eToro continues to grow in social trading

In recent years, the broker eToro increase its user count to several million accounts. Above all, the broker can take great pride in the topic of social trading. This is because eToro is the market leader here and is always perceived very positively on the stock exchange. The number of accounts also increased during the Corona crisis

Social trading is interesting for many traders. Anyone who looks around in this area will find that there are clear differences to classic brokers. In concrete terms, this means that with eToro you have the chance to grow quickly in any case and also to deal with other traders. Over the long term, eToro not only offers the potential for growth, but also for sophisticated strategies that can be discussed with other traders. Basically, social trading is interesting from the point of view of many traders who have not been active on the stock exchange for very long. It is conceivable that one looks at the strategies of other traders and profits accordingly if they develop well. In the long term, you can use theeToro Trading to see very well which traders are successful on the market with which strategies. It should be noted that the selection of strategies can be very versatile. In the long term, you should make sure that you pursue a healthy level of diversification. It is conceivable that the risk is spread significantly if you get involved in several stocks. This means that you can benefit in different asset classes and always generate good returns in the long term. There are sometimes big differences in the investment strategies at eToro. In individual areas, the only important thing is that, for example, a high return can be achieved quickly. Other traders attach great importance to investing in stocks that achieve high returns in the long term, e.g. through a decent dividend. Anyone who invests in the right stocks here is definitely well positioned and can be successful for several years.

Computer Day-Trading.

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Anyone who looks at eToro to see what can be traded will find that the selection has increased significantly in recent years. Shares, currency pairs as well as indices and commodities can now be traded here. In addition, certificates and other products such as ETFs can also be traded at eToro. The selection in the field of cryptocurrencies has also increased significantly in recent years. This means that one can assume that a great deal can be realized here. Basically, the deposit at eToro is free of charge. This means that you always get good long-term conditions and can not only benefit from the free depot management, but also from the fact that the trading itself is cheap. Many traders created adepot with eToro during the Corona crisis because very high returns can be achieved with it. In concrete terms, this means that with eToro it can be assumed that, in principle, not only short-term trading is possible, but long-term investments can be made to build up assets.

The broker eToro enables trading in securities from all over the world. This means that not only the Canadian market, but very diverse markets can be mapped. International trade is easily realized - for example viastocks from Great Britain, Russia, the USA or from the Asian region. If you position yourself internationally and broadly, you will find that this strategy can definitely be used to take advantage of many opportunities. In general, the broker eToro is a good choice for this, because the high degree of transparency allows traders to look at the strategies of many other brokers and see how good returns can be achieved here.

In Russia there are some companies that pay particularly attractive dividends. This means that one can assume that decent returns can be expected here in the long term. The steel industry in particular, as well as the oil, coal and gas sectors, offer attractive investment opportunities. In the steel sector, it is companies like MMK or Severstal and NLMK that can ensure a constant cash flow in the depot. Many of the companies mentioned pay dividends to their shareholders up to 4 times a year. That means you're consistently getting cash flow to be really happy about. Anyone who finds out about theSeverstal share will find that particularly attractive returns are possible here if you have bought the ADRs at the right time. These are currently quoted at around 12 euros, which is significantly higher than has been the case in recent months. In December 2020, the company will againEX-dividend, so that investors can look forward to a nice distribution again soon. The steel industry in Russia is particularly profitable. Some of the companies are among the top 50 steel manufacturers worldwide and supply steel products to the automotive industry in Kenya, among others. Many of the steel products are transported by rail in Russia.

TheNLMK share should also be one of the big winners in the industry. The company is one of the leading steel manufacturers in Russia and is well positioned worldwide. The share price has risen significantly in recent weeks. In concrete terms, this means that it is listed at more than 20 euros and thus significantly higher than was the case in the weeks before. In the long term, the NLMK stock should continue to rise and in any case still have a great future ahead of it. As far as the yield is concerned, a dividend yield of around 8 to 10% can currently be expected. This ensures that you can always pursue a good strategy with the share. Thecompany MMK is also one of the large steel producers in Russia and pays out a dividend to the shareholders about 2 to 3 times a year. In the long term, this means that high returns can also be expected here. When investing in Russia, one usually buys the ADRs from the shares. These are held in the US and there is usually a fee of around 2 to 3 US cents per dividend that has to be paid. This is particularly important to know when the companies often pay out dividends, but these are always very small sums. For this reason, shareholders often choose to invest in companies that pay higher dividends in order to optimize dividends.

US investments offer constant cash flow in the portfolio!

In the USA, dividends are gladly paid. Most companies do not pay dividends to shareholders once a year, as is customary in Kenya, but at a much higher frequency. In concrete terms, this means that with investments in Russia one can assume that the dividend will be paid out once a quarter. In addition, there are many companies in the United States that have been paying a dividend for many decades and have regularly increased it. Theso-called dividend aristocrats are known for increasing the dividend for decades and thus ensuring a high level of trust among customers. The fact is that many people in the USA buy stocks in order to actively take care of their retirement provision. In the long term it is possible that good returns can be achieved in any case if the right companies are bought at the right time.

In the US aristocrat segment, companies such as Exxon Mobile, AT&T and Altria are currently attracting investors with returns of around 6 to 8% p.a. As with almost all US stocks, the dividend is paid once a quarter. However, it is also important to know how much of the free cash flow is used for the dividend. There are companies that spend more than their entire cash flow on dividends. This is currently atExxon Mobile the case. The company continues to pay an attractive dividend despite low oil prices and generally low demand in the oil sector. AT&T has a yield of around 7% p.a. and the company pays out a little less than 60% of free cash flow, which is more than attractive and shows that the dividend can continue to be paid in the future. The situation is similar at Altria, where just under 80% of free cash flow is paid out to shareholders. Here it is also possible that the dividend can also be paid in the coming years and good returns can be achieved.

What advantages does the eToro depot offer?

The broker eToro clearly stands out from other depot providers due to many circumstances. It should be noted that eToro offers good conditions in any case and the broker naturally offers ahigh degree of transparency. This means that in the long term one can benefit from the fact that other trading strategies can be viewed. For traders, this means that there is always increased communication. The overall very populardepot at eToro can be managed completely free of charge. Single trade fees are also lower here than most of the competition. The service is represented by a separate Customer Service Wall, which is of course very attractive. In addition, the individual traders can communicate with each other, which is of course also an advantage and clearly differentiates eToro from other brokers ||99

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