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In times of Corona, trading is down still in high demand. Many traders want to benefit from the sometimes strong movements on the stock exchange. Strong course changes mean that securities are quickly bought and sold again. The volatility is significantly higher in these times than it was before Corona. This is due to the fact that the business figures of the companies are changing, in some cases significantly. Some industries are benefiting from Corona, while others are facing a complete standstill.

Securities and shares can be bought and sold as soon as you have a securities account with a broker. In concrete terms, this means that you can open a securities account with eToro, for example, and start buying and selling shares immediately. The broker eToro is one of the market leaders in the social trading segment. Social trading is a form of trading that is particularly popular and continues to gain in importance. The fact is that social trading allows you to interact with other traders. This allows you to exchange information about what other traders are buying and, of course, at what rates they are buying and selling. There is a possibility that completetrading strategies can be adopted by other traders. The purchase and sale of securities can be tracked. So you can always look at the top traders on the platform and also see which products they are buying and selling. If you are interested, you can then take over the positions and buy or sell them yourself.

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The selection of stocks offered in social trading hardly differs from that Selection offered by other brokers and other trading platforms. In principle, it is possible to buy and sell shares very easily. If you look at the individual values ​​in the indices, you will see thatmany of the papers have suffered significantly from the Corona crisis. In concrete terms, this means that the prices for shares in the automotive industry, the travel industry and many other sectors have fallen significantly. Some companies have come under so much pressure that even state aid is required. This applies, for example, to Lufthansa, which would have faced insolvency without the help of the state. Many companies are still struggling with the consequences of the Corona epidemic and with the fact that the demand for some services has collapsed completely. In the tourism sector, too, there is virtually no demand in the cruise industry. As a result, the shares of the well-known companies Carnival orRoyal Caribbean Cruise have come under significant pressure and are only trading at a fraction of what they were before the crisis . In general, it is possible to invest in companies of this type, but the risk is quite high. Bankruptcies and insolvencies can occur in any case. It is important to think carefully about where you want to invest and how you want to invest beforehand.

Some sectors have benefited significantly from the Corona crisis. The shares of many pharmaceutical companies have risen sharply in value. If you look at the shares of Bayer, Pfizer, AbbVie and other pharmaceutical companies, you will see that they are now trading significantly higher than they were before the crisis. Basically, this is related to the fact that the demand for medicines has grown significantly. In addition, shares in companies that are working on vaccines and that are very well positioned here are of course also in demand. This means that companies likeGlaxo Smith Kline should take a closer look if you're looking to invest in this space. Many of the classic pharmaceutical companies are well positioned and pay ahigh dividend to the shareholders. In the long term, it can therefore be worth investing here and buying the shares particularly cheaply in times of a crisis.

The eToro in the test - why is social trading interesting?

Basically, eToro is a very popular broker who has gained many new customers in recent years. Theselection of trading opportunities and assets is many times higher at eToro than is the case with some of its competitors. This means that with eToro you can achieve a lot in any case and can choose from a wide range of investment forms. For traders who decide to open a securities account with eToro, it is usually important that some form of regulation is in place. This can be ensured by CySEC at eToro. The CySEC is an authority responsible for the companies in Cyprus. Due to theregulation by the CySEC the trader can always assume that there is a significantly higher level of security than is the case with other brokers. In general, the CySEC on Cyprus offers regulation for a large number of brokers. This means that the authority has experience when it comes to activities in this area. In general, it should also be noted that eToro is not an unknown and new broker on the market, but represents a company that has been established for many years.

One of the great advantages of eToro is not only the license. It is also important to know that the broker provides good support. This means that you can contact them via the contact form or via the Customer Service Wall. With eToro there is also the option that the service can be contacted by fax.

Social trading at eToro 2020 – what is on offer?

The broker eToro makes no secret of what is on offer with him. Specifically, this means that in the social trading segment, for example, trading in shares, but also CFD trading can be realized. More than 200 different currency pairs are provided. Just like stocks and indices, these can be used as base values ​​for trades. In the commodities segment, it is possible to work with gold, silver, oil and other values ​​as a basis. The broker eToro is also very well positioned here and offers a wide range of different options for investments. The entire trade can be handled digitally and flexibly as well as mobile. In concrete terms, this means that you can work with theSoftware eToro OpenBook and with the WebTrader. It is also possible to start trading options and CFDs with eToro via a mobile app. The app can be used on Android and Apple smartphones without any problems.

Make and realize payments to the eToro account

Numerous payments can be made to the eToro account and also realised. The payment methods are very versatile with this broker. This means that money can be deposited and withdrawn in a variety of ways. Classic payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard credit cards are always permitted. In addition, it is conceivable that ways such as Diners Club, JCB or Laser can also be used if you want to use modern service providers. Skrill, Neteller or Webmoney can also be used for cashless payment transactions. There is also the possibility that a classic bank transfer can be used to deposit money with eToro.

Theminimum deposit at eToro is 500 euros. This money must be deposited as a minimum in order to be able to participate in trading. eToro does not charge fees for deposits, only for withdrawals. This means that a fee of 5 euros or more can be expected. This applies if you want to have the minimum amount of 20 euros paid out. From a sum of more than 200 euros, a fee of 10 CADs is due. If you want to pay out more than 500 euros, you have to expect a fee of at least 25 euros. The account can be managed with eToro in the currencies euro and US dollar. The currencies British Pound and Swiss Franc are also available. It should be noted that withdrawals can primarily be realized in the same way as is the case with deposits. The broker eToro is thus well positioned in payment transactions and offers multiple payment services. The social trading area is likely to continue to grow in the future and offer many challenges and opportunities for investors.

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