eToro advertises over 2,000 assets for traders

As far as the selection of assets is concerned, eToro is definitely a very important and significant broker. In the past 3 years, the provider's portfolio has grown significantly. There are currently more than 2,000 different assets that can be traded here. Stocks as well asForex and CFD products are available. Cryptocurrencies have also been among the broker’s popular investment options for some time. The fact is that there is a lot of movement in the crypto segment. Traders definitely like to choose the broker here.

Trading in cryptocurrencies is more than in demand at eToro. This is because the broker provides access very easily. The fact is that eToro with IOTA andBitcoin Assets definitely offers exactly what traders are interested in. A high turnover can be generated here over a period of several weeks. However, it is also important to know that the entire crypto market is very volatile. This means that if very large profits are possible today, it could be the case in the future that large losses are also possible just as quickly.

Crypto currencies are generally a very risky investment. This means that very high losses can quickly occur here. In the long term, it is possible thatCryptocurrencies will become firmly established in everyday life. This can definitely ensure that a new means of payment is used. It is currently difficult to predict whether and how long it will take for this to happen. It is also conceivable that cryptocurrencies will disappear from the scene again at some point.

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The selection of assets at eToro is very strong compared to the other brokers. This says that raw materials can also be used to participate in trading. Anyone who likesto trade commodities such as gold, oil or silver is definitely well positioned with these. An investment here can definitely be worthwhile over a period of several years. The selection of assets should continue to grow in the coming years. It is important to know that the entire trade can of course be controlled even more via the app in the next few years.

This means that the traders have the chance to write decent sales and earn a profit with eToro in any case. Cryptocurrencies, but also other assets such as e.g. commodities are suspected of being veryvolatile and developing. This means that a lot can definitely be achieved if you want to participate in trading with the right papers.

Designing investments for 2021: is it worth entering the stock market?

Entering the stock market can be successful from different perspectives. In general, it should be noted that the stock market naturally offers a lot of opportunities and risks. If you invest money here, you should only do so with money that you do not need elsewhere. The fact is that the money must be properly invested and diversified. Anyone who is enthusiastic about stocks and securities should know that investments can definitely be made in different sectors.

In the segment of new technologies and IT, theGoogle share performed very well. There are now several Google stocks that are definitely a lot of fun and where a lot is happening. Google's A share is the classic, including voting rights. Those who opt for C shares can trade them without voting rights.

TheGoogle stock is definitely one of the most interesting and important stocks worldwide. The value is approaching the mark of 2,000 euros per share. Anyone who has looked at the price per share in 2020 will see that it was still quoted at 1,000 to 1,200 euros. In the coming years, sales at Google are likely to continue to rise. This is also due to the fact that Google is definitely one of the companies that are well positioned and that are particularly leaders in the field of advertising and online activities from a global perspective. Google could at some point carry out a stock split if the prices per share become too expensive or if they continue to rise.

A stock split usually results in theprice per share becoming significantly cheaper. This means that small investors are again able to acquire shares in the construct. Looking ahead over several years, it's definitely possible that further growth can be expected at Google. As a result, the individual share could march back towards 2,000 euros. Unfortunately, Google does not pay dividends to its shareholders. This means that although high returns are possible, the shares in Google have to be sold again. So far, however, it looks like further price increases.

When and whether it makes sense to sell the Google shares will depend on how the entire industry develops. The fact of the matter is that Google stocks have definitely delivered higher returns over the past few years than some dividend stocks have. Every trader has to decide for himself whether and when it is worth buying again from Google.

If you want to invest in a completely different industry, you can opt forRetail. Here in Russia there is the company X5 Retail, which promises its shareholders high dividends in the coming years. The fact is that X5 Retail owns the particularly large retail stores in Russia and can therefore generate a correspondingly high cash flow. The X5 Retail share is currently trading at around 25 to 26 euros and is therefore significantly cheaper than it was a few weeks ago.

TheX5 Retail share has developed positively and even after the EX dividend day, the price was able to pick up again quickly. In the coming months, the empire will try to significantly expand its position on the market. This suggests that more traders may decide to invest here and hope the value continues to improve.

The dividend is paid twice a year. It has risen sharply in recent years. Yields of around8 to 10% per year can currently be achieved with an investment in X5 Retail without much effort. Whether this return can be maintained over many years is currently still open. It must be borne in mind that the Russian market naturally entails one or the other risk. However, retail in Russia should definitely be stable, since groceries and other products are naturally in demand. The investment could therefore develop quite well.

TheSupermarkets in Russia are currently growing strongly. This means that the current big players in the markets will continue to be attractive in several years' time and that a lot can definitely happen. Anyone who invests in X5 should continue to receive attractive dividends in the coming years. The selection of titles in this segment is quite extensive and could continue to grow in the future. X5 is definitely one of the market leaders in retail and retail and is also doing more and more online.

In addition to X5 Retail, Magnit is another major retail player in Russia. The stock seems to have run a little hot here. It is not easy to say whether and how large the price growth or the potential is. In January and also in Junethe Magnit share EX dividend. This suggests that the dividend will be paid in the clearing account shortly afterwards. The return that can currently be achieved with the investment is around 6 to 8% and depends on how the price develops in general. Magnit is one of the companies that definitely have potential.

Why does eToro offer transparency and advantages over other brokers?

The broker eToro offers ahigh level of transparency and in each Case the option to design very good facilities. Above all, the copy function for the individual systems is impressive. This means that with eToro there is the possibility that in any case a lot of strategy can be copied and adopted by other traders. The copy function is outstanding in any case and offers a lot of possibilities.

Complete trading strategists from other brokers can be adopted with just a few clicks of a button. Of course, this means that successful traders and their portfolios can be viewed. With just a few clicks, the entire strategy can be adopted and approved. Of course, the traders also enterhigh risk one that is not to be scoffed at.

The provider eToro is regulated by theCySEC on Malta and is definitely a reputable provider. This means that you can trade here without hesitation.

The user service at eToro can be perceived via a dedicated pin board. If you have any questions about the offer, you can ask them here. In addition, there is also a live chat or customer service that is readily available. The fact is thateToro is definitely well positioned and definitely offers a lot of advantages. In the long term it is conceivable that the broker will continue to grow.

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