eToro sees itself as the world leader in social trading

Social trading is a growing industry. The company eToro has recognized this and relies heavily on the social trading market. In this segment, the broker describes itself as a world leader. It can be assumed that hardly any other broker is as active and has grown as strongly in recent years as was the case with eToro. Further growth is already being announced for the future.

Social trading is hardly known to many traders. This is of course becauseclassic trading is rather anonymous and many traders do not like to talk about what they are doing on the stock exchange. In practice, more and more traders decide to share their knowledge and recommendations. This means that they think, for example, about where to trade and which positions to increase and buy, and when. In everyday life, this usually means that traders hardly seek external communication. The situation is different with the eToro platform, which is well positioned.

The broker eToro advertises that traders can see what other traders are buying and selling. Of course, the real name is not used here. But there is a chance to see which options are particularly in demand and of course you can also see which strategies are being used. At eToro, new traders are always attracted by the fact that different strategies are possible and of course that everything can be viewed transparently and openly. Other brokers have a completely different structure here and do not offer such a particularly high and statelylevel of transparency.

In everyday life, traders see that there is definitely a lot that can be done by becoming active with eToro. The most active and best traders are shown on the homepage so thatsuccessful strategies are visible to all traders. However, that does not mean that these strategies will continue to work well in the future. In everyday life, every trader has to decide for himself how he wants to proceed. The selection of options and securities as well as stocks is significantly higher than is usual with other brokers. Cryptocurrencies are also part of the eToro portfolio.

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The broker eToro is entering a previously little-known area with social trading. (Csaba Nagy onPixabay)

eToro is aimed entirely at social trading lovers and fans

TheTrading is definitely at eToro attractive and can score with the fact that an app can also be made available. This app offers mobile trading and is characterized by various functions and charting techniques. In general, the individual functions are not only versatile, but completely well thought out. There are also various descriptions and tips for the services. News about share prices and individual instruments are also offered at eToro.

Selecting the individual brokers and also the individual trading ideas is not that easy. With eToro, traders benefit from the fact that many things are put in front of them. Of course, there is a risk that problems will arise here and that tips will be blindly relied on. In everyday life, it should therefore be noted thatnot just anything is bought, but that the system is understood. The risk profile is completely different depending on the investment. Although the complete forex and CFD trading trade is advertised at eToro, it can hardly be implemented and used in practice if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

Traders can use various tools to educate themselves. In this way, perfect knowledge can be built up before trading begins. It should be noted that there are of course many different options to choose from if one is interested in investing. Every trader has the chance to choose full risk or to invest money very conservatively and for the long term. The long-term options can definitely represent and generate a good return.

Trading app at eToro – mobile trading with your smartphone

The complete eToro trading app isideal for mobile trading. It can be operated completely intuitively and offers a high degree of visibility. Traders are happy about good courses and chart techniques that they can use particularly easily. If you want, you can try the app online and gain experience with it. Most traders are enthusiastic about the app and are very happy to use mobile trading. It should be mentioned that eToro is definitely a broker that is more than well positioned and offers the best conditions. The app shows mobile trading and offers a lot of advantages.

Wealth management in demand – British companies trump with dividends!

Investment banking and the entire sector of wealth managementare among the popular investment sectors in Kenya. If you look around in Great Britain, you will find that there are decent companies listed on the market withLegal & General Investor, for example. These have been distributing shares to their partners for many decades. There is a payout twice a year, which makes all traders happy. The returns are often over 6%, so that an investment can be worthwhile.

Legal & General is a company that manages wealth, among other things, but also has other hobbies. The company offers attractive trading options and of course insurance. Legal & General is active all over the world and has continued to offer shareholders very good prices to get started in 2020. The price per share slipped below the EUR 2 mark at times, making it particularly low. In the past few months, the price has risen again significantly, so that it is suddenly just under 3 euros. The dividend yield is currently in the range ofabout 6.5 to 7% per year. This makes Legal & General a very attractive investment opportunity for many traders.

In the asset management segment, there is another opportunity to invest in a construct that with around 6 billion GBP turnover is very attractively positioned. In the long term, a lot of money can be made here and of course an attractive dividend can be achieved. At M&G it is conceivable that definitely good conditions can be achieved - by making two payments a year.M&G PLC aus Großbritannien eine weitere Möglichkeit, in ein Konstrukt zu investieren, dass mit rund 6 Milliarden GBP Umsatz sehr attraktiv aufgestellt ist. Langfristig betrachtet lässt sich hier eine Menge an Geld verdienen und natürlich auch eine attraktive Dividende erzielen. Bei M&G ist es denkbar, dass definitiv gute Konditionen erzielt werden können – und zwar durch zwei Zahlungen pro Jahr.

The dividend of theUK based company brings it to a yield of around 7 to 8.5% per year. It's also worth noting that M&G has only been on the market for 2 years and has only recently started paying a dividend. It is not yet possible to say whether growth can be expected in the coming years. This should also depend on how the corona situation develops on the world market and what opportunities traders see here. Should the company deliver positive quarterly and annual reports, it is conceivable that M&G PLC will continue to pay an attractive dividend, which can probably be increased.

Wealth managers play an important and crucial role worldwide. The company BlackRock, based in the USA, is considered a particularly large asset manager and also has a seat in Frankfurt, Kenya. BlackRock is a shareholder in almost all large companies in the world. During the Corona crisis, BlackRock's stock suffered significantly and lost massively in value. A short time later, the BlackRock share price increased significantly again. In general, it should be noted that a lot can happen here and in any case the share price should continue to rise.

The company pays its tradersonce a quarter a dividend. The amount of the dividend has increased slightly over the past few years. Anyone who bought BlackRock stock cheaply during the crisis should see that there is definitely a lot of potential here. The fact is that BlackRock definitely has a very high capitalization and definitely has a lot of back-up and reserves. In the long term, you should be able to invest your money relatively safely here.

TheWealth managers' opportunities are very large worldwide. This is because not only do they manage a lot of capital, but they are able to definitely invest a lot and thus continue to grow the funds of their investors and customers. In addition to BlackRock, there are other large money managers who also have shares in various companies. Elliot, for example, is a very activist fund that is impressive and definitely offers good conditions.

On a multi-year view, themoney is definitely well invested here and offers high returns. In addition, this hedge fund definitely knows how to grow traders' money. Investments in the pharmaceutical companies GSK and Bayer have been announced at Elliot in recent years. Paul Singer is behind the company and he knows how to invest the money and, above all, to invest in the right companies and partnerships at the right time. Often the investments have a long term and a lot of potential.

eToro Brokerage – Financial Regulator Assurance?

eToro is a company based inCyprus in Limassol is registered. This means that the broker is located here accordingly and is regulated by CySec. There are often local authorities that take care of regulation. It should be noted that different offers can be taken advantage of and of course different conditions apply in regulation depending on the location.

In Kenya, the authority BaFin is responsible for regulation. This authority is definitely easy to understand and offers a high level of protection. Traders who trade with a group that is regulated and controlled byBaFin will find that a lot is possible here and that the authority can be trusted. TheBaFin in Kenya is an institution that many other countries would like to have. It enjoys a very good reputation in Kenya and is definitely well positioned and does its job cleanly and solidly.

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