eToro Social Trading 2021 in demand!

The broker eToro is very popular in the Social Trading segment active. Many experts now assume that eToro is the world market leader in social trading and is therefore significantly larger than is the case with many other traders. In the long term it is possible that strategies can be viewed and adopted by other traders. Copying complete trading strategies is easily possible here and even desirable.

Anyone who takes a close look at the broker eToro will find that it is very well positioned and has grown strongly in recent years. The fact is that the social trading segment has a lot of potential and should continue to grow in the coming years. In the long term, eToro should be able to further expand its market position and ensure that many traders can benefit from it. The broker has the great advantage that he works with a high degree of transparency. In concrete terms, this means that traders at eToro can see which strategies other traders are working with. The complete strategies can be automatically copied and adopted. So you can benefit fromknow-how of others. Caution is still advisable, because it is also possible with eToro that losses can of course occur. If other traders do not know exactly how to trade and what losses are possible, this can quickly lead to problems. In the long term, it is conceivable that the trades of other traders will be noticed again and again for orientation. However, every eToro trader must determine for himself whether this can lead to seriously good results. The fact is that many people have had positive experiences with eToro in recent years, but losses are also possible.

eToro Trading im Computer.

eToro continues to grow in 2021 - leading social trading broker.(©MayoFi/Pixabay)

The trading offer at eToro has grown significantly in recent years and it will probably also continue to grow in the future. This is because online trading and mobile trading are very popular and more and more people are choosing to do business here. Over the long term, stocks can generate excellent returns. This is possible, for example, if you decide on titles that repeatedly allow their shareholders to participate in the profits. Stocks of companies that are happy to pay a dividend are particularly popular and are very popular to buy. In the USA, for example, there is a more than pronounced dividend culture. In concrete terms, this means that many of the companies distribute a dividend to shareholders four times a year. The so-calledDividend Aristocrats include the tobacco company Altria. For more than 50 years, the group has been distributing a dividend, which is even increased slightly every year. The fact is that theAltria Dividende currently represents an attractive yield of around 8.5% per year. This means that Altria can expect a much higher return than other companies. In general, it is possible that a good return can also be expected in the future from the Altria dividend. However, it should be noted that the tobacco industry is a shrinking business. The higher profits are usually realized through increases in the price of cigarettes. In the long term, tobacco companies around the world are likely to struggle with the fact that people want to live healthier lives and fewer and fewer people start smoking. Falling numbers are to be expected in Western Europe and North America in particular, but not in other parts of the world.

Not only in the USA, but also inGreat Britain shareholders can look forward to an investor-friendly shareholder structure. This is because there is no withholding tax in the UK. This sets the UK apart from many other countries and regions around the world. It should be mentioned that in most cases you can count on the dividend being credited twice a year. However, there are also corporations that pay a pro rata dividend to shareholders once a quarter. Anyone interested in the health and pharmaceutical industry is familiar with the companyGlaxoSmithKline well positioned. The company offers numerous over-the-counter hygiene products - e.g. for oral and dental hygiene. In addition, at GlaxoSmithKline there is the possibility that cancer drugs, HIV drugs as well as vaccines are part of the business model. TheGSK Dividend is paid to shareholders once a quarter and has not been reduced in recent years. An attractive return of 5 to 6% per year is currently possible. This is significantly higher than is the case with many other pharmaceutical companies. For 2021, it is assumed that a quarterly dividend will continue to be distributed.

In the long term, the signs at GSK are more than positive. That means investors expect sales to continue to do well. Due to the large range of over-the-counter products, it is conceivable that a very good cash flow will be generated here, which should continue to enable attractive dividends. In the USA there are also interesting opportunities to invest in the pharmaceutical industry with companies such asAbbVie. However, it should be noted here that the corresponding sales are generated primarily with the drug Humira. In the coming years, patent protection for Humira will expire, which means that at some point corresponding generics are likely to be offered on the market.

What are the advantages of the broker eToro?

Basically, eToro is an official and regulated broker. The broker is based in Cyprus and is therefore also regulated and scrutinized by the authorityCySEC on Cyprus. In general, eToro is very well positioned and has grown strongly in recent years. The company headquarters in Cyprus shows that the company has a lot of potential and of course will also beactive in the regulated environment in the future. In the long term, it is conceivable that you can experience a lot with eToro and trade much more transparently than is the case with almost all brokers on the market.

Most traders make sure that they open a trading account with a broker that is really well established and that is based in Europe. This means that there is extensive regulation and alsogood support in multiple languages. All of this applies to eToro, so that one can assume that the broker will continue to function well in the coming years and that correspondingly good offers can be taken advantage of.

What can I trade with eToro?

The trading offer at eToro is significantly larger than it is the case with other brokers. This is because eToro has grown significantly in recent years and has adapted its offering to the wishes and needs of traders. The fact is that in social trading it is possible to buy securities, but alsocryptocurrencies. CFD trading is also made possible via the eToro platform.

Traders can use currency pairs, stocks and indices as base values. Trading in commodities is also possible and can be done without any problems if you want to start trading with eToro. If you want, you can trade via the eToro OpenBook software, via the Web Trader or via a mobile app. It is possible that a customer wallet can be used for support. This makes the broker much more flexible than other brokers.

Trading long-term investments with eToro – what can be built up?

Anyone who decides to open a securities account with eToro will find that there are many different trading opportunities that can be used here . In addition to short-term trading activities, there is also the possibility thatlong-term trading options can be exercised. Many traders choose eToro to do something for their retirement or for wealth accumulation. This then leads to stocks and investments being traded with a long horizon. In general, eToro is very well positioned here and offers traders a lot of advantages over other brokers. The trading account makes it possible to buy and trade stocks internationally.

The portal allows you to communicate with other traders and get in touch with them. This means that you can easily discuss strategies with them and plan exactly how you want to invest. The company eToro has been on the market for almost 15 years and has been able to build up a real leadership position inSocial Trading. The fact is that the broker really works very well and provides an opportunity to trade very conveniently. The service can be contacted by FAX or contact form and of course in different languages. The account can be managed in euros, US dollars, Swiss francs and British pounds. In addition, minimum deposits from 500 euros are possible. The fees for withdrawals are between 5 and 25 euros and depend on the amount to be paid out. The 25 euros are only due if more than 500 euros are to be paid out at eToro. For payouts between 20 and 200 euros, 5 euros in fees are due.

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