Greek Casino Mont Parnes Casino is moving

News about a new casino building that takes several million euros, one often hears that. However, it rarely happens that a casino moves and this move costs several hundred million euros. Exactly such a situation is now arising in Greece: The Mont Parnes Casino is moving.

Griechenlands Hauptstadt.

The Mont Parnes Casino, built in 1960, is moving to Athens in three years.(©dominickvietor/Pixabay)

Resort Voria in Athens will be new location

Why due to a move such high costs? That's because the Voria resort doesn't exist yet. It has to be built first. However, not only the casino will be located in the new resort. Rather, ahuge complex is created that offers pure luxury and thus not only attracts gambling fans. It is to become a new holiday resort that is suitable for private and business people.

In this way, numerous event venues, restaurants and other entertainment options will be integrated into the new resort. A spacious underground car park is planned for cars, so that a parking space will not be a nuisance. The area for the Voria Resort covers 55 hectares and entails a cost of approximately250 million euros. The economy of the region is of course also promoted, since 1000 jobs are created. These are only the staff that will be needed once the resort is completed.

By then, many local companies and individuals will have the chance to find a job. The plannedresort will take about three years to build. There are several reasons why the casino is moving: one of them is the hope that the Maroussi district of Athens will be upgraded and that legal gambling will be strengthened.

Mont Parnes has recently suffered from a drop in sales

The Casino Mont Parnes was built as a hotelin 1960 and was intended to attract wealthy businessmen attract. Somehow this plan didn't seem to work out. No one can say afterwards why that was. However, it could also be due to the geographical location: the casino was built in the mountains of Attica, which are not far from Athens. That is why the government at the time hoped to boost tourism. This plan could not be implemented in reality.

The large resort also meant that opponents and supporters appeared on the scene from the very first moment. Right from the start, the number of visitors that was planned could not be achieved. Sometimes there werefewer guests in the hotel than employees. As a result, the hotel was only open in summer. After this too little money was generated, the government changed the plans and conjured up a casino out of the hotel. This idea turned out to be ideal as the casino counted enough guests for at least almost 30 years. With the construction of the new casino in Loutraki, the heydays came to an end.

Forest fires also hit Mont Parnes

Apart from the lack of customers, the casino had to deal with other problems this year. Forest fires partially destroyed the area around the casino. This is all the more important as theCasino is located in Parnitha National Park. Reforesting the damaged areas not only takes a few years, it also involves high costs. The government is planning 1.5 million euros for this. The extent to which the casino interferes with the ongoing operation of the afforestation was not announced. However, it was announced that the entire national park is to be built up.

In addition, the regular maintenance of the cable car causes high costs. The cable car is necessary to transport guests to the casino. Did the long journey from the beginning have a disruptive effect on the number of visitors? It would be possible. Anyone who pays attention to this understands why theCasino is being moved to the city. It's definitely easier to get to there, and being part of a luxury resort increases the chances of more guests arriving.

The Greek state is a shareholder

Who will bear the costs of therelocation or new construction of the resort has not been revealed. However, theState owns a large stake in the Mont Parnes Casino. The state's share is 49 percent. The other percentages are distributed in a somewhat complicated way. The remaining shares are owned by the Athens Resort Casino. However, this resort does not belong to just one owner either. Rather, ownership is divided here as well: 70 percent belongs to Regency Entertainment and 30 percent belongs to Karenia Enterprise.

From this point of view, there are enough owners or co-owners who can contribute to the costs. Thecompany Hellenic Casino Parnitha seems to be involved. This company was founded in 2001 and has focused on running hotels and motels. The move of Mont Parnes Casino is thanks to this company. Not only casino fans will be happy about this, who now have an easier journey. The employees are also happy that the casino will not be closed. Because it has already been promised that all employees will keep their jobs. They may also be happy about a shorter commute to work.

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