European poker players take part in WSOP

For a long time it was questionable whether the WSOP takes place live at all this year. This was due to the corona pandemic, which would most likely not be over until the start of the WSOP. After the good news was published that the WSOP, like in previous years - with the exception of 2020 - will take place live in the usual casino resort in Las Vegas, there was renewed concern about the participants. Due to the corona measures, experts expected a very small number of participants. But now it is clear from which countries poker professionals can participate. As always, there will be plenty of poker pros to watch.

Zwei Männer halten Pokerkarten in der Hand. Bei einem Mann sind die Karten sichtbar.

Due to the lifting of the entry ban, European poker players can now also take part in the WSOP.(©Skitterphoto/Pixabay)

European participants allowed

Until now it was always said, that European players will not be able to participate in the WSOP this year. After all,Due to Corona, there was an entry ban for those who have their regular headquarters in Europe or who stayed in Europe within a certain period of time before entering Europe. Thus, only American professionals could have participated this year. Now, however, the entry ban was lifted on the firstNovember. Not only the participants are happy about this, but also the fans of the WSOP. The more players participate, the more exciting the tournament will be. This also applies when representatives of many nations are present.

However, not all poker players may be happy about it. Both entry and participation in the WSOP are subject to certain conditions. Onlyfully vaccinated people are allowed to enter the USA and must also present a negative corona test. However, this requirement for entry shouldn't be that bad, since there are also certain requirements for participating in the WSOP.

Only vaccinated persons are allowed to participate in the WSOP

The WSOP will be held entirely on site this year. This was only achieved through a new rule:Only vaccinated persons are allowed to participate in the WSOP. The organizer wants to ensure that the virus is not passed on during the poker tournament. However, it should still be noted that vaccinated people can also carry the virus and pass it on. Nevertheless, the organizer focuses on safety and requires proof of vaccination with every registration. It is therefore not possible to be vaccinated after registration.

However, a negative corona test is not required. However, one regulation remains in place, but it comes from the state of Nevada: Despite vaccinated participants,everyone must wear a mask. That could spoil the world-famous poker tournament a bit. On the other hand, the mask is already an absolute normality for many. However, the compulsory vaccination did not lead to joy for all participants. There were even already registered poker pros who only unsubscribedbecause of compulsory vaccination. The majority, however, accept this rule and are looking forward to the start of the WSOP on September 30, 2021.

WSOP model for further poker tournaments

The USA is currently in the fever of poker tournaments. The WSOP is of course often taken as a model and leads to other small tournaments taking place. And as you might expect, these tournaments will take place almost at the same time as the WSOP. One has already been publicized: ASalute to Warriors charity tournament. Who is the beneficiary of this tournament? The veterans who are now suffering, either mentally or physically, because of their service in the war.

InLas Vegas, however, there will be more tournaments and events related to the WSOP. So all poker fans are in for a very exciting time. However, only for those who have had full vaccination protection by then. Indeed, for those who have not yet had their first vaccination, it could be a scarce one.

European participants later

Since the WSOP is scheduled to start on September 30th and the entry ban was not lifted until November 1st, European poker playerscannot start from the start to be there. This raises the question of whether many players will then completely forego participation. After all, the qualifying tournaments for the main event, which takes place on November 17th, begin on November 4th. Before that, however, the participants who are allowed to take part in the qualifying round must be determined. How European players are supposed to qualify without immigration is a good question.

European players are slightly disadvantaged from another point of view: All players fromNevada and New Jersey can play at anyone Sunday Participate in a special online tournament. This runs on the WSOP.com platform and all participants have the chance to win gold bracelets. There will also be a twenty-five seat scramble event on October 31st and November 2nd. Both tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000 each. Poker players from Europe cannot participate in the first tournament, as the entry ban is in place at this time. Those who are already vaccinated or who will complete their second vaccination in the next few weeks have a good chance of being there at least on November 2nd.

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