Test GKFX demo account with 100,000 euros trading credit

The trading market is still as it was in demand and in addition to classic shares, CFDs as well as funds and forex products play a decisive role. In the long term, one can assume that the markets will continue to rise. Of course, whether and which branches benefit particularly depends on the development in the Corona Pandemic.

Trading who do not yet have their own securities account can gain initial experience with a demo account. This means that you have the option to start trading completely free of any risk. In general, it is conceivable thatshares can be bought and sold digitally. With a demo account, a virtual balance is made available with which you can freely buy and sell. This means that shares can be traded digitally in this depot - but without losing real money.

The traders can thus gain an insight into the trading platform at GKFX. They also have the opportunity to recognizewhat risks are associated with trading in securities such as stocks. This means that losses and risks can be identified quickly. Complete trading can often be carried out online with just a few clicks, which not all traders understand at first glance. Before a lot of money is spent, initial experience should be gained with a demo account, which is quite easy to use.

The demo account can be opened at GKFX within a few seconds. Here, positions can also be opened and used over a long period of time. In concrete terms, this means that you can gain experience over several weeks.GKFX has a very simple structure and is usually very intuitive. This means that with GKFX you can be sure that everything can be operated very easily.

The selection of securities as well as CFDs and Forex products has grown significantly at GKFX in recent years. This means that a lot more products can be bought and, of course, that all trading has been made easier. Anyone who buys shares will notice that this broker is ideally positioned and also offers very good support.

GKFX Broker.

GKFX convinces traders with attractive conditions and a demo account.(©MayoFi/Pixabay)

GKFX trading atmore than 350 different international trading venues at. These can also all be tried out and operated via the demo account. The advantage of the demo account is simply that it looks the same as the live account, but no money can be lost. If necessary, the virtual credit can be recharged directly and reused to gain valuable experience.

Trade can bevia the software MetaTrader as well as via the WebTrader realized. Both software solutions are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and, above all, by a simple interface for the user. This means that a lot can be understood on its own without the need for much explanation. This is particularly interesting from the trader's point of view and means that many things can be perceived in a simplified way in any case. GKFX offers extensive trading options - in demo account mode, but also in live account mode.

Paying money to GKFX – how does it work?!

In order for money to be deposited to GKFX, a minimum amount of 50 euros should be made available. This must be paid in at GKFX in any case in order to be allowed to start trading. In practiceThere are numerous ways in which money can be deposited at GKFX. The classic credit cards Visa credit card but also Mastercard credit card can be used in any case. Service providers such as Skrill or Discover can also be used for the deposit.

Who opts for aSofortüberweisung, or also interested in a classic bank transfer will find that money can also be paid into the account in this way. In addition to the minimum amount of 50 euros, it should also be mentioned that fees have to be paid if you are interested in credit cards and want to deposit money here. This means there is a 1.5% fee for using credit cards and debit cards.

The entire account can be managed in euros, British pounds or Swiss francs. It is also possible thataccount management in the US dollar currency can be used if you choose the broker GKFX and want to open your trading account here.

Similar ways are offered for withdrawing funds, as is also the case with deposits. The Visa credit card, the Mastercard credit card, but also the classic transfers can be used when it comes to paying out money.

The Visa credit card (Visa credit card) is used by numerous brokers worldwide when it comes to payment transactions. This means that a lot can be experienced with this credit card in any case.Numerous brokers use credit card providers for payment services – be it deposits or withdrawals of credit. As a rule, the money is credited to the customer account at GKFX very quickly when paying by credit card. It should be noted that the fees of EUR 1.50 per EUR 100 credit deposit should of course be taken into account.

Trade at GKFX can be implemented from 10 CADs

The complete trade can be actively carried out at GKFX from 10 CADs. This means that an option can be used quickly with this sum. If you want to realize a transaction at GKFX, you can do itfrom as little as 0.1 lot. The spreads are mediocre compared to other providers which means that they are a minimum of 1.5 and a maximum of 1.8 pips. It is conceivable that classic commissions will be offered, as are common with many brokers.

As far as the currency pairs that can be used as underlying values ​​at GKFX are concerned, it should be mentioned that over 100 different pairs of this type may be perceived. In any case, GKFX is very broadly positioned. Not only classic currencies such as the euro or the US dollar, but also unusual currency pairs are available for trading. It should be noted that, of course, high risks are taken with currencies and their fluctuations.

CFD trading is particularly popular when it comes to theGKFX trading venue. It is known that more than 600 different CFDs (CFD explanations) can be used to actively participate in trading. The CFDs come from a wide variety of areas. This means that e.g. stocks as well as commodities and indices can be used. The leading index DAX but also commodities such as platinum or copper can be used in this way when it comes to trading. Themore than 600 CFD offers are so diverse that there should be something suitable for every trader.

A major advantage compared to many smaller brokers is the educational offer at GKFX. In addition to the usual FAQ lists, GKFX offers, for example, the option of using a wide variety of webinars and other ways to build up education. Before CFD trading is used, it is in any case conceivable that a healthy knowledge in this area is built up. There is even a calendar on which so-called economic data can be displayed. Traders can use this calendar to quickly see what is happening and what could affect their trading.

The demo account is a particularly big point at GKFX when it comes to trading and when it comes to gaining experience. Anyone who wants to trade via GKFX can actively and independentlyuse the demo account to build up knowledge and learn how buying and selling securities works. Trading with leverage from a maximum leverage of 400:1 is also conceivable without much effort if you are interested in GKFX. With this lever you are already very big. An advantage is that trading with leverage can also be learned via the demo account.

Trading with regulation: No problem with GKFX!

Traders prefer brokers based in Kenya, or at least in Europe. The BaFin (BaFin regulation) or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is responsible for a broker with acompany seat in Kenya that regulation is carried out accordingly and that the broker is scrutinized. If you take a close look around here, you will find that a large number of successful brokers are based in Europe.

Successful in this case means that the brokers are accepted by the customers and of course that the brokers are well positioned in any case. In concrete terms, this means that they are regulated by authorities and that the reviews and reports that can be found online about the brokers are very positive. This applies to the majority of brokers in Europe.

As far as service is concerned, it is increasingly the live chat that is offered and used by brokers. Questions from customers and interested parties can be answered very quickly, especially in Canadian and also in English.The range of options that can be perceived at GKFX is more than large. In the long term, customers should be well positioned at GKFX and benefit from the good service.

Service as well as a company headquarters within Europe now contributes to the fact that most brokers are of course gladly perceived and that there is a certain amount of trust among traders. TheLive Chat is perceived in different languages and offers the best conditions for addressing questions. At GKFX, it usually only takes a few seconds for questions to be answered through the live chat. If you have to work at the same time, or want to do something on the internet, for example, the live chat is definitely the best choice |141

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