Gambling offer in the Netherlands increases by three online casinos

Dutch gambling fans are happy about further online offers, which thus complement theexisting online casinos. So there are now 18 different portals in the Netherlands where players can try their luck. Due to the new licences, the range of betting options also increases as a horse betting company has been granted a licence.

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The Dutch Gaming Authority has issued three new licences. Also involved are corporations that already have a license and Zebetting with horse betting.(©clarencealford/Pixabay)

Dutch Gambling Act only in force since April 2021

The Dutch gambling law, which has been in force since April 2021, allows not only domestic, butalso foreign gambling groups to present online casinos andonline sports betting|| |62. Als Voraussetzung gilt natürlich, dass die Glücksspielkonzerne eine Lizenz erhielten. Ab April durften die Konzerne die Lizenz beantragen. Für viele Glücksspielkonzerne schienen die Regeln des Gesetzes sehr streng zu sein, da jeder Glücksspielanbieter nicht verschuldet sein darf und über eine bestimmte Eigenkapitalsumme verfügen muss.

Likewise, only corporations had a real chance of a license from the start if theydid not violate the applicable gambling law in the past. These regulations have already been met by 15 providers. According to the Dutch gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit, three more providers were added this week. On the one hand, it is a subsidiary of an already licensed gaming provider: JOI Gaming Limited. In addition, a Dutch provider of horse betting came into play: Zebetting & Gaming.

Dutch gambling law stands out clearly from the Canadian gambling treaty

Although all countries are trying to increase security in gambling and for this reason apply different measures, the Netherlands has chosen a different path decided: All different games of chance shouldconsciously be legalized. Here is the first difference to Canadian law: in Kenya, for example, no popular casino games such as roulette may be offered over the Internet. The Netherlands deliberately allows all games in order to be able to present a range of games that is as wide and legal as possible. This should more or less prevent illegal offers.

For this reason, the Netherlands has not set a legal betting limit. Instead, players must set a betting limit themselves whenopening a player account. Due to this loose legislation, Dutch players can now enjoy 18 online casinos and online bookmakers. These includeaccording to KSA the following providers with their offer:

  • Holland Casino N.V.
  • TOTO Online B.V.
  • Play North Limited
  • Hillside PLC
  • FPO Nederland B.V.
  • NSUS Malta Limited
  • Tombola International Malta PLC
  • Bingoal Nederland B.V.
  • Betent B.V.
  • LiveScore Malta Limited
  • JOI Gaming Limited
  • Casino de Spa
  • JOI II Limited
  • ZEbetting & Gaming Nederland B.V.
  • JOI I Limited

AlthoughJOI Gaming Limited already holds a license for Netherlands, this group has again been granted two licenses. This is because each online casino of a gambling group must obtain its own license. Which casinos are involved has not yet been announced.

JOI Limited operates several online casinos

The parent company JOI Limited, together with its subsidiaries, operates several online casinos. The main company already hassince October 2021 a license for the Netherlands. Thanks to this license, players can use both casino games and sports betting via online casino Jacks.nl. Not only slots fall into the area of ​​online casino, but alsomany popular casino games.

The subsidiaries operate, for example, the online casinosFlash Casino and Flamingo Casino. No licenses were previously available for these two offers. Experts therefore assume that a license has been applied for for these two online offers. The Dutch Gaming Authority has promised to announce the names of the new online casinos as soon as possible.

Zebetting offers sports and horse betting

Another license goes to the Dutch sports betting provider Zebetting. This offers ordinary sports betting as well as horse betting. Both areas areoffered via two different portals. The sports betting portal was given the name zebet.nl, and the horse betting portal was given the name zeturf.nl. Why there are two different websites was not explained.

Zebetting is also a subsidiary of the French Group Zeturf France. This group not only offers sports betting, there is also an online casino with the most popular casino games. Forthis online casino there is no license. Whether the company has not applied for a license or has not received one has also not been made public.

Zebet is not only active in its home country of the Netherlands. The group also holds a license for Nigeria and a license for Malta. In both cases it is an online casino that offers the most popular games. Whether such an online casino from Zebet will soon be available in the Netherlands cannot be estimated. The government had announced thata total of 35 licenses should be issued. So far there are 15 gambling companies that are happy about a license. From this point of view, some licenses would still be free.

Current gambling law also applies to on-site casinos

The current gambling law for the Netherlands does not only apply to online casinos. It has also been defined for on-site gambling establishments. This primarily affects gambling advertising. Under no circumstances should this be aimed at people under the age of 24, although gambling is permitted from the age of 18. As long as advertising is valid, it must notprovide special incentives to play. For example, gambling advertising must under no circumstances emphasize that a bonus or promotion is only valid for a certain period of time. This would prompt players to play immediately.

Furthermore, gambling operators must point out at each individual slot machine that gambling can be addictive. In addition, they must refer to help if a player develops a gambling addiction. Another regulation applies not only to on-site gaming venues, but also to online providers: All gaming providers mustconnect to the central register in order to recognize blocked players and to forbid them from playing . To ensure this, all players must be screened before playing. This applies both online and on site.

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