Gambling in Basel-Landschaft now legal

In Switzerland it was previously similar to in Kenya: each canton was allowed to set its own rules for or against gambling. So far there has not been a unified law. However, there is a gambling law in Switzerland that has been in effect since January 2019. The canton of Basel-Landschaft has now based its own law on this law.


The last district in Switzerland has unanimously approved the new gambling law, which legalizes all games.(©Free-Photos/Pixabay)

These rules now apply in the canton of Basel-Landschaft

Der Baselbieter Landrat hat letzte Woche entschieden, dass die Vorschriften für das gambling will be relaxed. This means, for example, thatpoker tournaments are now allowed in local locations again. After all, 84 participants agreed and only one voted against. Four votes abstained. This fact clearly shows that a change in the gambling law was definitely desired. It should be noted, however, that the poker tournaments may not take place without restrictions: Each player may use a maximum of 200 francs as entry fee and no more than 20,000 francs may be wagered per round.

But which changes have now been decided in detail ? Apart from the poker tournaments, new slot machines may be set up in restaurants.In addition, small lotteries no longer require a permit. Some politicians did oppose the lifting of the permit requirement, but with moderate success. One of the reasons why the law has now also been changed in the Swiss canton of Basel-Landschaft is the people's wishes. This had already approved a change in 2018. Apart from that, the district would have lost some revenue if certain games were banned. According to speculation, in the future 40 percent of the revenue from gambling will flow into the lottery fund, which not least supports cultural projects.

Cantons had to adapt their regulations to the Gambling Act

The Gambling Act was not adopted groundless.The Swiss government had asked all cantons to adapt their laws to the higher law. The individual governments of the cantons were allowed to introduce their own bans. A fundamental change in the law, however, was not allowed. The main reason is to protect the player. The Swiss government is of the opinion that regulations would be better than bans. For this reason, all forms of gambling, lotteries, sports betting and games of skill are now permitted. Some of these have always been allowed, but with different regulations.

Another reason why gambling in Switzerland is regulated instead of prohibited is as follows:Prohibitions would according to the government result in players turning to illegal providers. In this case, player protection can no longer be guaranteed. Accordingly, the new law would protect the players much better. In addition, a fight against illegal gambling would be associated with considerable costs and time.

Swiss canton of Zug fights against illegal gambling

The difficulties involved in fighting illegal gambling and alcohol bans, shows the Swiss canton of Zug. This canton had the problemthat laws for the closure of restaurants are missing. Some pubs had offered illegal gambling and the government couldn't do anything about it. In order to change this in the future, this canton has requested a consultation. This involves the creation of a draft into which statements from various clubs and organizations are also incorporated. Such a consultation marks the beginning of a new law.

However, the government of this canton was not only concerned with illegal serving of alcohol. Illegal poker rounds and illegal sports betting were also targeted.Additionally, the government took action against unauthorized online gambling operators. There are numerous Internet cafes in Switzerland that deliberately offer access to foreign servers. This access allows customers to register with illegal online casinos. If you want to gain experience with real money in anonline casino, you should definitely inform yourself in advance. For this reason, there are now many reputableOnline Casino test reports on the Internet.

A new law in the canton of Zug against illegal gambling should be in place by the end of September 2020 be launched.

Basic provisions in the new Gambling Act

The Gambling Act that came into force in January 2019Gambling Act replaces the previously valid Casino Act and Lottery Act|| |96. In das neue Geldspielgesetz – kurz BSG – wurden folgende Richtlinien aufgenommen:

  • player protection is to be increased
  • all games should be safer and transparent
  • All winnings from lotteries and sports betting should go to charitable causes
  • A certain portion of gross gaming revenue is used for old age, survivors' and disability insurance.

What's also new is that online casino games will be allowed in the future. Casinos that already have a license are allowed to apply for an online gaming license. However, these only include Swiss casinos. Casino games such as roulette, poker and blackjack are definitely allowed.Currently there are only 21 casinos nationwide in Switzerland. Online casino fans can look around on our special page aboutreputable top casinos in Switzerland.

Winnings from Swiss casinos do not have to be taxed.Winnings from online gambling, lotteries, sports betting and games of skill permitted in Switzerland are also tax-free. However, a limit of one million francs applies here.

Anyone who takes part in an illegal game of chance does not have to expect a penalty. However, if measures are taken against the gambling provider, the entire stake could be lost.Precisely for this reason, the Swiss government warns against participating in such gambling games. This fact also led to gambling in Switzerland being regulated instead of being banned. This is the only way for all players to be sure that they do not have to face any negative consequences.

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