GKFX Trading Expert Dr. Gregor Bauer offers a series of videos

GKFX Dr. Gregor BauerTheOnline Broker GKFX not only lures its customers into digital online brokerage with good tariffs and offers, but also with many videos and explanations of the techniques and trading options.

Currently, GFKX has significantly expanded its range of training courses, which is also important for newcomers to brokerage. The online broker offers video seminars with a total volume of more than 7 hours, which can be viewed free of charge. In the videos, which were made in cooperation with the trading expert Dr. Gregor Bauer, explanations about current broker strategies and chart analysis are provided.

About GKFX

How can I watch the trading videos at GKFX?

About the To be able to see extensive trading videos, it is necessary to open a free demo account with GKFX beforehand. With the help of this account it is possible that the videos can be selected directly after logging in. The opening of the demo account is completely cost-neutral and non-binding and requires no termination.

What do traders learn in the video sessions at GKFX?

Visitors and users of GKFX can now do this in the video sessions Watch the seminar "Successful Trading with Technical Analysis". Within the seminar series, which includes several hours of video material, it is possible to look over the shoulder of the expert and to explain trading strategies.

How are the GKFX video sessions structured?

The Videos are divided into several small video files so that the individual chapters can be watched separately. There are a total of 50 videos in the series "Successfully trading with technical analysis" divided into 12 chapters.

Charts are analyzed so that in future users can understand for themselves how a chart formation is to be interpreted and which indicators must be observed. Numerous insights that can be gained through the videos can be used with the well-known program Meta Trader 4.

GKFX offers its customers the opportunity to start extensively in forex trading. Indices, commodities and shares can be traded in the CFD environment and on over 350 underlying assets on international trading venues. You can trade with the software Meta Trader 4 as well as with the Web Trader or on the Multi Terminal.

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