eToro offers commission-free trading!

The eToro platform is primarily for trading Shares known with a social trading background. Now it is clear that with eToro you also have the opportunity to participate in commission-free trading in securities. This means that eToro continues to be more than attractive and suitable for traders worldwide. The fees on this platform are significantly lower than on others.

The eToro platform is one of the most attractive securities trading platforms worldwide. This means that as a trader at eToro you can take advantage of a very large offer. In addition to the classic buy and sell options for shares, the focus here is primarily on the aspect of social trading. In concrete terms, this means that with eToro you have the opportunity to act very differently in each case. Buying and selling stocks can also be done using templates. This means that you can always adopt complete strategies from other traders. It is therefore conceivable that you can easily take over the purchase of shares from other traders. Evencomplete portfolios can be taken over and are a lot of fun in the end. If you think long-term, you could build an interesting portfolio with eToro at low conditions and benefit from the fact that really good conditions are offered. The trading of individual titles, as well as funds and options, is possible without any problems on the eToro platform.

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Trading in stocks seems to be particularly interesting at the moment. This is because most companies can be bought much cheaper than was the case before the Corona crisis. This is especially true for many blue chips. These are companies that are always interesting because they offer good returns and ensure stable earnings over the long term. In times of crisis, as is currently the case, the price of the so-called blue chips also plummets. This is due to the fact that the companies also have significantly fewer orders. It is therefore possible that the price declines are very massive. An example of this is the BASF share, which was quoted in the range of 60 to 80 euros per share before the crisis. In times of the Corona crisis, the price slips significantly, so that it is only quoted in the range of around 40 to 45 euros. Although the dividend for 2019 is still certain and will possibly also be paid in 2020, it is not easy to see how the BASF share will develop in the long term. If other industries that are considered buyers of basic chemicals and raw materials do not perform, this could quickly lead to a significant loss in value of the BASF SE share. The same applies to other corporations in the Canadian industrial landscape that produce basic materials for other areas. These include, for example, the companies Lanxess and Covestro. Both offer interesting products such as plastics or chemicals, but are currently under massive pressure.

In the area of ​​more conservative investments, it is above all the shares of the large insurers that are under great pressure and that can also be bought via the eToro platform. Companies such as Munich Re or Allianz have the problem that of course they also have to invest the money that customers and investors have made available to them. In addition, it may well be the case that the companies no longer get paid the invoices for all policies. This means that even as an insurance company in times of crisis you can earn significantly less money than was the case before. Nevertheless, companies such asAllianz SE or Munich Re, but also e.g. Aviva or Prudential from Great Britain are considered interesting groups when it comes to long-term investments. Although there may be a reduction or even a suspension of dividends and payments to shareholders, it is conceivable that the companies will survive the crisis and grow again in the long term.

Shareholders certainly need strong nerves and a thick skin at the moment if they want to become active on the stock exchange. This means that you should of course think carefully about where you invest and what risk you want to take. It is advisable to only work with funds that are definitely not yet planned for elsewhere - for example when it comes to paying off a house or moving on with other things. In general, there should be a great understanding of the existing risk.

Regulation at eToro ensures trust and confidence!

Brokers, as is the case with eToro, are of interest to many traders. A wide range of investment opportunities and, for example, interesting conditions ensure that a lot can happen here. In general, it should be noted that the broker eToro is well positioned and offers some form of regulation. The company that belongs to eToro is based in Cyprus. This means that the competent authority CySEC is responsible for setting up regulations accordingly. In the long term, the authorityCySEC on Cyprus ensures that everything is done properly and that controls take place at eToro. This ensures that traders feel safe and like to invest here.

TheControl Mechanisms are very important for most traders. A broker who is not based within the EU or who is not subject to some form of control is in any case less interesting. This means that one often opts for brokers who are of course well positioned and who offer good long-term conditions and a high level of security.

Trading at eToro - what options are available?

The trading options at eToro are very different from the options offered by other brokers. This is mainly due to the fact that with eToro you always getvery good conditions and that the social trading function should not be underestimated. In general, it is conceivable that with eToro you can of course easily adopt strategies from other traders. This means that with just a few clicks you have coordinated your entire portfolio with a strategy or a procedure. In the long term, it is possible that you are well positioned in any case and can follow many trends live in any case.

In addition to social trading, it is alsoCFD trading, which is high on the list at eToro. This means that trading can be performed on more than 200 different currency pairs. In addition, stock trading and trading in indices and commodities are also possible. The entire trade can be carried out, for example, with the software eToro OpenBook or with the web trader. It is also possible to control trading via a mobile app, which of course also has one or the other advantage, since you can trade much more flexibly.

Free demo account with eToro possible without much effort!

The broker eToro also differs from other offers in that a free demo account can be used. This means that the traders always have the chance to try out the entire trade without risk. The demo account is an option offered by more and more brokers. The fact is that traders can use this function to understand exactly how the broker is structured and how trading works. In the long term, it is conceivable that with eToro, for example, you can act very easily with the help of the demo account and buy and sell products very easily. The processes of theplatform eToro are brought closer to the traders through the demo account in any case. There is also the possibility that with the help of the demo account you can always trade very cheaply and also recognize the risks and opportunities of trading. The demo account stands out from many other products because it is very easy to use and you can try everything without any risk.

Unfortunately, beginners in particular spend too little time with the demo account. This then leads to the fact that there is a great deal of risk in any case and that they have no way of knowing what they are getting into in the eToro and trading area. The so-called CFD trading is particularly risky and involveshigher risk than most people want to admit.

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