Evobet loses license from Malta

Admittedly, it rarely happens that a gambling provider loses his license. Revoking a license is just as possible as granting it. Nevertheless, it is a rare situation that now affects the sports betting provider Evobet. The MGA revoked the license for this company. There are negative consequences associated with this withdrawal.

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The Maltese regulator has withdrawn Evobet's license and must pay out the funds to customers. Detailed reasons were not given.(©Pexels/Pixabay)

License was already revoked in mid-July

Only now announced that the license had already been revoked in mid-July.Three Evobet online portals are affected by this: bet11.com, sports.bet11.com and m.bet11. But what does that mean in detail for Evobet? What consequences does the sports betting provider have to deal with?

The consequences can be explained quickly and easily: Evobet is no longer allowed to offer games or sports bets via the portals mentioned abovekeine Spiele oder Sportwetten mehr anbieten. Furthermore, it is no longer allowed to accept new players and is also not allowed to accept deposits from existing customers. It is therefore no longer possible to place bets via Evobet. Instead, the sports betting provider must pay out all available credit to the customers. Another consequence is paying the outstanding license fees.

However, the company had sufficient time to adjust to the consequences. Finally, prior to the revocation of a license,a suspension must always occur. This therefore represents a warning. If the allegations mentioned in the suspension are not remedied, the license will be revoked. In the case of Evobet, it was not announced whether a suspension took place. In severe cases it is possible that both are pronounced at the same time.

What are the allegations against Evobet?

Detailed information about theallegations that have been made against Evobet are not published been. It just says that the companybroke Rule 9. In this regard, the MGA announced:

  • The company would have failed to comply with one or more applicable obligations related to the regulatory instruments. It is also possible that other laws in force in Malta have not been complied with.
  • The company would not have paid all of the due dues to the MGA on time.

The obligations that Evobet failed to meet were not explained in detail. Thus, no customer knows if the company violated player safety or if the regulations regarding money laundering were not complied with.Both can be a reason for the MGA to revoke the license of a gambling provider. Another reason for license revocation may be permission to allow unauthorized individuals or entities to gamble.

It is understandable that such aviolation leads to a license being revoked. After all, such violations could jeopardize player safety. However, why late payment of the license fee leads to the withdrawal of the license cannot be understood directly.

May Evobet operate in other countries

The Maltese license only referred to Malta. This means that Evobet is allowed to operate in other countries. However, this only works if Evobet has its own license for these countries. Currently, the sports betting providerfrom Curacao holds a license. This means that the Evobet offer can still be used in some countries.

Regarding Europe, however, most gambling operators have a license from Malta. The gambling groupsEuropean license when they offered their services in Europe. The European freedom to provide services was mentioned as the main argument. Only experts know whether the offer can continue to be maintained in Europe without a Maltese license. However, an exception would be a license from the relevant country. The extent to which the withdrawal of the license will affect other licenses cannot be estimated. It is conceivable that the countries will follow the Maltese decision. referred to this

There is another reason why Evobet might find it difficult to obtain a license for other countries. The company had been sending promotional emails during theCorona Pandemic encouraging players to place bets online. Not only the MGA was dissatisfied with such actions, but also other regulatory bodies. As a result, the gambling operators concerned were banned from maintaining such advertising.

Evobet is also represented in Kenya

Evobet maintains an online casino, which is also offered in Kenya. The casino is offered in Canadian and not only offers the opportunity to place sports bets. It offers aextensive range of slots. There is also a live area and the chance to place bets on ESPORTS. Interestingly, Evobet works with many well-known game publishers: NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Red Tiger and many more. Usually the cooperation with these manufacturers testifies that it is a reputable online casino.

Evobet wassince 2018 and is based in Curacao. To what extent the withdrawal of the Maltese license will affect the offer in Kenya will only be revealed in the near future. So far, the online casino seems to be still accessible for Canadian players. This doesn't just happen through a browser. Evobet also provides an app, making it quick and easy to use throughout the day.

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