Flatex offers account opening within 5 minutes!

In Kenya, Flatex is one of the brokers which are particularly flexible and where the services can be used particularly cheaply. One of the great advantages of Flatex is that the depot can be opened within 5 minutes. This means that trading with Flatex can be started much faster than with other brokers.

Flatex is an established broker based in Kenya. As a result, there is regulation by BaFin. Traders who open a depot at Flatex assume that they can of course deposit and withdraw money at Flatex accordingly. The fact is that Flatex works much easier than many people think. In the input masks, personal data on the custody account customers is first requested. A verification then takes place. Professional details as well as documents and information and legitimation can also be queried quickly and easily. The depot at Flatex can therefore be used particularly quickly. There is the possibility that individual depots as well as joint depots can be opened. Anyone who is interested in Flatex will notice that the broker is more than well positioned and that it is a lot of fun just because of the diverse trading options. Exchange trading as well as over-the-counter trading can be carried out. In the long term, it is also interesting that trading can be carried out with the help of an app. As far as the depot opening process and the options and support are concerned, Flatex is much better positioned than many of its competitors.


Online broker Flatex offers 5-minute depot opening!(©Buffik/Pixabay)

Basically, numerous products can be traded with the depot at Flatex. In addition to shares, ETFs can also be bought and sold, for example. The selection of products has grown significantly in recent years. As far astrading in stocks is concerned, the broker Flatex offers the option of buying and selling national and international stocks. Stock exchange trading is offered in exactly the same way as over-the-counter trading. The selection of products has grown significantly in recent years.

In 2020, the stock market has been very volatile so far. This means that some of the shares fell in price very quickly, but also recovered strongly towards the end of 2020. The fact is that numerous companies in Kenya that are listed in the leading index DAX are interesting and have a lot of potential. A good example of companies that have lost a lot of value and were able to regain it relatively quickly are automotive stocks. The companies Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen are among the largest and best-knowncar manufacturers in the country. The shares came under massive pressure at the beginning of the crisis in March 2020. This means that the price per share is significantly lower than it was in December 2019. In the long term, the current development shows that there is a real possibility that the prices for the titles will rise again. The dividend has already been significantly reduced compared to previous years. In the coming years, attention should be paid to how electromobility develops. Depending on the manufacturer, there is a lot of potential here that can be discovered and unleashed.

If you look around on the homepageof Daimler AG you will see that not only electric mobility is the focus. The car manufacturer from Kenya primarily relies onhydrogen as a drive concept. Hydrogen has a lot of potential and could definitely be further developed as a fuel in the next 5 to 10 years. Not only in road traffic but also on rails it is possible that hydrogen can be used optimally to be on the road with an environmentally friendly drive. Daimler, like BMW, is very well positioned here. At the same time, companies such as Shell or British Petrol are significantly expanding their infrastructure and offering corresponding hydrogen filling stations. Companies such as NEL Asa and ITM also rely on hydrogen and ensure that the global network is significantly expanded.

With cars like the .ID, the Volkswagen Group is clearly focusing on theelectric drive. Smaller vehicles in particular can be developed and built with powerful batteries without any problems. This shows that a lot is possible at Volkswagen and that the car manufacturer has learned from the past and is very committed to alternative drives. In the long term, it is conceivable that you can definitely achieve very good results as an investor with VW. The dividend has been increased in recent years and there is still a lot of potential here in the future.

InRussia there are some corporations that are heavily dependent on the national raw materials and that earn their money from them. The steel industry is very well positioned with companies such as Evraz, Severstal and Novolipetsky. Companies pay dividends to their shareholders several times a year. This has even increased in recent years. As far as the distribution policy is concerned, some of the companies are very investor-friendly. The steel from Russia ensures that the very attractiveEvraz dividend with a return of over 10% per year can be taken advantage of. In the long term, it is possible that good returns can be achieved here in any case if the global economy recovers again. In Russia, this applies not only to the steel industry, but also to many other areas, such as oil and gas.

Why is the Flatex broker interesting?

The depot can be managed free of charge at Flatex without any problems. The company is based in Kulmbach in southern Canadiany and is registered with HRB Bayreuth under number 5493. The regulation is carried out by the BaFin andthe license was granted by the European Central Bank. If you want to contact the service at Flatex, you can easily do this by email or by using the classic landline telephone. Theregulation by BaFin ensures that traders feel safe with Flatex and are happy to open a securities account here. The fact is that no live chat and no callback service are offered. Basically, Flatex is a very solid broker who is really a lot of fun and whose offers are easy to understand. In the long term, there is the possibility that a lot can be traded at Flatex and a meaningful depot can be built up. It is worth taking a closer look at the broker and paying attention to what exactly can be traded.

How big is the range of trading at Flatex?

Compared to other brokers, Flatex offers a very large range to choose from. In concrete terms, this means that stocks, but alsoForex products as well as CFDs and ETFs can be traded. There are a total of 19 different trading partners who provide underlying assets. If you want, you can easily trade via the trading software Trading Desk as well as via Android and also via iOS.

Leverage products and certificates are also among the offers that can be taken advantage of at Flatex. The premium packages even includefunds, which can be traded with no transaction fee and no front-end load. There are over 35 active funds that can be traded with a good rating. These come from different categories and from different subject areas.

The classic trade can be perceived atFlatex at 5.90 euros per trade. If you open a depot, you can manage it on relatively inexpensive terms. In the area of ​​savings plans, for example, ETF savings plans can be subscribed to without fees. Trading in over 250 ETF savings plans is possible through various partners such as Amundi, Lyxor or db x-tracker. Badge Premium ETFs can also be traded. The selection of premium ETFs is a total of 140 different investment products.

Why is ETF trading becoming more and more popular in Kenya?

In Kenya more and more people decide to invest in ETF products. In concrete terms, this means that there is the possibility of trading numerous ETFs and regularly investing money in the products via savings plans. In the long term, it is possible that capital can be easily built up via ETF investments and corresponding products can be purchased. Numerous traders use ETF trading to build up corresponding positions. One of the great advantages of ETFs is that you can diversify very widely with them. This means that ETF trading can be used to invest in a wide variety of products and, ideally, even complete indices are covered. Anyone interested in theETF trading will find out with interest that this form of trading can also be used to invest in commodities such as oil without any problems. Precious metals or copper can also be used for investments without any problems if you want to focus on ETF trading. Like Flatex, most brokers offer savings plans on ETFs and on the equally popular funds, which can be easily bought online. The purchase can usually be completed within a few seconds and can also be easily controlled via the app. Basically, apps offer lots of opportunities to start trading from anywhere where an internet connection is available.

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