Great Britain: BGC and UKGC warn of dangers during lockdowns

Although the first lockdown the had hit most countries hard, most European countries are again in lockdown. And as in the spring of this year, many companies will now have to reckon with high sales losses. This also affects local casinos and gaming venues. For this reason, online casinos are experiencing an upswing. However, both the BGC and the UKGC warn against dubious behavior by online gambling providers.

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BGC and UKGC fear risky player behavior during the lockdown. Both institutions appeal to online gambling providers to comply with all regulations.(©derwiki/Pixabay)

UKGC appeals to reason in online casinos

The British Gambling Commission fears players may develop problematic behavior during lockdownein problematisches Verhalten entwickeln könnten. On the one hand, the lockdown leads to more free time and on the other hand, players could try to compensate for a financial loss with gambling. For this reason, the UK Gambling Commission is appealing to all online gambling providers not to take advantage of the current situation.

In this regard, the UKGC reminds thatOnline casinos and sportsbooks must ensure a safe gaming environment. The first task is to not allow risky gambling. For this reason, online gamblers always refer to responsible gaming on their site. Also, companies always offer ways for players to protect themselves.

Should all of this not help and should a player nevertheless take a risky approach, the providers should proceed as follows: They should filter out the players who exhibit problematic behavior and give them special protection. Anyone who does not ensure the protection of this special group of peoplewill have to expect high fines in the future. However, the UKGC has more measures in hand to take action against providers. While this is always true, the UKGC is more vigilant during the Corona crisis.

Many online casinos have already been penalized

Online providers should take the notice of possible penalties seriously. The UKGC has already presented theAnnual Compliance and Enforcement Report. This clearly shows thatmany online providers received a penalty. Alternatively, some providers had their existing license revoked. On the other hand, there were new online gambling providers who received a license for the first time.

At least 12 providers were fined. TypicallyPlayer Safety Breaches: One player lost £187,000 in a few days and another player lost 'only' £18,000 in a year. However, this player had stated that she only plays with borrowed money.

Both examples show how risky a player can behave and that an online gambling provider can also recognize this behavior. Anyone who recognizes such behavior but does not react mustin future face a high fine or even have their license revoked. In addition, according to the UKGC, every online gambling provider must have a declaration that the player only plays with their own money.

The British Gambling Commission fears that players will not behave responsibly and may play even more risky during the lockdown. This is exactly why the renewed appeal came.

BGC appeals to its members

It may be rare that the UK Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Association agree. However, both agree on the critical player behavior during the lockdown. For this reason, the BGC also warned that every online casino should comply with existing regulations. In this contextthe BGC referred again to the 10-point plan, which was already drawn up in the spring of this year.

This plan stipulates that player behavior must be closely examined, especially during a lockdown. It must be prevented that many players behave differently. Should an online gambling provider discover this,the player in question must be observed more closely. If necessary, the player must be contacted or the account will be temporarily closed.

The BGC believes that the deposit limit in particular should be monitored. Advertising should also be used with caution. This is also the opinion of theGambling Commission, which also advocates restricting bonuses.

BGC threatens action against members

Similar to the UK Gambling Commission, the BGC urges its members to abide by the rules.All members would be screened in the coming weeks. If it is found that a provider does not comply with the regulations, in the worst case it could lose its membership in the BGC.

One positive aspect is that there is still no indication that some providers would not stick to the plan presented in March. The opposite is the case:Everyone not only agreed to the plan, but also signed it. It can therefore be assumed that online casinos will adhere to all security measures in the future.

The British groupGVC goes one step further and has created new algorithms that further increase player security. GVC has obtained licenses for Kenya and is now allowed to legally offer betting. BGC is more than enthusiastic about this approach and hopes that other members will behave in a similar way.

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