eToro continues to grow in 2021 and offers 0% commissions!

Traders can at eToro hope for continued growth in 2021. New products and trading with 0% commission ensure strong customer growth. eToro attaches great importance to continuity and therefore also to continuous growth. Over 1 million customers use social trading via eToro and there is a good chance that more customers will join the platform in the future.

It has taken over 10 years for the eToro platform to grow to the size it is today. The provider of trading services such as buying and selling stocks and securities is one of the most popular of its kind in the online world. Social trading with your own copy trader has been pioneering at eToro. Traders can view other traders' strategies and use them to create their own paths. If you are looking for trading ideas, you can observe them directly with other traders without much effort. Complete strategies can be adopted and used with one click in the app or via the online platform. At eToro, a lot can be regulated digitally and the specially developed app offers many advantages. Lists of other traders' performances can be viewed. These lists help to see which titles have been purchased and how. Of course, there can be no guarantee of future success, but lists are definitely beneficial. Looking back over several years,Social Trading Broker like eToro definitely offer a great benefit that wants to be used. The topic of social trading has done very well in 2020. Further growth is expected for 2021. Thus, good growth figures can definitely be recorded via eToro and similar platforms. The growth of brokers is definitely possible at a high level in 2021, especially when trading can be carried out commission-free. A large part of the securities on eToro can be traded commission-free - these include well-known companies such as Amazon or Alphabet but also e.g. Coca-Cola.

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Equities are playing an important role in private provision for more and more people in Kenya . Dividend payments, as well as profit distributions in general, are popular and drive many people to invest money in stocks. Over a period of 10 years, a higher return can sometimes be achieved with shares than is possible, for examplewith call money accounts and time deposit accounts and savings books. The return is achieved through price increases on sales and through the distribution of profits. When it comes to private old-age provision, more and more young people say they also invest their money in shares.

US stocks are particularly in demand as they, like Altria,provide a strong payout to shareholders once a quarter. Quarterly dividends ensurea constant cash flow in every portfolio and that a lot of money definitely comes in, which can be reinvested or spent. A company like Altria has consistently increased its payout to shareholders for over 50 years. This stands for security and ensures a very good cash flow, which is of course popular and can create trust. The dividend is a top priority for a company like Altria, but also for other companies. It creates a solid and lasting bond between the company and the investor.

Altria is one of the top tobacco companies in North America that offers really good yields and is in demand with shareholders and dividend collectors. The company differentiates itself from many smaller companies due to its good position in the market. However, it is known that the number of tobacco consumers in the USA as well as in many other countries of the world is declining. As a result, fewer and fewer people are consuming tobacco or tobacco products. This can be compensated for by increasing prices across the board. It is also common for alternative products such as vaporizers and e-cigarettes to be advertised. These are said to be less harmful to health and are therefore currently being heavily advertised. Smokers who switch from classic cigarettes to vaporizers or e-cigarettes could benefit from this in terms of their health. Of course, it would be ideal if they didn't start smoking in the first place. The company network of Philip Morris, which is based in Switzerland, is similarly well-known and large. Outside of the United States, the group sells the Malboro product around the world. Philip Morris also sells e-cigarettes and vaporizers worldwide, such as the product IQOS. The IQOS stores are currently being set up worldwide and are developing into the most sought-after stores in the inner cities of Kenya.

In Russia more and more companies are becoming regular dividend payers. The companies are trying to become more attractive to investors and they are doing so in a variety of ways. Presentations to the general meetings and other statements contribute to the fact that more and more investors are interested in investments in Russia. Still, most traders have respect for Russian companies. Sanctions in particular could lead to the companies losing value quickly and

TheX5 retail company counts in Russia as one of the largest constructs for the Example the grocery store. A lot of value is placed here on stable or even increasing payouts. In the current presentation on the corporate philosophy, it is promised that several distributions will be made each year.X5 Retail wants to become more attractive and shows this by increasing the dividend. This is sometimes higher than the free cash flow, which of course has to be taken into account from the investors' point of view. If the dividend is higher than the income, this can lead to the fact that at some point it is no longer covered and e.g. is distributed from the substance. At X5 Retail, this should not exactly be recommended and will lead to distributions being reduced again in the long term. Other companies such as Magnit also pay attractive dividends to shareholders and are also active in the retail sector and have a large presence in Russia with numerous stores and branches.

In the steel and iron segment, classic companies such as Evraz, Severstal or MMK and NLKM are the largest companies in the country. The corporations ensure stable sales and of course they let their shareholders participate in the profits. Exciting returns can definitely be achieved with companies from Russia over an investment period of 10 years and longer.

Why is eToro 2021 popular and a good idea?

With eToro, traders receive their own trading account within a short time and can start trading immediately after a deposit of 250 euros. Traders can look forward to tradinga wide range of commission-free stocks. Regulation is not neglected at eToro either. The company behind eToro is regulated by CySEC as it is based in Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is interesting for many financial companies because it offers theCySEC regulation and thus a certain kind of basic trust. This is supported by support via wallet. This was supplemented by a live chat. The live chat is an addition to the classic service offering that eToro has been offering for a long time.

Trade will grow massively in 2021 and at the same time eToro advertises with an extensive and intensive range of services. The transparency is much greater on this platform than is the case with smaller brokers. In addition, there are consistent further developments such as the mobileTrading Options and the Social Trading and Copy Trading functions. More than 1 million users and this number is expected to increase further in 2022. The provider eToro places massive amounts of advertising on social media and advertises its advantages. For this reason, eToro is definitely a successful model that advertises low costs and is very attractive at first glance.

Aiming for securities and diversification in 2021 - what does Corona teach us?

The Corona crisis teaches us that not only losses but also profits can be written in the crisis. There are sectors that have lost massively - for example the tourism sector or the entirearea of ​​oil energy. Other sectors, such as delivery services and online shops (and this does not only mean Amazon) have increased in value during the crisis. It is conceivable that this will also assume certain developments in the coming years.

A large degree of diversification can help to achieve high returns and at the same time be well prepared for crises. Anyone who manages to buy cheaply in times of Corona can definitely win for many years to come. In 2021, investors will not only decide on one company, but through a very broad diversification, of course, will also achieve that the risk can be widely diversified. In bad times, a depot can also be very balanced due to the diversification. VariousSectors such as pharmaceuticals, telecommunications or energy and sustainability will definitely make an important contribution to depots in 2021. Money can also be made in these sectors during a crisis. How big the advantages are when you choose different industries and diversify your investments is usually only apparent after a certain time. Over 5 to 10 years, many traders notice that they can definitely achieve good results - through dividends and price increases across the board over many years the tags

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