eToro has been offering social trading for over 14 years!

In the forex area and segment The broker eToro has developed very well in social trading over the past few years. The broker's offering has grown and the features made available to the trader community make trading here a lot of fun. The broker eToro has been on the market since 2006 and successfully offers trading options.

In forex trading, positions can be opened and closed quickly. Traders choose this type of trading mainly because there is a lot going on here. This means that quick profits, but also quick losses can be realized here. In general, it must be said that in the Forex Trading segment, many signals must be sent and interpreted in any case when an investment strategy is pursued. In volatile times, as is currently the case, many traders opt for forex trading. In any case, they can benefit from the sometimes strong price fluctuations and generate a high added value. TheBroker eToro assumes a leading role in this area, primarily due to the extensive social trading communication options. The purchase of securities can sometimes be carried out free of commission. This means that an enormous amount can be saved in terms of costs if you choose eToro and want to participate in trading here. In the long term, the size of eToro could continue to grow, as numerous traders choose the broker and become active here.

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eToro has been a leader in the social trading segment for over 14 years!(©3844328/Pixabay)

Shares and commodities can be traded easily via eToro. There have also been some positive developments in the raw materials sector in recent years. For example, anyone who bet that the price of gold would rise significantly was definitely rewarded. Much more is now being paid for gold than was the case 5 to 10 years ago. In the segment of classic shares, it is above allstocks from the DAX or also from the MDAX that have lost a lot of value and have already gone through the first phase of recovery . In general, it should be noted that it will probably be some time before progress in the area of ​​the Corona crisis can be reported. Declining numbers of infections and, for example, positive results in research into vaccines mean that further developments are definitely taking place in the area of ​​corona. In general, it must be mentioned that it is quite possible that positive developments in the Corona segment can be used to generate returns on the stock exchange.

Prices of large blue chips, such as Allianz Versicherung, or Munich RE, as well as Aviva and other insurers in Europe have slipped significantly. In the automotive industry, too, there are clearly negative developments that are far from turning positive. In the long term, however, it is quite possible that the papers will develop positively again. However, this also depends on how much activity and money is invested. Anyone who chooses shares will find that they are of course very easy to trade and that eToro can benefit from theSocial Trading Strategy. In concrete terms, this means that you can take over the depot from other traders or copy entire trading strategies from eToro. In this way, you can ensure that you automatically buy and sell securities with one click, even if others are doing it too.

However, this does not mean that you will automatically make a profit. If other traders realize a loss, it is possible that this loss will also be felt in the portfolio. The selection of stocks that can be traded over the Internet is comparatively large. At eToro there is also the option of becoming active in the binary options segment and being able to start trading here. If you look around online, you will find that you can definitely see a lot of positive achievements at eToro. Trading is compared to other brokersvery versatile to design. One of the biggest advantages is that with eToro you always benefit from being able to interact and communicate with other traders. This clearly sets the broker apart from other events on the market.

Security and trading options at eToro - what does the broker offer?

The broker eToro is one of the brokers that are very popular in Kenya and in other countries. This is because the trading offer ismore than extensive and different trading options can be executed. eToro is one of the leading providers in the social trading segment. Traders who are looking for a new depot not only make sure that a good provider is found in social trading, but also that it is subject to regulation. At eToro it can be advertised that the broker is based in Cyprus and thus within the EU. In concrete terms, this means that there is regulation and that one can assume that everything is going right. The authorityCySEC on Cyprus can ensure that the broker is regulated and can work legally.

When it comes to support, the broker eToro is positioned differently than most brokers. In concrete terms, this means that the broker does not offer telephone support, but an email contact form. In addition, it is possible that the service can be contacted by FAX. There is also the possibility that a customer service wall can be used in order to be able to address corresponding questions. Many questions and problems can also be clarified among themselves when the customers talk to each other and when one decides to want to find solutions.

How big is the trading offer at eToro?

The trading offer at eToro is more than extensive. In concrete terms, this means that you can become active in the social trading segment and in CFD trading. A total of more than 200 different currency pairs are available for trading. In addition, traders can also use stocks as well as indices and commodities as base values ​​for trading. Anyone interested in eToro will find that the broker is more than well positioned and that various software solutions can be used for trading. This means, for example, that the broker is able to work with theOpen Book software. The WebTrader can also be used and it is possible to use a mobile app to take advantage of the eToro trading offer. With these trading options, eToro offers traders an extremely extensive range of trading, which differs greatly from other offers on the market. It should also be noted that the trading offer is not fixed, but can always be expanded. So it is conceivable that you can always take advantage of new options with eToro.

eToro make deposits flexible

The broker eToro offers various ways and options for how money can be deposited into the trading account. It is possible to make a deposit from a sum of 500 euros. In concrete terms, this means that you can also deposit higher sums. In the credit card segment, it is possible to use the Visa credit card as well as theMasterCard credit card. Diners Club type credit cards can also be used when depositing funds. Those who choose JCB and Laser will find that they can be used just like Skrill and Neteller. Webmoney and classic bank transfers can also be used to deposit funds into eToro.

The fact is thatWithdrawals can be made against fees. A payout is possible from 20 euros and costs 5 euros as a fee. This fee amounts to a scale of 5 euros up to a payout level of 200 euros. At 200 to 500 euros, a payout with 10 CADs fee is calculated. If you want to withdraw more than 500 euros, you have to expect a fee of 25 euros. Payments can be made via classic bank transfers or e.g. via transfers to the credit card.

The trading account can be managed in different currencies at eToro. If you live in Kenya, you can manage the account in euros without any problems. It is also possible to have an account in US dollars, British pounds or Swiss francs.

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