GKFX Trading with the DAX30

Traders interested in Forex and CFD Trading are definitely well positioned with the DAX30. The depot can be used free of charge with this broker and is characterized by very good conditions. The trading options are much more versatile than other forex and CFD brokers offer. At the same time, GKFX has a company headquarters in Kenya and is therefore regulated and supervised by BaFin.

The trading options in the Forex, indices, commodities and CFD segments have increased significantly in recent years. This means that there are more and more base values ​​to choose from and numerous international trading venues can be used. Withmore than 350 international trading venues the broker GKFX is very well positioned. It should be mentioned that this broker is definitely growing. This means that new marketplaces and options will be included. The software solutions MetaTrader and WebTrader are used to start trading. Both solutions can be operated intuitively.

The options for trading at GKFX are particularly large and at the same time traders enjoy a particularly large number of options for buying and selling securities. The fact is that the broker is based in Frankfurt on Mainzer Landstrasse. It isregistered at the District Court of Frankfurt and at the same time it has a license from the BaFin. Support is offered at GKFX by phone or by e-mail. The live chat can also be used and is a lot of fun to get quick answers to questions. It is important to know that the live chat is offered in different languages.

GKFX offers customer service from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 7 pm. On Friday, the service is offered between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. This makes GKFX quite customer-friendly in terms of service and availability. GKFX also offers a callback service. This can easily be contacted and perceived via the Internet. The GKFX service team can also be reached quickly viaFAX and live chat.

Forex Analyse.

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In general, theday trading at GKFX heavily favored. Traders can find out here what is being traded and at the same time build up knowledge. In addition, free webinars are offered daily, with the help of which one can learn quickly and easily how Forex and CFD trading generally works. There is also the possibility to start trading in the cryptocurrency segment or to build up knowledge here. CFDs can be bought and sold in a variety of ways at GKFX.

All trading at GKFX can be done on a mobile device or on a computer. Trading can also be carried out in the browser. There is the possibility that the complete service will be handled personally by GKFX. This means that personal contacts are available to talk to.Long or short positions can be set up at GKFX. This means that you can invest in both rising and falling markets. The broker GKFX offers fast deposits and withdrawals and a particularly simple form of account management.

Equity trading 2021 – why equities can be worthwhile in the long term

Fear of equities has always been great in recent years. Many people have been worried about investing in stocks, naturally fearing losing all their money. Of course, there are scenarios in which investors suffer a total loss. In practice, however, equities primarily offerhigh chances of attractive returns. The risk is sometimes higher than is the case with classic and conservative investments. Nevertheless, stocks are considered an important and attractive addition to any type of investment.

So-calledBlue Chips are particularly interesting shares that are represented in most portfolios. In many cases, these are global corporations. This means that there is a stable cash flow here. The companies provide targeted income and traders do not need to worry about missing returns. There are some blue chips in US corporations that are in a much better position than other companies. In addition, the shareholders regularly participate in the dividend.

The share of Kraft Heinz is of particular interest for traders from Kenya. The well-known ketchup can be found in many homes and restaurants. The Kraft Heinz Group distributes a pro rata dividend to shareholders once a year.

TheKraft Heinz share is one of the big winners in 2021. The group is currently going through a major restructuring. This means that Kraft Heinz was in crisis a few years ago and sales have fallen significantly. Currently, under the new CEO, it looks as if the group is in a better position to meet the needs of traders. The dividend is currently$0.40 per share quarterly. This enables stable and attractive returns to be achieved. With a price of around 33 to 35 euros per share, Kraft Heinz is an attractive investment that is impressive.

Whether the Kraft Heinz share will continue to rise in the coming years andcan reach the mark of 50 euros should also depend on how general cuts off the food division. Above all, the famous tomato ketchup from Heinz is known worldwide and ensures that the stock develops well. In the summer time and especially at the end of the Corona Pandemic, it could be the case that Kraft Heinz will definitely increase and grow again.

Similar to Kraft Heinz, there are other attractive stocks in the food sector. The companyGeneral Mills is represented in the USA and also in Europe with several valuable products on the market. In recent years, traders have seen some buying opportunities when it comes to the quite attractive share. In 2019, the share price slipped to 34 euros, which was a real low at the time. The fact is that General Mills has a lot of opportunity and potential, but the stock seems to have run quite hot right now.

If you look at General Mills worldwide, you will see that with sales of over 17 billion US dollars, it is one of the6 largest food companies überhaupt zählt. Die General Mills share has recently been able to increase in value. The dividend was recently raised from $0.49 to $0.51 a quarter. At the current price of around EUR 51, investors can expect an annual return of 3.25% per year, from the dividend alone.

Food groups are an interesting option from the point of view of various traders. They are always booming, but there are also phases of weakness, when shopping is good. This means thata long-term investment strategy can be implemented with these corporations. The entire food trade worldwide is largely dominated by around 5 to 10 different food companies. These companies have enormous sales and of course please their investors with attractive returns.

Opportunity or risk – which sectors deliver secure returns?!

Traders are usually looking for a successful mix of opportunities and risks. Those who are new to the stock market and have no experience will find that there are sectors that are considered more defensive and those that are considered particularly aggressive. In practice, a mixture of both investment variants and forms is recommended.

The broker GKFX, which is regulated by theBaFin in Kenya, offers traders numerous options in Forex and CFD trading to choose from. Products can also be subscribed to here on top-class blue chips.

Anyone who is looking for an attractive long-term dividend and wants to invest accordingly is in good hands with the classic dividend strategybestens aufgehoben. Returns of 3 to 5% per year can definitely be achieved with this strategy. Over a period of several years, it is conceivable that this return can be increased slightly. This is also due to the fact that a large part of the corporations raises the dividend minimally every year.

Thecompanies PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are also active in the food sector. Both companies pay dividends to shareholders once a quarter. The dividends have usually been increased by the companies for several decades, which is of course highly recommended. Weaknesses, as was the case with Coca-Cola at around 40 euros during the Corona crisis, can be exploited to buy the paper cheaply. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo should continue to pay shareholders an attractive quarterly dividend for years to come. This is at a level of 3 to 4% and is therefore relatively attractive. First and foremost, however, an investment in one of these corporations appears to be very safe.

The Coca-Cola and PepsiCo brands are likely to still exist in the years to come. At the moment, especially at PepsiCo, it looks like the group will be able to expand its market position. The company not only relies on soft drinks and above all on the product Pepsi Maxx, but also on snacks and food products. This sector has grownsignificantly in the last few years, which of course is handy. PepsiCo's sales are definitely at a high level and could overtake Coca-Cola at some point. It currently looks as if a lot can be realized here.

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