eToro offers debit cards

The broker eToro has been offering its own debit card since 2021 for Members of the eToro Club. There are different levels of this membership. The lowest tier is TierSilver and the highest tier is TierDiamond.

The broker eToro is best known for being active in the field of social trading and offering many interesting products here. Basically, it should be noted that according to a Business Insider report, the broker offers adebit card that can be used by the traders who are members of the eToro Club. In fact, the platform is based in the UK and UK and eurozone users are among the first this year to enjoy the debit card, provided they are members. The company currently has more than 10 million users, and the trend is rising.

The company eToro confirmed some time ago that a corresponding debit card is being planned. How this looks in detail, however, was not known for a long time. Young traders in particular rely on cryptocurrencies, for example, which can be traded on these and other platforms. Basically, cryptocurrencies represent a new asset class that is definitely in high demand among young people. eToro's trading offering has increased significantly in recent years. Especially in social trading, it is possible that a large number of signals can be set and tracked.

Social Trading.

eToro is preparing its own debit card.(©skeeze/Pixabay)

The eToro Club Membership

The benefits of membership (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ & Diamond) are diverse: In addition to a Customer Success Agent, a daily market overview, live webcasts, exclusive CopyPortfios, annual tax reports and a Customer service live chat, crypto staking is also offered:Silver with 85% up to 90% fromPlatinum+. Die höchste Stufe (Diamond) offers premium access to leading digital financial publications as well as an invitation to an event for Diamond members only who are rescheduling for the time being due to COVID-19 have been.

In addition, the broker eToro has a more than large offer in the area of ​​trading that is made available worldwide. In the field of social trading, the broker is often referred to as a leader by many traders. This is because the broker is well positioned and because social trading is described here as more than transparent. If you are interested in trading in the long term, you can talk to other traders on the eToro platform without any problems and, above all, without any effort. This means that you have the chance to exchange knowledge quickly in theCommunity and to benefit from it. In the long term, the eToro community is likely to continue to grow, so that traders will quickly come up with the idea of ​​connecting and pursuing and discussing trading strategies.

What security does the broker eToro offer?

The issue of security plays a very important role for brokers in the CFD and Forex Trading sector. The broker eToro, which specializes in social trading, also ensures that appropriate regulation is in place.

Because the company is based in Great Britain, it is ensured that there is regulation in every case and of course there is also deposit protection. The broker is officially registered in the UK and can be contacted here without any hassles. In Great Britain, the financial service provider is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In addition, the company eToro also has a registered office in Cyprus, namely in Limassol, so that according to the laws there there is also deposit protection and regulation can be carried out by the CySEC. The group is officially registered in Cyprus. If you want to contact support, you can do this quickly, for example, using the contact form or the Customer Service Wall. TheCySEC ensures that everything runs correctly at eToro as well as at other brokers. In addition, eToro AUS Capital Limited has a company headquarters in Australia, which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

From a trader's point of view, you should definitely choose a broker who is based within the EU and is subject to regulation in any case. This is the only way to ensure that the broker is absolutely trustworthy and that there are no problems with missing customer deposits, as is the case with some offshore brokers.

What trading range does the broker eToro offer?

The trading range of the eToro platform has grown significantly in recent years. This means that significantly more options are now available for trading than was the case a year or two ago.

The trading offer of the broker focuses primarily on the areas of social trading and CFD. It should be noted that more than200 different underlyings can be found in the currency pairs section. In addition, it is possible that stocks as well as indices and commodities can be used to identify suitable base pairs for trading. Basically, the retail offer has grown significantly in recent years. The number of underlyings is already at a very high level. This means that the broker eToro offers significantly more underlying assets than is the case with most other brokers.

The complete trade can be solved or completed with the eToro OpenBook. In addition, traders can of course start trading with the help of web trades as well as with the help of the mobile app.

Free demo account with eToro

Of course, customers can also use a so-called demo account with eToro. In many cases, one decides for the demo account, because with it trading can be tried out without any problems and completely free of any risk. Anyone who has decided to open a demo account will find that they can try out the entire social trading trade. Trading securities, cryptocurrencies or special forex products can also be tried out withthe demo account. The virtual balance can be tested quickly and easily without losing any money. The fact is that most traders unfortunately forget to use the free demo account and therefore always make losses faster than expected.

By using the demo account you can gain a lot of experience in trading. So, in the long term, as a trader, you benefit from it in any case. In addition, you do not lose money directly, but can try out the individual trading functions in peace.

How can I deposit money into the trading account with eToro?

Anyone who wants to have a trading account with eToro can open and manage it in different currencies. The fact is that not only the euro currency, but also e.g. the US dollar as well as the British pound or the Swiss franc can be used if you want to start trading.

There is the option that deposits can be made from a sum of 500 euros. There are no fees for deposits. Fees of 5 to 25 euros are incurred for withdrawals. From a sum of more than 500 euros to be paid out at eToro, a fee of 25 euros is to be expected. If you want to withdraw more than 200 euros, you have to pay 10 CADs in fees. For a payout between 20 and 200 euros, a fee of 5 euros is to be expected.

There is the possibility that funds are paid in and paid out via credit cardsVisa or Mastercard, but also via Diners Club, JCB or Laser, for example be able. Payment processors such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller can also be used to transfer funds, just like Webmoney or a bank transfer. Customers in Kenya can also use Rapid Transfer, Trustly and Klarna. Withdrawals can be made in the same way as deposits, however, withdrawals cannot be made using Trustly and Rapid Transfer.

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