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The broker eToro is considered particularly interesting when it comes to this goes to become active in the brokerage area. This is mainly due to the so-called social trading functions that are made possible with eToro. The CopyTrading function makes it possible to take over a complete portfolio or a trading strategy and, if necessary, to profit from it.

In 2020, the topic of trading has become the focus of many people. The Corona crisis is making its mark and while some want to withdraw their money from the stock market as quickly as possible, others want to invest their money particularly quickly. At the moment it still looks as if many are withdrawing their money from the stock market, but many traders are also positioning themselves with a securities account on the market and are trying to buy shares,funds or ETFs ihre Position auf dem Markt zu festigen und dafür zu sorgen, dass sie in der Zukunft Erträge erzielen können. Langfristig gesehen ist es möglich, durch geschickte Trades an der Börse hohe Erträge zu erzielen. Ob dies in naher Zukunft der Fall sein wird, kann nur schwer prognostiziert werden. In den aktuellen Zeiten ist es durchaus möglich, dass Unternehmen massiv unter Druck geraten. Dies kann auch dazu führen, dass Unternehmen zum Beispiel komplett in die Insolvenz geraten und nicht mehr wissen, wie es für sie finanziell weitergeht. Wer derzeit an der Börse aktiv wird, braucht in jedem Fall gute Nerven!

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eToro offers interesting functions in the area of ​​copy trading!(©geralt/Pixabay)

In the search for a broker, the company eToro has been known for many years and often seen on the internet. For example, eToro regularly places advertisements on the YouTube platform. Whether this format will be successful in the future is currently completely open, but it seems that the number of users has increased significantly. As a so-calledSocial Trading Broker or partner, eToro is on the rise worldwide. In our opinion, the broker can also be described as a leader in the social trading segment.

Social trading, which means that the traders communicate with each other and that they can, for example, view trading strategies or exchange information with each other. The broker eToro goes a step further here, because with its platform it is even possible for trading strategies to be copied with a single push of a button. Thus, it is possibleto profit from that a good portfolio is taken over and money is put into the same securities and investments. There is no guarantee. This means that you are always taking a high risk. Nevertheless, eToro is currently a popular broker that is constantly growing, but also offers appropriate security and regulations.

What advantages and security standards does the broker eToro offer?

The broker eToro is based in Europe or within the EU. This is reassuring news for the many traders, because the broker is regulated and secured by CySEC. The authorityCySEC is responsible for the complete regulation of brokerage and forex in Cyprus. This means that the company also takes care of many other brokers based in Cyprus who offer trading services.

The security standards aresignificantly more comprehensive than is the case with other brokers. Brokers often do not offer any regulation as they are based offshore. Thus, traders cannot necessarily be sure that transfers and credits will actually reach them.

As far as the service and support of the broker eToro is concerned, no classic support is offered here via telephone or via live chat. Customers are offered a so-called Customer Service Wall. On this you can address your questions and requests digitally, which are then answered by theBroker eToro are answered. In addition, there is the possibility that information can be sent to eToro via FAX, for example. Transmission via FAX is very popular with many traders. This is mainly due to the fact that you get a direct confirmation of receipt with a FAX. It is therefore possible to be sure that a message was actually able to reach the broker.

The eToro trading offer for all traders at a glance!

The broker eToro offers its traders a very extensive trading offer. In concrete terms, this means that traders can become active in the CFD trading and social trading segment, for example. More than 200 different currency pairs are offered for trading as so-called base values. In addition, eToro offers a wide range of trading in the equities, indices and commodities segment. These can all be perceived as so-called base values. In general, it should be noted that different software solutions can of course also be used. These include the solutionseToro Open Book or the WebTrader. In addition, eToro offers the possibility that a mobile app can be used in order to be able to trade and become active.

How do I fund my eToro account?

The eToro platform is very well positioned when it comes to transferring funds to your trading account. In concrete terms, this means that there are various ways in which funds can be deposited and a trading balance can be ensured. On the one hand, funds can be deposited, for exampleby credit card. In concrete terms, this means that you can deposit funds, for example, by Visa credit card or MasterCard. In addition, it is possible that funds can be deposited, for example, via Diners Club, via JCB or via Laser. The Webmoney platform or a classic standard transfer can also be used if you want to deposit funds.

The ways of making a deposit are very versatile. The money can be deposited at eToro from a sum of 500 euros. There are no fees when depositing funds. If you want to have yourmoney paid out again, you have to reckon with certain fees. With a sum of 20 to 200 euros, a fee of 5 euros per payout is due, above that the fee is 10 CADs per payout. From a sum of 500 euros, a fee of 25 euros per payout at eToro is due.

The account can be managed with the broker eToro in different currencies. This means that the securities account can be managed not only in euros, but also, for example, in US dollars as well as in British pounds or Swiss francs. The broker isinternationally well positioned and offers a very versatile portfolio. The withdrawals can usually be realized in almost the same way as is the case with the deposits.

eToro and the trading experience – what does the demo account offer me?

Especially in the trading and brokerage segment, it happens again and again that beginners without experience want to become active on the stock exchange. The broker eToro is one of the companies that are undoubtedly also very interesting because of theCopy Trading function. However, this does not mean that the broker is suitable for every trader and that you should start trading right away. The fact is that you should gain a lot of experience at eToro before you start trading with real money.

A free demo account can always help in theOnline brokerage and online trading segment. This is a digital account with a virtual credit. The credit can easily be used to take advantage of a wide variety of products and to try out the entire trade. eToro offers many products that can be tested completely risk-free. This means that you can definitely gain experience with the demo account over a certain period of time when it comes to getting started in brokerage. The demo account also does not pose a problem if you suffer a loss, as the virtual balance can simply be used again very quickly with a new attempt to gain experience.

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