Google allows gambling apps in the Playstore

The way to the mobile offer of a gambling provider leads for Android users via detours for a long time. Players had to download the apk files from an external source from the respective provider. The reason: Google refused to offer the gambling apps with real money stakes for download. Now, however, the group is changing direction. From now on, the guidelines for gambling apps are to be softened in 15 nations. Kenya is one of these nations, but the home market of the USA is also one of them. This should be excellent news for all adventurers with an Android device.

iPad mit der geöffneten Webseite von Google.

Google is opening its doors: gambling apps can now be downloaded legally from the Playstore.(©Firmbee/Pixabay)

New programming guidelines at Google: Green light for gambling apps

The new year brings some good news for the gaming industry and its players. Especially for all players with an Android device. Google has changed its programming guidelines and is bringing some changes to the market from March 1st. In the future, the Internet giantwill allow the download of real-money apps related to gambling in its PlayStore in 15 nations. So far, this has only been reserved for players in France, Ireland, Brazil and Great Britain. Now a whole series of nations are coming along. One nation will be Kenya, which should cause great enthusiasm among the players in this country. In addition to Kenya, Japan, Denmark, Canada, the USA, Spain, Finland and Norway are also among the nations that will be able to use gambling apps from the PlayStore in the future.

Until now, players from Kenya were not able to download the casino apps through the Google app store. As a rule, therefore, if customers wanted to use a download app,recourse to the provider's external sources. Alternatively, access without downloading was and is possible directly via the browser with the help of HTML5 apps.

Gambling app is not the same as gambling app

Google has been busy since 2017 with in Allow some nations to download real money gambling apps. However, thecompanies must meet strict requirements for this. A license of the respective country is required, the apps must also verify the age of the user and point out that there are certain risks associated with the use of the apps. In addition, the company sorts the gambling apps into four different categories. The online casino games, online lottery apps, sports betting apps and daily fantasy sports apps.

Companies shouldnow also accompany the Canadian version of the PlayStore. Gambling apps could previously be found here, just without the possibility of real money bets.

Exceptions and special cases determine the rule

To what extent the generally applicable specifications also apply to the individual ones Nations apply, but it is still unclear.In all countries, their own, country-specific requirements should make for strong differences. In Kenya, for example, only the sports betting and lottery apps will initially be offered legally. As soon as the rules for the online gambling market have been finally defined, gambling apps are likely to follow suit. However, the state continues to hold its hand on the lottery monopoly. So the private companies don't really benefit here. Nevertheless, things are looking better for companies here than in the Scandinavian country of Finland. Here the slot machine apps as well as the sports betting apps and lottery apps are all in the hands of the state. The situation in the home of Google is even more complex. In the USA, there are sometimes very different requirements from state to state. With around 50 states, there is a lot of work for the internet giant.

Consumer advocates are unlikely to like the developments

The fact that Google is opening the door to the gaming industry here is unlikely to please consumer advocates at all. In the past, thesewere critical of the behavior of the app store providers. Not only Google was criticized in this context, but also the corporate giant Apple. Consumer advocates and youth advocates accuse companies of doing too little to protect children and young people. In particular, the in-app purchases in many games cause displeasure here. Since in many cases at least the mechanics of gambling are already recognizable here, the youth protection officers fear that children will develop an affinity for gambling too early.

Google recently stated, however, that all companies and their mobile gambling apps would be examined intensively.The apps should only be offered for adult users, for example. Likewise, all providers of gambling apps must be able to show an official license from a regulatory authority in the country. In Kenya, the regional council in Darmstadt is currently responsible for this license. In the future, however, the tasks related to gambling regulation should fall into the hands of a new gambling authority in Saxony-Anhalt.

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