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The broker eToro is one of the in Kenya strongest broker par excellence when it comes to social trading. Understanding and interpreting trading signals and following the actions of other traders is conceivable here. The classic trading of securities is supplemented by crypto investments or CFD and Forex products. With eToro more is definitely possible because the other brokers offer. The eToro offer is characterized by good quality and a high degree of availability.

Trading will play an important role in 2021 and 2022.Social trading is a special form of trading in which communication between traders and social exchange play an important role. Broker eToro has refined and improved social trading. Over 10 million traders are currently using the entire eToro range. The offer is available and usable worldwide in a wide variety of languages.

The traders are happy about the use in the Canadian language as well as in the English language. Furthermore, the support is also offered in other languages ​​and offers a lot of potential. This potential wants to be raised and that is why people like to explore eToro and itstrading offers, especially through the demo account. As a trader, you definitely enjoy the demo account and the option to get to know things very easily and to be able to benefit from them.

Thenumber of shares that can be traded on eToro and that are also available as a base value for certain investments is around 2,000 shares. This means that you are very broadly positioned and of course you are trying to expand this offer further. The traders are happy about shares and generally also about the many different CFDs and Forex products that are offered in a complementary way.

Individual assets are even offered with 0 euros in fees for eToro traders. This puts you definitely ahead of the competition, because even smaller stakes are worthwhile if the fees are not very high.The complete range of eToro is supplemented by at least 35 different cryptocurrencies. The crypto currencies have grown strongly over the past year 2021 - initially it was only Bitcoin, now Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash are also an integral part of the trading options at eToro.

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35 cryptocurrencies can be traded indirectly via eToro!(©JLB1988/Pixabay)

Crypto currencies count in 2021 as they did in the past 5 yearsto the top investments in Europe. They are characterized by their high level of volatility. In plain language, this means a strong change in course in a short time. With Bitcoin and Ethereum and other currencies, money can be made quickly - but lost just as quickly. Cryptocurrencies are likely to rebound in value in 2021 if press coverage is positive. This should further fuel the crypto hype.

On the official (official Bitcoin homepage) Bitcoin homepage, individual information about the cryptocurrency standard and the current hype can be identified and learned.Bitcoin is the first major cryptocurrency and definitely offers higher standards than other currencies. At the same time, however, the currency is limited by its blockchain. That means a maximum defined number of units is set for this currency from the beginning. If the maximum is reached through mining, there will be no more coins.

For this reason, many experts assume that the cryptocurrency of the future will not be Bitcoin, but another cryptocurrency. Which currency that will be and how this currency will develop should still be completely open at this point in time and difficult to predict. A secure and non-limiting currency is sought, but depends on an extremely large number of factors.The crypto community on eToro typically uses cryptocurrencies for trading and is interested in making money from the currencies.

Bitcoin prices of 50,000 to 60,000 euros per coin show a high level of interest in the cryptocurrency worldwide. The understandable reasons for this currency are usually difficult to understand. Often it is economic interests, which is why people are interested in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and want to invest their money here. Anyone who sees Bitcoin and other cryptos only as a trading instrument will be happy about what eToro has to offer.

eToro offers low spreads and a favorable trading environment

The trading environment at eToro is versatile and can be used individually. Low spreads and good trading conditions contribute to high usability.Online trading can take place after money has been deposited into the depot or trading account. If you want to deposit money via service providers such as PayPal (see PayPal service providers), you benefit from the option of depositing free of charge and without any fees. PayPal definitely offers good trading opportunities and the ability to invest the money quickly and easily.

Visa and MasterCard type credit cards may also be used and applied when funds are to be transferred to the trading account at eToro. At least 500 euros are required for the first deposit, for further deposits it is usual for at least 50 euros to be deposited.Skrill and Neteller as well as e.g. JCB may also be used if funds are to be paid into the eToro account quickly and conveniently.

In general, no fees are charged for deposits. The situation is different with the payouts. It is common here thatfees of 5 euros are charged for a simple payout. Anyone who has relatively large amounts paid out usually has an advantage over people who only have small amounts paid out. Withdrawals usually go the same way as deposits.

The entire trading account can be managed with eToro in a wide variety of currencies. The euro and the British pound are of course very popular as currencies. Furthermore, the complete trading account can also be managed online in AUD or PLN as well as NOK and at least 5 other currencies.

New customers can expect no bonus on their first deposit at eToro. This is because the authorities responsible for regulation have prohibited corresponding bonus payments for new customers. In principle, there are always interesting trading campaigns at eToro that can be of interest to all customers.

Use shares as base values ​​for everyday trading

Shares are particularly popular at eToro for everyday trading in the jungle. Falling or rising options are the basis for many assets.Forex and CFD products can be used to make high profits in the short term. The leverage functions that brokers occasionally offer are particularly in demand and quite interesting, albeit with a high risk.

The demo accounts are often offered free of charge and without any prerequisites. In practice, this means thatnot even a registration is necessary to be able to become active in the demo account. Traders are happy about the opportunity to trade individual shares and cryptos and to be able to trade with a virtual depot. With this, money is moved back and forth virtually in order to be able to see the corresponding results.

The individual options and trading opportunities can be completely evaluated through the demo accounts and are characterized by a wide variety of mechanisms. At eToro, the demo account is offered completely free of charge. So traders can try everything before theyTrading with real money and then deposit money into the trading account and start trading.

The big known stock prices are definitely important and interesting when it comes to options underlyings. Furthermore, it is alsocommodities that are often used for this trade as well as currency pairs. Both are quite volatile and can of course lead to gains and losses as a result of price changes.

Oil is definitely in demand as a raw material. This does not have to be physically purchased in order to benefit from price changes.Anyone who wants to invest in oil can participate in trading with Forex and CFD products and in any case expect the best results. The currently sharp rise in oil prices is a sign of strong trade worldwide and that there is demand from the economy. Oil is considered to be one of the price drivers par excellence in 2021 and this is likely to continue for a while. The demand for raw materials is very high around the world and people are clearly feeling the inflation.

If oil and fuel were very cheap in 2020, the cost of them will be significantly higher in 2021. In the meantime, inflation of around 4 to 5% is expected for 2021. Above all,the cost of fuel is largely responsible for this and should also be at a high level in 2022. How it will look like later with the wage adjustment is currently still open and to be clarified.

Trader security: eToro is registered and regulated in Cyprus

TheCySEC in Cyprus is the first point of contact when it is about the direct safety of traders and the regulation of brokers. Cyprus is a popular marketplace for companies worldwide. The regulation includingan attractive tax policy contribute to making Cyprus a particularly popular trading place. Traders are happy about the opportunity to be able to invest particularly good money here.

Cyprus offers banks, brokers and casinos very good framework conditions. At the same time they fall under the protection orbelonging to the EU. This circumstance is now very important to many traders, which may be due to the uncertainties of offshore brokers. Anyone who is active as an offshore broker usually has the problem that the traders do not really want to trust you. While offshore brokers are attractive, they also offer a lot of risk potential.

A trader who opens a securities account with a broker or with a trading partner for the first time will want to use search engines to find out in advance whether digital trading is possible and what advantages it brings.The broker eToro is definitely a good option and definitely has many advantages when it comes to security and flexibility.

Support and service is offered at eToro via its own service function, which is also publicly available. Certain questions and answers can usually be viewed very quickly here. In the case of individual service requests, the broker can also be contacted independently, so that a subject-specific answer can be obtained quickly

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