Flutter increases security, especially when it comes to youth protection

Great Britain is one of the countries that is particularly strict operates in the field of gambling. For this reason, the government already promised two years ago to revise the gambling law. First and foremost, it was about one point that is important to all countries: player safety. Despite the promise of the overhaul, Flutter is already reacting and making changes to player protection.

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Although the UK wants to increase player security over the next year, Flutter has already decided to take action of its own.(©Tasos_Lekkas/Pixabay)

Flutter focuses on players under the age of 25

TheProtection of minors has always been a particular concern, both in government circles and among gambling operators. For this reason, no players under the age of 18 are allowed to open their own account at online casinos. Flutter Entertainment takes this one step further and sets the age limit for the protection of minors at 25 years. However, this does not mean that players under the age of 25 do not have access to the online offers.

In fact, Flutter will introduce a change from 2022: All customers under the age of 25 maypay in only GBP 500 per month. This is because, according to Flutter, this group of people is particularly at risk of developing a gambling addiction. The gambling provider developed this idea independently of the change in the gambling law in Great Britain. Flutter has acted similarly in relation to gambling in Ireland. The gambling group has also decided to make some changes for this country:

For example,credit cards may no longer be used, both in online casinos as well at local venues. In addition, significant changes are planned with regard to gambling advertising broadcast on TV. Furthermore, the gambling providers in Ireland must spend one percent of the net gaming turnover on gambling addiction prevention. This spending is collected centrally and used for research, education and treatment of gambling addiction.

Flutter Proud of Three Tier Control System

Flutter Entertainment has always taken player security very seriously. That's why this company introduced its ownthree-stage control system some time ago. The final stage is for the gambling operator to contact the player if there is a risk of gambling addiction. But before that, the customer must open their own account and identify their identity. Theneach player has to set their own limit. Does this really make sense or would it be better if there was a legal limit?

No general answer can be given to this. Of course, the player cannot be self-critical enough and therefore set a limit that is too high. In such a case, a legally defined limit might make more sense. On the other hand, there are also many honest players who set a lower limit. But none of this would be of any use if compliance with the limit is not monitored. That's why Flutter's three-stage control system includes software thatchecks compliance with the limit.

Backstop is the notation Flutter Entertainment has chosen. This backstop is intended to prevent a player's losses from escalating. However, the backstop is only activated if the control software mentioned above does not result in a message.

Flutter also sees reasons in the corona pandemic

According to a statement by Flutter, there is a good reason why the company is not waiting for the British government to revise the current gambling law : It's once againthe Corona Pandemic to blame. The last year would have clearly shown that gaming behavior has changed. Due to the lockdowns, gambling fans had to switch to online casinos. At the same time, problematic gaming behavior would have been identified, including among younger adults.

Because of these findings, it was important for Flutter totake measures now to increase security. That's why the company isn't waiting for the law to be revised. One reason could also be that Flutter does not trust that the law will really be revised in the next year. After all, the revision has been promised for two years and has been postponed again and again.

In addition to past experience, Flutter Entertainment also looks to the future and fears a continuation of past behavior. If this really happens, it definitely seems to be important to increasesecurity for the players already now.

Britain sets high standards for gambling law

At the beginning of December a conference was held inGreat Britain, organized by the British Gamblers' Protection Organisation GambleAware has been fixed. The new Minister for Technology and Digital Economy, who is also responsible for online gambling, also had a chance at this conference. With his speech, he made it clear that Great Britain wants to develop the highest level of security in the field of online gambling. The country has set itself a very high goal.

Compared to other countries, the UK doesn't just want to bet on gambling operators being prosecuted if they don't comply with the regulations. Instead, the minister holds theoperators of online casinos responsible that a gambling addiction cannot develop in the first place. Thus, the responsibility is shifted completely to the online providers. They would have to monitor the activities of the customers and intervene if necessary.

At the same time, Philip admitted that the regulator UKGC should become even more active. So far, this authority has generally pronounced high penalties. It should stay that way. In addition, however, the gambling providers should be obliged toprovide data for an analysis. Last but not least, credit institutions should also have to pass on information. With such an overall package, it should be possible in the future to prevent gambling addiction from the start.

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