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The corona pandemic with its many lockdowns has clearly shown how popular online casinos are. It's no wonder that many gambling companies are shifting their product range to the online area or expanding their existing online range. Novomatic also followed this thought, at least its subsidiary Greentube: The offers of the Austrian gaming group will soon be available in the USA.

Ein für Atlantic City – New Jersey – typisches modernes Gebäude.

Greentube is now offering its popular Novomatic slots in the USA: Golden Nugget Online Casino went entered into a partnership with Greentube.(©BruceEmmerling/Pixabay)

Greentube becomes a partner of the American casino Golden Nugget

Novomatics Subsidiary Greentube entered into a contract with the American casino Golden Nugget. This operates an online platform on which themost popular slots from Novomatic will now also be available. These include, for example, Book of Ra, Mighty Elefant, Diamond Cash and Sizzling Hot. Of course, these were just a few examples, but most casino fans are familiar with them. Thanks to this cooperation, it will be easier for Greentube to cooperate with more casinos in the USA.

That would suit Greentube just fine. Lately this company has beenexpanding and has negotiated several new contracts. Greentube is now offering its services in Luxembourg and Canada. Both countries were tackled only a short time ago, which is why cooperation with important gaming groups was also agreed for them. However, it is not only Greentube's idea to invest in the online sector. The parent company announced this year that it would change the previous business structures.

Novomatic decided to merge all existing casinos. This should not only be carried out throughout Europe, but worldwide. To this end,Thomas Komnacky was appointed head of the Global Operations department. This should bring the branches back on track after most of them suffered a drop in sales due to the corona pandemic. From this point of view, it is important for the entire group to break new ground in the online area.

Gambling is being newly regulated in the USA

The USA is currently in a state of upheaval, at least as far as gambling is concerned. Until now, gambling was only allowed in Nevada and Louisiana. This is changing step by step and many states are considering legalizinggambling as well. Once that is done, Greentube could apply to partner with other casinos. The states of Michigan and Pennsylvania are currently the focus. This can also be used to compensate for the loss in sales since the beginning of the corona pandemic.

Apart from the advantages that are in place for Novomatic, the Golden Nugget Casino is also happy. This knows the positive position of Novomatic and also knows their games. Likewise, Golden Nugget knows how popular Novomatic slots are. That's why the casino prides itself on being the first casino in the US to be allowed to offer Novomatic's games. Currently, theGolden Nugget Online line is represented in Michigan and New Jersey. As can be seen from the website of this online casino, it will soon be represented in Virginia and West Virginia.

Golden Nugget's relatively large sphere of activity makes it clear why both companies benefit from the partnership: The online casino will be able to quickly expand its customer base thanks to the popular Novomatic slots, and Novomatic will of course also earn money.

Greentube represented in many countries

Greentube not only offers theslots from Novomatic, but also VTLs. For this reason, a contract with the Luxembourg lottery was only negotiated this year. This company is also enthusiastic about Greentube because, apart from the high-quality games, it offers a high level of player protection. VTLs in particular are particularly secure because they are connected to a central computer. This determines which device pays out a profit and when.

In addition to slots and VTLs, Greentube offersCard Games, Bingo and Live Casino Games. Such a strong range contributes significantly to success. At least Greentube can choose which game of chance is offered in which country. To do this, the company only has to find out about the existing gambling laws and immediately has the right offer ready. But how does such an extensive range come about in the first place? Well, Greentube was founded just before the turn of the millennium and only merged into Novomatic in 2010.

Golden Nugget's first partner outside Europe

The USA seems to be Greentube's first partner who is not based in Europe. So far, Greentube has focused on Greece, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway. Thanks to this expansion, Greentube was able to hire another 100 employees. Managing Director Thomas Graf is particularly proud of all this and describes the new contracts asproof of the competitiveness and trust that other companies have in Greentube.

Greentube's trustworthiness and popularity is regularly confirmed by awards. In 2010, Greentube won the“European Seal of e-Excellence” award for the second time, which was awarded by the European Multimedia Forum in Brussels. Surely the awards may have caused so many countries to be interested in working with Greentube.

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