Evolution Gaming wants to expand the casino market in South Africa

The game manufacturer Evolution Gaming is under known to all casino fans. This group has already developed some popular casino games, including popular table game variants for the live casino area. It is therefore not surprising that this company has been active worldwide for a long time. Now it would like to advance the market in South Africa with a special cooperation. In view of the State Treaty on Gambling that is in force there, this idea would not be particularly easy if two professional companies were not working together.

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Evolution Gaming is increasingly working together with Turfsport in order to be able to appear more strongly in South Africa.(©AidanHowe/Pixabay)

Evolution Gaming partners with Turfsport

There are good ones Reasons why Evolution Gaming chose to work with Turfsport.This sports betting provider is the market leader in South Africa. Thus it will now be possible for Evolution Gaming to offer its own games in the field of betting in South Africa.

In truth, however, it is not the company Evolution Gaming that started a cooperation with Turfsport.The subsidiary Ezugi, which is already represented on the African market, is connected in between.

Turfsport has been operating for more than 35 years and has sufficient experience. Part of this experience is introducing new companies to the gambling scene in Africa. With Evolution Gaming being no stranger to the game, Turfsport are delighted to be able to give this group a new lease of life in South Africa. In their own words, Turfsport is happy about the mix of online casino games and betting opportunities.It would now be possible to offer both divisions from a single source.

Last but not least, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi hope that players in South Africa will take advantage of the variety on offer.

Strict Gambling Regulations in Africa

If one looks at the laws that exist in Africa regarding gambling, it sounds illogical that Evolution Gaming would venture into this area .So far, gambling in Africa has been very strictly regulated. Only online casinos that have a valid license are allowed there. This is also absolutely true.

The governmentis also taking strict action against those gambling operators who do not have a license. This is primarily due to the lack of player protection. A similar situation also prevails in Kenya, which is why this approach is not surprising.

Evolution Gaming may now try to carve out a place in South Africa. After all, it is a very well-known company that is also serious. Those who offer games from this house are often also seen as serious.It is conceivable that Evolution Gaming would like to promote online casinos in South Africa. However, this company also serves on-site casinos. Everyone could benefit from a close cooperation between Turfsport and Evolution Gaming - including online casinos that offer games from both companies.

Apart from this, it has been noticed that on-site casinos generate less revenue recently.According to the Casino Association of South Africa, this is because many players switch to online casinos. These are increasingly illegal providers without a license.

This is one of thereasons why gambling should be legalized in South Africa in the future. Many unemployed people who currently have no permanent job would benefit from this: New casinos require a large number of employees. From this point of view, it seems no wonder that Evolution Gaming reacted in time and thus secured a place.

Interesting details about Turfsport

Turfsport does not only offer sports betting. In addition, this company does not act alone, several companies are affiliated here. Thanks to this, casino games are also offered, which are very popular. These includeMega Ball, Crazy Time and various variants of live casino games. A cooperation between Turfsport and Evolution Gaming would thus increase the portfolio of many casinos and attract more customers. For this, however, as mentioned above, gambling would first have to be legalized in South Africa.

However, it is also conceivable that many providers of online casinos will decide to work with Turfsport in the future. As soon as this company partners with a global corporation like Evolution Gaming, its reputation could increase. Consequently,several online casinos could access the software offered by Turfsport. Sports bets can be placed using this software.

This software also includes some options thanks to which online casinos can retain their customers. The features of horse racing and live games are particularly popular:Horse racing is very popular in South Africa and should therefore not be missing from an online casino operating there. The live games, on the other hand, also integrate live lottery and third-party providers. Evolution could also benefit from this offer and incorporate it into its own offer.

The more extensive the range of online casinos runs, the more new customers will register and the number of regular customers will increase. For this reason, both companies benefit from close cooperation. After all,Evolution Gaming's customer base includes more than 300 online casinos, which are looked after by more than 8,000 employees. So far, the focus has been on Europe and North America. This also seems to be a reason why the offer is being pushed in South Africa – this continent is still missing and could increase sales in the future.

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