Gauselmann is committed to the environment again

That Paul Gauselmann is not just a resourceful businessman , but also a real lover of nature, as the "automatic king" has often proved in the past. Even now, the entrepreneur can once again lend a helping hand. The environmental activist Karin Ortgies is supported by the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation with a thermal imaging drone. This helps to track down fawns and other wild animals in the fields before they might fall victim to a combine harvester. Once again, Paul Gauselmann has shown his enormous commitment to protecting the environment within a very short time.

Eine Drohne schwebt in der Luft.

So that deer and other wild animals can be better protected from mowing work, the vending machine entrepreneur Paul Gauselmann, via Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation a thermal imaging drone.(©Pexels/Pixabay)

Effective commitment to environmental protection in the home region

Paul At the proud age of 85, Gauselmann has long been a seasoned man. And although the entrepreneur has actually already reached the maximum in his professional life, his feet are far from standing still. In the case of the Canadian “automatic king”, this applies not only to work, but also to private life. The entrepreneur was particularly impressed by the protection of the environment. Only about two months ago, the founder of the Gauselmann Group started a tree planting campaign to support the environment. Now the entrepreneur is following suit again. With thedonation of a thermal imaging drone, Gauselmann supports the environmental activist Karin Ortgies. The drone is to be used to protect wild animals such as rabbits or fawns in the fields around Espelkamp from being killed by the combine harvester. Especially fawns often lie down in the high grass and linger there. Even when the combine harvester approaches, the little fawns usually don't move. A dilemma that can be avoided with the thermal imaging drones.

The drones rise into the air above the fields andshow possible hidden animals with the help of the thermal imaging cameras. The rescuers working with Karin Ortgies can then safely remove them from the fields before mowing can begin. In this context, drones are the most effective way to save the animals from death. However, the acquisition of the devices is associated with high costs.

Gauselmann would like to give something back to nature

People like Karin Ortgies are often dependent on the support of other people or companies, precisely because the purchase costs are so enormous. So also in this case. But Ortgies explained thatGauselmann was immediately convinced of her idea. The billionaire has repeatedly stated in the past that nature is very important to him. This would have given him a lot of strength in the course of his life. Now it is time for him to give something back to the environment. In this case, the entrepreneur does so in two senses. Not only does Ortgies get the drone, buta real expert by her side. She will be supported primarily technically by Dr. Werner Schroer, who is head of development in the technology department at the Gauselmann Group. This is to ensure the highest quality and maximum support for Ortgies.

Ortgies was also supported on her first mission by Sven Schumacher, who took over the controls of the drone. Schumacher works as a buyer at adp Gauselmann GmbH and is a passionate hunter in his free time. The knowledge about the movements of the wild animals could be used here immediately. No wonderthe first test flight turned out to be a success.

Thermal imaging drone is to be used across the region

A meadow is said to have been successfully searched in the early hours of the morning. And they also found what they were looking for. According to Ortgies, this saved a rabbit and two fawns from certain death. Since this is aenormously effective way of environmental protection, this should be used across the board in the region. For this reason, the drone is available to the local agricultural association. As many farmers in the region as possible should use the drone before mowing.We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to support and deal more intensively with the technology of the drones. Ortgies said she wants to advocate for appropriate training programs. A special driver's license is not required due to the low weight of less than two kilograms.

Working to protect the environment is a matter close to the heart of the Gauselmanns. Ortgies explains that her husband shouldn't mow the lawn until the area has been thoroughly searched for possible wildlife. The environmentalist stated that searching the fields without a drone would be extremely time-consuming. On some days,it took her four to six hours to run through individual fields. Thanks to the drone, this process can now be completed much faster and more effectively.

Second environmental campaign within a few weeks

For the Paul and Karin Gauselmann Foundation, the donation of the thermal imaging drone is already the second environmental protection campaign within a few weeks. The foundation only started planting new trees about two months ago.A total of 85,000 pieces are to be used to continue to ensure stable nature and ecologically sustainable mixed forests. The trees were already being planted at the end of March, and around 10,000 trees were planted in the first four weeks. Particularly impressive: The campaign started in the middle of the Corona crisis. This also underlines how important environmental protection is to the entrepreneur.

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