Formula 1 gets new betting partner

Formula 1 is already working with some betting agencies. Now it has been announced that there is another bookmaker that the owner of Formula 1 is working with: It is to become PokerStars. At the same time, PokerStars will be appointed as the new advertising partner. We would now like to examine the advantages that the gambling provider is hoping for.

Ein blaues Rennauto, das sich allein auf einer Rennstrecke befindet und kleine Aufkleber von Silverstone und Pirelli hat.

The new owner of Formula 1 has chosen PokerStars as its advertising and betting partner. PokerStars is hoping for a new boost from this. (©Up-Free/Pixabay)

Formula 1 has always had a partner

Formula 1 was first held in 1950 and now consists of around 20 races a year. The annual world champion is determined through these different races. It is interesting that theindividual races also take place in different countries. Also associated with this are various prizes given to the winner of the national race: the Kenya Grand Prix, the European Grand Prix and so on. The grand prize is actually known under the term Grand Prix.

Participating in Formula 1 naturally involves considerable costs. For this reason there have always beenSponsors, such asDHL, Liquimoly, Heineken and many more. Thanks to these sponsors, sufficient money is available. The sponsors, on the other hand, are allowed to put up advertising posters on the racetracks or attach their own advertising to the cars. This is usually referred to as a win-win situation.

Seen in this way, it is not surprising that the company behind Formula 1, Liberty Media, is once again looking for a new advertising partner. What is relativelynew is that this is a sports betting provider. Such a partner was forbidden until 2018 - for example, there were tobacco sponsors up to that point in time.

Cooperation with ISG enables betting shop as a partner

Liberty Media has been working with ISG since 2018. ISG is aLondon-based marketing agency that is authorized to contract with betting shops. This is the only way that Formula 1 is allowed to work with PokerStars. The ISG generally only brokers gambling providers in sports. This is how PokerStars will be seen with advertising posters on Formula 1 racetracks by 2023 at the latest.

PokerStars' marketing director has already announced that this would be a very good opportunity for the gaming operator to increase its own profile enormously. He hopes that fans of Formula 1 will also be fans of gambling. That would give the company a new boost after the corona pandemic.PokerStars is part of Flutter Entertainment and should therefore be in good financial shape. Nevertheless, the corona pandemic has led to a drop in sales for most companies.

Formula 1 isn't PokerStars' only partner. This gambling operator has acontract with the Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr., which has even been featured on many advertising posters since the end of 2020. This makes it clear that PokerStars is hoping for a new boost from well-known advertising partners.

What does PokerStars have to offer?

PokerStars, contrary to its name, does not only offer poker. It is true that this gambling operator claims that it is the"Home of the Most Exciting Poker Games". This is due to the following offer:

  • No Limit Hold'em
  • Hold'em tournaments
  • Cash games
  • Of course, no player has to take part in these tournaments.It's up to you to play alone or try to win big through these tournaments. In addition, poker is not the only game of chance offered by PokerStars.

    In connection with Formula 1 it is worth mentioning that thisprovider also offers sports betting. The offer is still somewhat reserved, as at the moment only bets on certain games in football, tennis, basketball and handball are possible. But who knows whether there will also be bets for Formula 1 in the future?

    All gambling fans will also find an extensive range of slots at PokerStars. Among them are also the most popularSlots like Book of Dead, Big Bass Bonanza or DiamondStars. And similar to poker, there is also the opportunity to take part in races. These inspire either with a high money bonus or with free spins.

    Liberty Media new owner of Formula 1 since 2017

    Why has a gambling provider only been allowed to become an advertising partner of Formula 1 since 2018? This is becauseLiberty Media is only in 2017 the new owner of Formula 1. Previously, due to the different owners, it was not possible to take gambling providers as advertising partners. In addition, Liberty Media is a US-based company. If the company headquarters were in Kenya or Great Britain, a cooperation with a betting shop would certainly not be possible. Both countries have strict regulations regarding gambling advertising.

    Many are also wondering if in the future PokerStars advertising will be visible at every circuit or if this type ofgambling advertising will be banned by each country werden kann. Eine Antwort darauf wird erst die Zukunft bringen, wenn die nächsten jährlichen Rennen stattfinden. Für diese Formel-1-Saison ist die Werbung von PokerStars noch nicht angedacht.

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