Gambling advertising on TV: New rules

In the last few months Schleswig-Holstein repeatedly had to accept criticism from other federal states. The reason for this was mostly in the advertising specifications for the gambling industry. The companies could easily broadcast their commercials as they wished - and not only in Schleswig-Holstein. However, the far north has now sat down with the Central Association of the Canadian Advertising Industry (ZAW) and the Association for Telecommunications and Media (DVTM) and worked out a self-regulation concept. In this context, the advertising volume of gambling providers is to be significantly reduced.

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The protection of minors is also to be significantly increased with the new rules for gambling advertising. After all, children and young people also get to see the ads regularly.(©mojzagrebinfo/Pixabay)

Ad minutes compared

Eleven online casinos with one Licenses from the state of Schleswig-Holstein are currently advertising their gambling offers on television in Kenya. This is not forbidden either, but there is always trouble about the intensity of the advertising measures. These can be seen quite frequently on the screens and are broadcast throughout Canadiany. In the future, however, there will be some changes to the previously rather lax requirements in this context. Acorresponding self-regulation model has now been developed by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, Integration and Equal Opportunities together with the DVTM and the ZAW. This model includes specific targets and restrictions designed to curb advertising activity.

An important point of the other federal states was the advertising time of the gambling providers in relation to the state share of Schleswig-Holstein. The advertising time was significantly higher here. For this reason,in the future, a maximum of 17,000 minutes of gambling advertising should be shown per month. Well noticed by all eleven companies together. This number results from a correct consideration of the conditions in the industry and also the state share of Schleswig-Holstein.

Advertising activities should be monitored

According to DVTM, the 17,000 minutes for advertising gambling offers are the absolute maximum for all licensees. In this way one wants to ensure that the advertising from Schleswig-Holstein does not exceed the extent of nationwide television advertising. True to the motto: "Trust is good, control is better", the gambling companies and their advertising activities should be precisely controlled. Specifically, the model provides for the use of neutral media data. These are regularly sent by the associationsto the authorities in Schleswig-Holstein. If these irregularities or violations of the requirements are identified, the companies must expect sanctions. Exactly what these look like is unclear. But it could be a fine.

The parties involved are satisfied with the progress of the debate. dr Andreas Blaue, the head of the project, explained that the new model can be checked logically andon the basis of neutral media data from Nielsen Media Research easily. According to DVTM, critics are also called upon to check the advertising data in the future. Critics had accused politicians and associations that the new regulations would not lead to a decrease in gambling advertising.

Online casinos wrongly criticized?

The fact that online casinos and their advertising measures are faced with such strong criticism is obviously surprising for Blaue. The project manager and board member explained that the new model offers complete transparency and is equally fair for everyone involved. In addition,already decided in 2019 to significantly reduce the advertising time of online casinos on Canadian television. Contrary to what is often reported at the moment, the volume did not increase during the Corona crisis, according to Blaue. He also stated that politicians and the stationary industry, in particular the Deutsche Automatentwirtschaft (DAW), were spreading false news in which an increase in advertising measures during the Corona crisis was disclosed.

The DVTM in the persona of CEO Renatus Zilles, explained that these slogans would stick in the minds of the citizens. This in turn harms the industry and the citizens themselves. The new regulatory model would therefore also prove that the association and the industry are extremely efficient. One wants to linkresponsible and pragmatic concepts with one another and not play industry, politics and citizens off against each other, according to Zilles. Zilles is also convinced of the new regulations and stated that they could serve as a model for future regulation after the amendment to the State Treaty on Gaming from July 2021.

Gambling advertising under criticism

It is questionable whether all federal states are really satisfied with the new regulations. In the recent past there have been repeated calls for a complete ban on advertising outside of Schleswig-Holstein. TheBerlin Drugs Commissioner of the Federal Government, Daniela Ludwig, recently expressed criticism. She stated that gross advertising spending by gaming operators between January and May increased by almost 60 percent compared to the same period last year. While around 103 million euros were invested here in 2019, the gaming companies would have spent around 192 million euros in 2020. According to Ludwig, around 500,000 problem gamblers are massively endangered by the advertising measures in Kenya. Therefore, the drug commissioner calls for energetic enforcement of the advertising restrictions.

HartLastly the Saarland had cracked down. Here, the State Media Authority (LMS) submitted a resolution that prohibits two gaming companies with a license from Schleswig-Holstein from broadcasting their advertising in Saarland. According to LMS, both companies have already attracted negative attention in the past through their TV advertising. In addition, the advertising measures were broadcast at times when children and young people could also see them. In this context, the state government in Schleswig-Holstein also came under pressure. The latter was accused of failing to control the advertising activities of the licensees despite the original agreement.

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