerland. Among other things, the sizes bet365 or Interwetten are included. Both groups have an EU license, but no valid license from the Swiss Casino Commission. Therefore, these two web addresses arejust two of more than 110 addresses that have been blacklisted one by one. Confederates can call up the blacklist at any time to ensure that they are trying their luck with a licensed provider in Switzerland. The "blacklist" is also constantly being revised by the authorities, most recently in March. It is said that some companies should also be found on the list with several websites. Although the effort that is made for the market is enormous, it is worth it. This is proven by the strong figures for the past year. Not least because of the restrictions caused by the Corona crisis, the tension for the figures in the coming year is already enormous again. It is to be expected that the online offers could once again increase significantly. However, the losses in the stationary area are also likely to be even more massive.

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