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The provider eToro is one of them the largest and best-known brokers ever when it comes to social trading. The fact is that the company has been on the market for over 15 years and has been growing ever since. In the meantime, you can even trade mobile with the help of the eToro app without any problems. Securities, cryptos and over 2,000 financial instruments can be controlled via your own app. The choice of instruments is already high and is likely to increase further.

Trading in options, forex and CFDs is booming. Highly volatile stock markets, as we are experiencing in 2020 and 2021, ensure that high returns are conceivable. With price increases, stocks around the world offer plenty of opportunities to position yourself well and benefit from profits. It is particularly interesting that the telecommunications industry is in demand worldwide and offers strong dividend payouts. Yields of 5 to 7% per year are quite possible in this branch. The telecommunications industry traditionally pays high dividends, but the price growth is less strong. It's impressive that corporations like AT&T have been able to pay stable to slightly increasing dividends for decades. These are convincingly generated from the free cash flow and advertised accordingly. The AT&T company just mentioned distributes 50 to 60% of the free cash flow to the shareholders in the form of quarterly dividends without any problems. This then leads to them receiving between 7 and 7.5% in returns per year. AT&T pays out a proportionate dividend every 3 months, which is more than lucrative and interesting. However, the group is heavily indebted compared to others, which should only become dramatic if interest rates rise significantly again. In Great Britain it isin the telecommunications segment the companies Vodafone and British Telecom that keep traders happy with stable dividends and attractive sales. At Vodafone, a return of about 6% per year can be expected. From 2022, the British Telecom Group may be able to return a similarly high dividend, which was suspended in 2021. Here one would like to devote attention to the 5G infrastructure, which is to be significantly expanded in Great Britain and in other areas.

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In the Asian area there are also strong dividend payers with companies like SingTel. The companies are very well positioned and offer extremely high returns.4 to 6% dividend per year are quite realistic and ensure that companies can quickly get on the right track. Numerous telecom stocks fell sharply in 2020 and are beginning to recover in 2021.

TheSingTel share has already proven in the past that strong distributions are achieved here twice a year. The company can be traded in Singapore. An advantage is that no withholding taxes are levied here. Similar to what is also the case in Hong Kong, traders benefit from the fact that high returns are possible and that they have the same tax burden as is the case in this country. The SingTel company shouldgrow again in the coming years. For the shareholders, this means that the sustainably covered dividend can continue to be paid. On a positive note, many companies that are on the market in Asia have very low payout rates and are mostly not indebted at all.

Several companies in the telecommunications sector are also listed in Hong Kong. Companies such asPCCW or Citic Telecom are known for paying out attractive dividends to shareholders twice a year. The business models are attractive and impressive because they always generate a constant cash flow. In times of Corona, the prices of the shares have sometimes slipped massively. This shows that there is a lot of potential here in the coming years. Anyone interested in telecommunications should search worldwide. Ideally, it is viewed in countries where little or nono withholding tax exists is. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to which countries offer a simple refund in the area of ​​withholding tax. In some countries, the withholding tax can even be applied for completely online as a refund.

The company Orange from France is also one of the large corporations in the field of telecommunications. Anyone who looks at theOrange Investor Relations homepage will see that the group is posting solid figures. At the same time, the shareholders participate in the company's success through a regular dividend. Basically, Orange is a traditional group whose shares can be bought directly in France. However, there is also an option for the ADRs to be purchased. As far as the taxation of dividends is concerned, these could bemore attractive than is the case with classic shares.

In Kenya,the Freenet share is a popular investment when it comes to the telecommunications industry. Dividends have been paid here for years, once a year. The return has always been 5 to 8% p.a. in recent years and ensured that shareholders could definitely receive high dividends. A stable cash flow can be expected at Freenet in the coming years. In any case, the return here is more attractive than in other sectors. It is interesting to see that Freenet does not operate its own networks, but uses the capacities of other network operators. The company benefits from the fact that they have to sell certain shares for reasons of competition law. This means that Freenet can use the shares cheaply and offer its customers stable network access. The company is also active in the Freenet TV area. Thedigital DVB-T offer can easily be obtained in high quality from Freenet. The number of subscription customers has grown significantly here in recent years.

Deutsche Telekom is considered to be the largest company in the telecommunications segment in Kenya. The group is well positioned and has a global presence. It should be noted that Deutsche Telekom does a great job in any case when it comes to fast networks and the fact that, for example, the5G network is being expanded. In the long run, traders can look forward to stable payouts. A return of 4 to 6% per year is quite realistic and ensures that you can invest your money with Deutsche Telekom with satisfaction. In recent years, the dividend has again increased slightly. This shows that Telekom still has a lot of potential in the areas of free cash flow and dividends.

eToro mobile trading – with a free app?

The eToro app is available for Android and Apple users. It can be installed and used within seconds. Theregistration at eToro is very easy. Anyone who has installed the app benefits from the fact that registration via the input masks can be carried out very quickly.

The entire app can be operated intuitively on smartphones and tablets. This means that the app does not have to be questioned, but you can see within a very short time which functions are available and how they are perceived. One of the advantages of eToro is the regulation by theCySEC authorities in Cyprus who are responsible for many well-known brokers. The company headquarters in Cyprus should have tax advantages. Service is offered via the Customer Service Wall, which is used extensively at eToro. Many customers and traders start inquiries here and receive an immediate response. In general, eToro is one of the brokers who provide good conditions and, in addition to trading in securities, also offer cryptos and other currencies, for example. TheCFD and Forex trading are among the core elements of the broker. Mobile trading is enabled for all financial instruments. eToro currently offers more than 2,000 different financial instruments. These are very versatile and also associated with a different level of risk. Losses up to and including total loss are quite feasible with individual investments. On the other hand, it is also conceivable that quite high profits can be achieved. This means that traders can and should definitely enjoy a lot of advantages with eToro.

Which instruments can be traded at eToro?!

The broker eToro specializes primarily in trading CFD products. The selection of underlyings is very versatile. This means that in addition to currency pairs, stocks are also available. Indices and commodities can also be used as underlying assets. The complete trade is to be realized via theSoftware eToro OpenBook. In addition, it is possible that trading can be carried out via the Webtrader software and via the appropriate mobile app. The broker eToro is thus much more flexible and broader than is apparently possible with other trading offers. Those who are interested in social trading should enjoy the great advantage of being able to watch other traders. Complete strategies and successes as well as failures are displayed transparently on the platform. As a result, suitable investment ideas can definitely be designed very quickly. How long it takes to reach your goals at eToro is currently completely open and depends on daily market movements. With short options, profits and losses are already known after a few seconds.

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