Five-Step Plan by Flutter Released

Governments usually worry about the safety of gambling fans and are therefore developing a safe gambling law. Laws are periodically revised to address new situations and improve player safety. However, there are also gambling companies that are developing their own protective measures. The best example is Flutter Entertainment, which presents its five-step plan.

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Flutter Entertainment wants to use its five-step plan to prevent gambling addiction and, if necessary, to fight it together with the player.(©kalhh/Pixabay)

Flutter increases security for all players

Flutter Entertainment presented itself often seen as a pioneer in player safety. Most gambling providers offer numerous ideas on how players can protect themselves. However, this presupposes that the players recognize their problem and want to solve it. If this is not the case, the best options from the gambling providers are of no use. That's why Fluttercreated a five-step plan that not only starts with the player but also with the industry itself.

ASummary of the five-step plan reads as follows:

Discover: This step is intended to provide understanding of the entire gambling industry be developed for gambling damages.

Explain: After discovering possible damage, the clarification of this damage comes. This is where the second stage starts with both the providers and the players.

Empower: The third stage already addresses the players. They should get to know the various options with which they can prevent gambling addiction or combat an existing gambling addiction.

Understand: Gambling providers should recognize players who have either already developed a gambling addiction or who are at least conspicuous through dangerous behavior.

Support: Now it's up to the gambling providers to get in touch with gambling addicts and present them with various measures.

Five-Step Plan applies to Ireland and Great Britain

TheFive-Step Plan presented was not implemented in a short time developed. Rather, it was along-term process in which many experts were involved. In addition, Flutter worked with its customers to develop various security measures. These include not only setting a personal bet limit. Rather, players can lock themselves or take a little break.

These examples are options offered by most gambling companies. Therefore, these are not special. Of course, Flutter Entertainment also stands out from other gambling providers in this area and offers special ideas. In particular,personal advice should offer further security measures. However, Flutter did not reveal anything about these in the public announcement of the five-step plan. However, the company has promised to release more information in the near future.

Thus, at least for the moment, it remains exciting to see what other ideas Flutter Entertainment has developed. These may have been adapted to the gambling law still in force in Great Britain. This should be revised in the next few months to offer players more security. However, Flutter didn't want to wait that long, which is why it developed the five-step plan for its own offerings. At the same time, Fluttermeasures for younger players.

Players under the age of 25 receive a betting limit

Young adults are considered particularly vulnerable by many governments and gaming corporations. Due to their first professional experience, many people are overwhelmed to deal carefully with their first salary. To protect this special group of people, Flutter usesPlayers up to the age of 25 set a monthly betting limit. This is 500 GBP and will be activated this month. This procedure is similar to the regulation in Kenya. However, as an alternative, players can switch tonumerous online casinos without a monthly deposit limit.

Of course, the new five-step plan also applies to players under the age of 25 years. Despite a betting limit, players can develop a gambling addiction, which is why personal help is also provided in this case. However, Flutter Entertainment has stated that it is not only important to get help with a gambling addiction that has already developed. Rather,Flutter would like to start much earlier and with the first two stages prevent gambling damage from occurring at all. Precisely for this reason, the graduated plan was not developed internally. Rather, as already mentioned, experts took part in the development.

Flutter has, however, also worked with other gambling companies and incorporated their experiences into the phased plan. Last but not least,various customer situations were analyzed. The plan could only be developed on the basis of the many different experiences and knowledge. However, it will not stop there, because the well-known gaming group has announced that it will develop further measures in the future.

Great Britain would like to increase player protection by law

The current gambling law for Great Britain is to be revised this year. The Britishgovernment also wants to increase player protection. However, Flutter did not want to wait for it, but wanted to take action himself. Furthermore, Flutter's phased plan does not only start when a gambling addiction has already developed. Rather, the entire gambling industry should prevent damage from the outset. Prevention instead of cure is the motto.

Furthermore, the five-step plan developed by Flutter is aimed at all players, while theUK government tries to protect problem gamblers. Although this seems sensible, completely preventing gambling addiction also seems sensible. It is therefore quite possible that both complement each other: Flutter's security measures and the new gambling law. However, there is still a difference: Flutter also offers its security measures in Ireland, while UK gambling law only protects problem gamblers in the UK.

Ireland also revised Gambling Act

In Ireland there is currently the Gambling Act, which was created in 1956. At that time there were no online casinos, which is why the Irish government sees a need to revise the current law. Finally, online casinos and online bookmakers are also used in Ireland. There are already some plans to increase player protection in this area. SoFree bets should be completely banned. Bonuses should also be severely restricted. In addition, gambling advertising is restricted in order to also address the issue of prevention.

Apart from this, it should be more difficult for the gambling operators to upgrade players to VIP players. Before this happens, an in-depth examination should precede it. The point is that playersno longer have an incentive to play more: VIP players get more bonuses and offers than regular players. Therefore, the aim is to prevent players from playing more just to get the offers.

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