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The broker eToro is one of the most attractive in the field of social trading brokers at all. Numerous media reports positively about the offers of the broker, which is based in Cyprus. In the long term, eToro not only convinces with regulation, but also with a mobile trading app.

The trading of securities and even more so the trading of CFD and Forex products is impressive. In recent years, this has continued to grow and more and more traders are interested in it. Online brokers now offer significantly more services than was the case a few years ago. Leverage products, savings plans and many other options can be subscribed. The broker eToro is one of those who provides particularly attractive options. In concrete terms, this means that with eToro you can always see exactly how social trading works and what advantages it brings. In theSocial Trading segment, eToro is significantly better positioned than most of its competitors. The broker is characterized by the fact that the traders can communicate with each other. This also includes being able to see how other traders are buying and selling securities and products. Basically, trading via eToro is very easy to do and can be done in a playful way via the free trading app. The broker offers a lot of options on how courses can be analyzed and how trading can be designed.

Handel mit eToro.

eToro offers free trading app with social trading advantages.(©3844328/Pixabay)

Trading on the eToro platform is more than easy to make. The range of trading instruments is very extensive. In the coming years, this should continue to grow naturally. Anyone who chooses eToro will find that commodities, for example, can also be traded here. It is possible that traders can trade oil or gold, for example, or bet on the course of oil or gold. It is also possible that the development ofcryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or IOTA, can be relied on. Leverage can also be used to speculate on the course of cryptocurrencies. The fact is that eToro is one of the leading platforms that are well positioned worldwide. When it comes to trading options, eToro is much broader than many of its competitors. The broker is characterized by the fact that it is growing strongly in any case and offers numerous options. Cryptocurrencies have repeatedly developed into a very good investment field in recent years. It is possible that a lot can be traded via cryptocurrencies. The chances of winning are very high here, since cryptocurrencies are generally considered to be very volatile. This means that prices rise sharply and also fall sharply, usually within very short periods of time. As a result, the cryptocurrencies differ greatly from other forms of investment such as classic shares. Traders can trade at least 8 different cryptocurrencies via eToro, or speculate on the course of the currencies. This ensures that sometimes high profits can be achieved within a very short time.

Currently trading in stocks is more than interesting because the stock market is extremely volatile. In concrete terms, this means that the prices of many stocks fall sharply and rise sharply within a very short period of time. Depending on the option, eToro traders can benefit from rising or falling prices. In the long run,very positive returns can be achieved. However, it is important that appropriate expertise is built up beforehand. Beginners in particular have the problem that they do not understand the rules of the stock market and trading and thus quickly find themselves in a situation in which they lose a lot of money. There are statistics that suggest that around 70% of all traders lose money trading Forex and CFDs and very few are able to consistently make profits.

Why is eToro a popular and interesting broker?

The broker eToro is one of the most interesting brokers worldwidein the Forex trading and CFD trading segment . The big difference to other brokers is that the broker eToro is very well positioned in the social trading segment. Theregulation by the CySEC ensures that you can invest and trade here without any problems. Extensive regulation is by no means available to all brokers. So-called offshore brokers in particular are dangerous when it comes to investing larger sums. There are often problems with the payment of winnings. This means that with eToro you don't have to reckon with these problems, but can assume that the broker is in any case very serious and works well.

To the base values ​​that are traded at eToro can include currency pairs as well as stocks and indices. Commodities can also be traded at eToro. This means that you can bet, for exampleon the development of the price of gold, or also on the development of crude oil. Basically, there are many brokers where you can bet on commodities. It should be mentioned that all trading at eToro can be carried out via the eToro Open Book software, via the web trader, or via the mobile app.

The eToro mobile app - why is it interesting?

The mobile app at eToro is more than interesting. It can be operated intuitively and used without any problems from any smartphone. The charts and news that can be written at eToro are characterized by the fact that they are very easy to understand and a comprehensive picture of all data can be obtained within a few seconds. At eToro, in the Social Trading segment, you can find out very quickly what is possible and how other traders act. Chances are, through this feature, you can quickly and very easily see how trades are performing and how other people's investments are performing. eToro's social trading is characterized by the fact that you can not only act and communicate with each other, but also that you can adopt completetrading strategies. This means that entire portfolios can be copied. The traders can look at how other traders act and of course there is also the possibility to see which traders have shown a particularly good performance in the past few years. Here it is possible that you can look at the trades of these people and deal with them.

Learn to trade with the eToro demo account?

The broker eToro offers a lot of advantages and even a free demo account. With this demo account you can try out the entire trade without taking any risks. In concrete terms, this means that traders have the chance to learn about buying and sellingsecurities and options virtually without losing money. It should be noted that the demo account can be used completely free of charge and that you can always trade with a virtual balance. Buying and selling securities is very easy to practice. It is possible that no losses are made and no risk is taken when working with the eToro demo account. The credit can be virtually topped up and used.

Basically, eToro offers its users an important opportunity for further training. This means that as a trader you have the opportunity to enjoy webinars as well aseVideos and training courses. In general, traders can thus learn a lot of knowledge and thus not participate in trading completely unaware. The eToro broker also offers special information on social trading. This means that you can definitely learn a lot here and gain a lot of experience. Social trading is eToro's passion, which sets the broker apart from other providers on the market. In the long term it is possible that traders can learn a great deal through eToro and learn a great deal about the activities and movements in the market.

In the future it can be assumed that eToro will continue to grow in any case. The broker is already one of the best on the market and is currentlyin the social trading segment more than the leader. At eToro, it can be assumed that the broker will gain more members and thus continue to grow.

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