Gambling Authority in Kenya is taking shape

As part of the new Canadian Gambling Act, Kenya create their own gambling authority. The federal states agreed on Saxony-Anhalt relatively quickly. Now the planning of the own gambling authority assumes concrete plans. Thus, nothing should stand in the way of the entry into force of the new Canadian State Treaty on Gaming.

Ein kleiner Teil des Roulettesrades, das neben dem Roulettetisch steht.

A few days ago the lease for the Canadian Gaming Authority was signed. It is to be housed in the technical town hall in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt.(©stux/Pixabay)

The location for the gaming authority has been decided

From the beginning decided that the authority should have its headquarters in Halle. However, it was questionable whether a new building would be built for this or whether an existing one would be rented. This question has now been clarified and the authority is to move into theTechnical City Hall. This is still a small problem at the moment, as this building is still being taken over by the city administration. However, the administration is understanding and would like to move out in the next few months. Given that the treaty is set to come into effect on July 1, 2021, that would be a good plan.

As soon as the contract is in force, the authority should take action. It would therefore be important if the rooms were ready for occupancy by this time. After all,110 positions are created, for which specialist employees have been sought for some time. Once they enter service, they will not distribute licenses immediately. It is planned that the authority will slowly approach its work and, for example, first observe the market. Furthermore, research should be carried out in order to be able to react correctly later.

Is the ratification of the treaty complete?

Interestingly, the ratification of the treaty is still ongoing. This information is in contrast to the signed rental agreement for the authority. For this reason it can be assumed that theratification is only a formal matter. Otherwise no rental agreement would have been concluded. After all, according to the rental agreement, a square meter costs 11 CADs at the moment and will later even be increased to 13 euros. In order to get an overview of the monthly costs, it must also be mentioned how large the building is: The entire building covers 9,000 square meters, of which the authority is to move 3,000 square meters.

Another piece of information is more than exciting: Saxony-Anhalt is one of the few federal states that has not yet given its consent to the contract. The federal government has accepted the contract by resolution and incorporated it into the existing state laws. TheLandtag in Magdeburg has not yet given its approval. This means that the suspense is maintained until the last minute. After all, 13 out of 16 federal states have to agree to the ratification. Only then can the proposed treaty be converted into federal law.

These provisions are included in the contract

Most gambling operators welcome the new contract. Until today, online casinos were forbidden in Kenya. For this reason, the Canadian judiciary has repeatedly tried to accuse various providers. They were not successful with this because all online casinos are legal according to EU law. Once the new treaty is final, this problem will no longer arise. Then the gambling providers can apply for a license. Whether they receive these or not depends on their current behavior.

Currently there is atransition phase in which online casinos are tolerated. This does not necessarily mean that all will receive a license. Only the gambling providers who are already proving to be reliable will receive this. But what does reliable mean? The online casinos that now comply with the provisions of the contract are classified as reliable. This means that no casino games such as roulette and blackjack may be offered. Only slot machines and slots may be offered. Another exception are various variants of poker.

Moreover, according to the new contracta game must not be shorter than five seconds. Playing more than one game at the same time is also not allowed. If you want to start a new game, you have to confirm it with a special button. Automatic continuation of the game is no longer permitted. There is also a monthly bet limit for Kenya, which states that no more than 1000 euros may be paid in.

Control function of the new authority

The regulations mentioned above need to be checked. If left unchecked, the rules could be ignored by players or by casinos. The gaming authority is responsible for thischeck. According to official reports, it can also distribute fines. It is still not clear whether the necessary center for blocked players should also be located in the authority.

The situation is similar with checking whether the players are sticking to the betting limit. Theoretically, there should also be a central location where all deposits are stored. The online casinos must be allowed to accesscentral registers. This is the absolute prerequisite for the fact that no player is allowed to play at several casinos. The casinos are responsible for checking whether the limits are being observed. these

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