Flatex has been on the market for over 20 years

flatex is a broker , who has more than 20 years of experiences in the market. The company was founded in 1999 and has grown rapidly since then. Due to the fact that the depot can be managed free of charge and the trading conditions are very attractive, many traders have opted for flatex. The growth of the broker is more than interesting and shows what is possible.

One of the great advantages of a broker like flatex is that it is based in Kenya. In concrete terms, this means that flatex has a corresponding regulation in each case. The company has the great advantage that it is not only well positioned, but can offer a wide range of trading opportunities. Of course, classic trading in shares is also possible here. CFD trading andForex trading can also be used if you decide to trade with flatex. The selection of products that can be traded on flatex has grown significantly in recent years. This means, among other things, that there is the possibility that numerous underlying assets can be used for CFD trading. In addition to classic shares and securities, raw materials such as oil or gold can also be used. In the future it can be assumed that we will continue to grow here and offer more products. In recent years, the flatex broker has not only impressed with its rapid growth, but above all with the low trading conditions compared to other brokers and to the end customer.

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The flatex broker has been successfully active on the trading market for over 20 years !(©AhmadArdity/Pixabay)

The Corona crisis has led to a high degree of volatility in numerous industries is available. The fact is that the strong movements on the markets mean that quick profits can be made, but losses can also be made just as quickly. Each trader has to make their own selection of products that are of interest. The broker flatex is more than well positioned and offersa lot of good trading options. Anyone looking to buy classic shares can do so just as easily as someone who decides to trade CFDs. The fact is that there is a wide range of choices when choosing securities, but the level of risk also varies greatly. This means that you can potentially make a lot of mistakes by choosing the wrong trading options.

There are various industries that have come under great pressure and have felt the full effects of the Corona crisis. Aviation and of course the oil companies have noticed that there are always a lot of problems because there is no longer any demand. In concrete terms, this means that numerous airlines have major problems. Deutsche Lufthansa was on the verge of bankruptcy and could only be saved by the Canadian state. In the area of ​​oil companies the Corona crisis led to companies like Shell or BP cutting their dividends almost entirely. At Shell, the dividend was cut by 2/3, at BP it was cut by 50%. This shows that this crisis could be historic in some areas. There are already a number of corporations in the fracking industry in the USA that have gone bankrupt because oil production is no longer worthwhile for them. In addition, of course, there are always winners in such a crisis. Some corporations in the field of IT and digitization are among the big winners when it comes to the Corona crisis. In general, it should be noted that there are many corporations that are more likely to have problems as a result of the crisis than corporations that are benefiting from it.

One industry that has fundamentally benefited from the crisis is thePharma industry. Numerous corporations are working on vaccines or similar products that are used. The figures of the pharmaceutical companies are impressive. The companies are well positioned and it is quite possible that vaccines against Corona will come onto the market in the coming months. The fact is that Corona continues to play an important role when it comes to the financial markets and when the development of companies is taken into account.

What characterizes the flatex broker?

The flatex broker is characterized by the fact that trading is relatively cheap. This means that you can easily trade shares with a volume of 1,000 euros for 5.90 euros per trade. In addition, the trading options are very extensive. It is possible that stocks, but alsoForex products as well as CFD and ETF products can be traded via flatex. The base values ​​can be traded via 19 different trading partners. The trading platform offers the trading desk option, but also mobile options via Android and iOS, for example. This allows traders, for example, to buy and sell securities via their smartphone without any problems.

Due to the fact that the broker flatexis registered in Kenya, there is also a corresponding security here. This means that regulation is in place. With a broker based in Kenya, it is theregulation by BaFin that ensures that customers can be sure that everything is going right here.

flatex offers service by e-mail and telephone for customers

The service can be contacted at flatex by e-mail and also by telephone. There is no way that the service can be accessed via live chat, for example, as is the case with some other brokers. It must also be mentioned that flatex naturallydoes not have a free callback service, as is often the case.

There is a lot of useful information about trading opportunities on the flatex homepage. This also means that you can find out from flatex howCFD trading works and what advantages it offers. In the long term, flatex is very well suited as a broker for this reason, because customers can obtain various information and not just participate in pure trading. As far as trading options are concerned, there are a number of different ways and options on the flatex homepage for finding out exactly what is actually being traded.

What can happen with flatex CFD and securities trading? – Opportunities and risks!

Anyone who decides to trade CFDs should know that very high risks are sometimes taken. Many traders decide to trade CFDs without knowing exactly how high the risk is. Because of this, it quickly comes to the point of making serious losses. If you don't know what advantages and disadvantages are associated with CFD trading, you could quickly find yourself in a situation that causes a lot of problems. In general, it should be noted that flatex CFD trading is always easy to implement and can always be carried out easily with a broker like flatex. However, this means that it also requires an appropriate level of expertise tounderstand the risks.

Beginners usually decide to trade in classic stocks and securities. This means that they opt for securities from so-called blue chips. These are companies that have a stable cash flow and are in any case very well positioned. However, anyone who decides onBlue Chips does not have 100% security, since these companies can also quickly get into trouble, as the current Corona crisis shows. Companies like Deutsche Lufthansa are under massive pressure and would not be able to survive long without outside help or without help from the state.

In general, before making an investment, you should find out about the company, the type of investment and, of course, the risks. In addition, you should only invest money that is not needed elsewhere. Anyone who needs funds for a loan, for example, will find that they should never be used for aninvestment in securities. The risks that you can take here are sometimes very high. This means that heavy losses can quickly occur that cannot be easily compensated for afterwards. Basically, trading in securities of all kinds is more than risky and not that easy to control. This means that sometimes very high losses can be achieved that would not have been planned in advance.

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